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slenderfan-101 chapter 10 . 10/12
try to have connor/superboy to be his heir apparent of his harem, i mean connor is his son after all
Curious reader chapter 10 . 7/24
Just wanted to ask if you actually copied your 10th chapter from the fanfic -
Rebirth of Krypton by Stormwolf3710.
Cause majority and I mean about 90 % of the content is completely same as that of the first chapter of that fanfic, and keeping in mind that it was published an year earlier from your story, it's obvious that it was the original content.
Black Superman chapter 18 . 7/13
This is one of the best smut fics I've ever read, I also love that this Superman is chocolate, lol

Great job, SM/WW forever!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/3
CHALLENGE for a story: Fiction M: [Bran S., Daenerys T.] Romance / Aventure
Bran, arya and Sansa and go back the time is back right after killing the deserter from the night guard and recovering the wolf-baby,
thanks to the power of bran stark helped by the ancient gods to save all their family is the world of the white walker!

Bran takes the power with daenerys after saving him from his brother to pentos before the marriage of khal drogo and recovered the dragon egg!
ps: bran and fall in love with daenerys the first time who saw her in the first timeline. couple: Bran (10 years old) x daenerys (15 years old)!

The Stark family will secretly train Daenerys in Winterfell for a year to govern and fight, before sending him to essos with bran and his powers to help him forbid slavery and conquer the nine free cities : Qarth: New Ghis: Astapor / Yunkaï / Meereen/ volantis /Lys / Myr / tyrosh. she makes her possessions,
as well as Vaes Dothrak killing all the khals and Dosh khaleen with his dragon .and the Old Valyria which still has many treasures before the Scourge, like the blades in Valyrian steel and items of magical power!
His army will be composed of 8000 immaculate and one hundred thousand Dothraki and three dragon, as well as 2000 soldier-guard in training for each city of essos !
ps: bran will be betrothed to daenerys to avoid any pretender who is attracted by the power.

During this time north the stark family will fortify winterfell, moat cailin and build a fleet of 200 warships made of ironwood and 50 commercial ship built by the manderly family, with the stark emblem on the veil ,
and create a permanent army of ten thousand soldier with armor, weapon and shield in Valyrian steel, bran discovered the secret with its power !
all his grace to the gold of five millions gold dragons, as well as the ancestral sword of the lannister and targaryen which was the treasure of the pirates, that brandon to recover by attacking the stepstone with 200 men, its cover to recover daenerys has pentos during King Robert's visit to winterfell. ps: ned refuses to become the king's hand!
Bran will give both swords to Jon and Daenerys, and will sell the ancestral sword of lannister to tywin lannister.
the northern fleet asserts its supremacy at sea and devotes its time effectively to the fight against pirates, and slavery that has infected the sea.

Arya stark will kill the traitors that are: bolton, frey, jofrey, greyjoy, Alliser Thorne, Janos Slynt, Ilyn Payne, ect...

Ned stark reveals the truth to jon and all his family when brandon and sansa going back time and tells them about the future .
Ned will negotiate with Lady Olenna Tyrell the engagement of: robb and Margaery, and Loras and Sansa. Alliance Stark / Tyrell !
Ned also informs Stannis and Renly the true kinship of the children of cersei to the death of robert. ps : Robb will open a citadel for the people in the north!
Ned informed of Baelish's actions by visions of Bran's past, confused him with the lords of the North and the Val and executed him!
Ned orders his bannermens to conscript all valid men and boys aged 10 to 60 for combat training,
it also orders that all women and girls in the Northern population be trained and equipped to fight the White Walkers.

Jon will send behind the wall to make peace with mance rayder is the people-free, and make them pass the wall.
Jon does not want to become king but becomes the queen's hand. ps: couple jon x ygritte
The cassel family will inherit strong-terror from ned, the twin will give a blackfish, ned will build a castle for jon in the Stony Shore.
Bran will inherit harrenhal who will rebuild him to only half of his greatness for him and daenerys.
Syrio Forel becomes Arya Stark's Master of Arms in winterfell hired by eddard Stark !

In the crypt of winterfell at the last level there is another sword: Lightbringer, as well as a great throne with runes inscribed at the base,
and with obsidian werewolves chiseled in the knobs of the armrests, the large seat was inlaid with a dark gray metal that looked strangely similar to Valyrian steel.
The top of the back was, however, two large obsidian swords framing the head of a sculpted stone Direwolf. The Throne of the Kings of the Winter.

The king robert dies in port-real, and he is going to have a new war between the kingdoms.
Viserys Targaryen will be mad at Daenerys for having fled and Khal Drogo will send Jorah Mormont to his search.
couple: Robb/Margaery : Sansa/Loras : Rickon/lyanna Mormont : jon/ygritte: Arya/Gendry: Bran/daenerys :Samwell Tarly/Vère (Gilly) !

Lives except: Stark family, Tyrell family, Shireen baratheon, Osha, Myrcella baratheon: tyrion lannister: family sands: Roslin tully (born frey):
mance rayder, Tormund, Karsi, all the giants, the children of the forest, women and children of the people-free, ect ...

Death of:family Baratheon, Family lannister: Bolton, Frey, Fer-born, gregor clegane, Mace tyrrel, Mestre Pycelle, Viserys targaryen, Petir baelish, lisa arryn:
Viserys targaryen, Daario Naharis, the great sparrow his disciple is their destroyed temple: The Thenns and 10,000 savage men : 60,000 Westerland soldiers,
18,000 iron soldiers, 20,000 soldiers of the reach, 30,000 stormlands soldiers, 35,000 dothraki warrior, 80,000 white walker,
tens of thousands of mercenaries of pirates and slavers and criminal : and at least one hundred thousand dead ...

Kitsune frame chapter 78 . 5/10
why you copy from DxD Conquest chapter 3? i think this chpater have no good story because almost from Dxd conquest the different is name character.
Aryan229 chapter 78 . 5/7
new whore.
George W Kush chapter 77 . 4/24
put in raven also your thumbnail says zatanna but i dont remember her in here but this is a good fic good job
gran-defi chapter 1 . 4/18
Idée pour une histoire : Fiction M
Bran , sansa et arya remonte le temps est revienne avant qu'il part pour tuer le deserteur de la garde de nuit , grace au pouvoir de bran aidée des dieux anciens pour sauver toute leur famille est le monde des marcheur blanc ! ps : sansa ne croit plu au nouveau dieux uniquement au anciens dieux !

Bran prend le pouvoir avec daenerys après l'avoir sauver de son frere a pentos avant le marriage de khal drogo et recupéré les oeuf de dragon !
ps: bran et tomber amoureux de daenerys la premiere fois qui la vue dans la premiere chronologie .
couplage : Bran x daenerys

Les stark entraine daenerys cacher a winterfell pendant une année avant de l'envoyer a essos avec bran et ses pouvoir pour interdire l'esclavage et conquerir les neuf cités libres :
Qarth / Nouvelle-Ghis / Astapor / Yunkaï / Meereen: volantis: Lys / Myr / tyrosh
elle en fait ses Possessions , ainsi que Vaes Dothrak en tuant tout les khals avec ses dragon .

Son armée sera composée de 8000 immaculé et cent-mille Dothraki et trois dragon et deux-mille garde-soldat en entrainement pour chaque cité a essos !
ps bran sera son fiancée pour eviter d'éventuelle prétendant qui son attiré par le pouvoir .

Pendant ce temp au nord la famille stark va fortifier winterfell, moat cailin et construire une flotte de 200 navire de guerre en bois de fer avec leur emblème sur les voile est bouclier et creér une armée permanante de dix mille soldat avec arme et bouclier (style spartiate) en acier valyrien bran a decouvert le secret avec ses pouvoir !
tout sa grace a l'or(cinq ou six) million de dragon d'or ainsi que les épée ancestrale des lannister et targaryen qui était dand la tresor des pirates que bran a récupérer en attaquant les stepstone,( sa couverture pour récupérer daenerys ) a pentos pendant la visite du roi robert a winterfell .
ps : ned refuse de devenir main du roi il trouve une excuse !

Bran va donner les deux épée a jon et daenerys et vendre l'épée ancestrale des lannister
a tywin lannister , bran sera appeller le loup sanglant .

les stark vont tuer les traitre que sont : les bolton , les frey ,les lannister , les fer-nes ...ect .

Jon sera envoyer derriere le mur pour faire la paix avec mance ryder est le peuple-libre, et les faire passer le mur .
ned stark révèle la verité a jon et toute sa famille quant bran et sansa remonte le temps et leur
dit le futur ! couplage jon x ygritte

la famille cassel va hériter de fort-terreur de la part de ned et Syrio Forel devient le Maître d'arme d'Arya Stark à winterfell engagé par eddard Stark ! couple arya x gendry

Dans la crypte de winterfell au dernier niveaux il y'a une autre épée Lightbringer ,ainsi q'un grand trône avec des runes inscrites à la base et avec des loups-garous d'obsidienne ciselés dans les pommeaux des accoudoirs. Le grand siège était incrusté d'un métal gris foncé qui ressemblait étrangement à l'acier de Valyrian mais qui manquait les marques fumé et ondulantes. Le haut du dossier était, cependant, deux grandes épées d'obsidienne encadrant la tête d'un Direwolf sculpté en pierre. Le Trône des Rois de l'Hiver.

Le rois robbert meurt a port-real et il va avoir une guerre entre les royaume !

Vit sauf : Shireen baratheon : Margaery Tyrell amie avec sansa, myrcella baratheon, les martell ,les sands , tyrion ,les geants ,les enfants de la foret ,les femme et enfant sauvageon ,...
couplage : Robb x talisa ou Robb x Margaery : Rickon x Shireen ou Rickon x lyanna .

Mort de : stannis baratheon et sa femme /renly baratheon /robert baratheon/ joffrey baratheon / tommen baratheon /tywin lannister/ cersei lannister /kevan lannister/ lancel lannister /la montagne, loras tyrell /le grand moineau et ses disciple et leur temple detruit , et au moins cent-mille morts , ect...

Guest chapter 77 . 4/16
I'm just curious as to why you haven't added Maxima to Superman's harem. We all know she would leap at the opportunity.
Galactic God chapter 77 . 4/13
Great to have you back. You left me (a) wondering what happen to Hippolyta being pregnant and (b) wanting to read more. Overall 10/10. Keep up the great work.
Cracker Jak chapter 75 . 2/10
M chapter 21 . 12/3/2017
M chapter 10 . 12/3/2017
M chapter 3 . 12/2/2017
juicy jack chapter 75 . 11/28/2017
you are truly a king among men this fic is one of the best i have ever read
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