Reviews for A Dwarven Advent Calendar
Waldkauz chapter 24 . 3/11/2016
I started reading the advent calendar last year, but on day 17 hospital and rehab got in the way and I forgot about it. Until for some reason I remembered it yesterday and finished reading.
Its really good and still want to thank you for writing it!
AinaWGSD chapter 24 . 12/25/2015
It took me a minute to catch up with everyone having the same names. I'm so glad that Dwalin seems to have found peace here at the end. Thank you for a lovely series of tales, and have a very happy Christmas!
sorrellkaren chapter 24 . 12/24/2015
A very nice chapter to conclude the advent stories. I am of course always glad to get Dwalin and it took me a while to catch on to the names but it was sweet to read another generation of Durin's. Do not short change yourself, I have enjoyed your stories for months and they have been a bright spot in my life when there were no others. Those days were hard to bare but your writing always makes me feel better. I work in retail and I witnessed the worst in people this week. The greed and selfishness made me ill. It is so nice to see that someone else remembers what a great Christmas is truly about. That something as simple as an apple can change a dark day into light. I wish you all the best for your holidays and may Christ you with health and love for the new year.
Meysun chapter 24 . 12/24/2015
Oh dearest I am so late! Merry Christmas to you and thank you for this beautiful story!
I always read the other reviews, and I am amused that you got us all the same way... at the beginning I was like "eh, are we in the Halls or what, and since when does Thorin have sons?!".
It was only afterwards that I understood, and I love that final image of Dwalin - Dwalin the living memory who has seen so many wars, and is now surrounded by children, as he has always loved to be.
I love his relationship to Thorin Stonehelm - oh do you remember how I used to rage and fume against him while I was reading No Sacrifice :)? It seems like ages ago!
I also admit I laughed so badly at Frerin's heavy courting style and at the little anecdote told by Thorin's wife :). This is just so typical for Dain's son :)!
I loved that you put chocolate in. I wondered if it could appear in our fics actually and I think that maybe not during Thorin Oakenshield's time, but once Aragorn is King certainly, brought by ships :). Oh this must be such a great kingdom, Erebor, now that Mordor has fallen, and that Gondor is restored... It makes me so happy that there is peace and prosperity again.
The story of the apple is wonderful. I loved to hear Dwalin's thoughts about it, and you know what I love most in this fic? That he got it. From the beginning. What really mattered, what was the light in his darkness, and always enjoyed it.
I think he has more wisdom than anyone in this story, and I am so glad for this ending for him.
I wish you again a merry, merry Christmas and... even though I'm awfully late, check your mailbox :). I also have something for you there...
KingRiordanQueenRowling chapter 24 . 12/24/2015
Lovely final chapter! Although I must admit being a bit confused at first about who was whom -dwarves and their complicated family trees-. My people also celebrate Christmas on the 24th, at midnight. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas eve, and Christmas itself!
emmakmc chapter 24 . 12/24/2015
A fab fic and a great way to enjoy December. Loved every chapter thankyou and have a lovely Christmas. Cant wait for your next fic :)
Italian Hobbit chapter 24 . 12/24/2015
Hahaha, the beginning confused me so much before I realized what you'd done... youuuuu. It hurts but it feels good. A Fili, a Kili, a Frerin, a Dis without war, without grief, without pain and sorrow and loss. Happy and whole and cheerful... that is indeed a happy ending for us. Although it still hurts a bit, as they're not the ones I know and love... but they're together and happy in the Halls now, so that is what matters in the end, isn't it?

That sweet tooth... thank you for including it, as I'm sure you know it's my favorite headcanon ever. I'm glad these two have taken on at least one trait from their namesake (and it looks like Fili and Kili have taken a bit of mischief to themselves, as well).

Oh, Dwalin... you didn't intend to live this long, but look at you now. A big, scary warrior telling tales to little children on Yule. Even in a life filled with grief and sorrow, that's as good an ending as he could get, really... bless him, and I just want to put a kiss on his bald, tattooed head. :P

Merry Christmas, Sarah! Thank you for this. Even if it hurt a little, it also brought some joy and hope. I love it so much.
Italian Hobbit chapter 23 . 12/24/2015
Okay, I AM crying at this one, dining room or not.

I can tell this is supposed to follow No Sacrifice... I love that even though there are many people in Erebor, this feels very much like it's just Dis and Dwalin. And Dwalin is so good, being there for her-I can't imagine what she'd do without him. (I should really read No Sacrifice.)

I think part of what hurts here so much is Dis's reaction to this Yule pyramid. Years and years and years before, she would have looked upon it with wonderment and joy, and now all she has to say is "What are they hurrying to?" My poor Dis, destroyed by life and death, yet she still lives on. She deserved so much more, she deserved not to be broken, not to lose so much. Oops I'm making myself cry now.

The little memories... how we remember those we have lost, the little things that come to mind now and then, bringing a smile to our faces but at the same time tears to our eyes because we miss those little things so much. This hurts, knowing they're gone.

Dwalin said just the right things, I think. She doesn't have to be the old Dis-that's more than anyone should expect from her. She just has to be her, damaged as she is; let others take care of her now. She's done enough caring.

I hope the last one is on a happy note, because I'M VERY SAD NOW. This is why you warned me, but whoops. Oh, Dis, my heart.
Italian Hobbit chapter 22 . 12/24/2015
Ohhh, I know you told me I should read this before Christmas Eve, but here I am, and here we are. Whoops.

Would you believe that I didn't cry? (I'm tearing up a little, but I didn't cry.) Possibly because I'm in my mom's dining room, though. Gotta hold it together... But oh, this hurts me.

Dwalin, Dwalin, Dwalin Dwalin Dwalin Dwalin Dwalin... oh, this kills me. His whole life has crumbled before him... what does one do in that situation? Bilbo would say that we keep on living, but I don't think Dwalin really would want to agree right now.

There are so many beautiful lines throughout this... the end of the first paragraph, saying he was nobody-he's lost his sense of purpose, his sense of everything, really, and now what is he to do? I know how he feels, really... well, I don't KNOW, but I feel like if this happened to me, I'd do the same; I'd just want to wait for death. We've talked about that, though. My fortitude isn't very high.

And those two lines about them being just boys-if I were alone, that's where I would've started bawling. Because that kills me. Oops I'm tearing up oh no can't let my mom know I'm crying on Christmas Eve oh God here it comes.

The part about Dis is especially powerful... and I could picture Dwalin so perfectly, dropping to the ground, composing himself far too quickly, not wanting to be composed but he doesn't know any other way to deal with life anymore. And resolving to live for her, his sense of duty renewed, because there is one left in the line of Durin, and although he has failed her, she is still alive, and his duty remains. That's something to hold on to. *thinks of No Sacrifice and whimpers* Oh gosh I need to finish reading that now. Maybe not over Christmas. :P

You say that this isn't really your thing, but you nailed it. You really, really nailed it.
Aqua4444 chapter 24 . 12/24/2015
A wonderful way to end this story! I loved Dwalin thinking back on those old Yule times (when he mentioned Frerin and the apples... my heart broke once more!). All in all, this has been a great way to count down to Christmas. Well done and a merry Christmas to you! :D
norma chapter 21 . 12/24/2015
I have been postponing writing this - I have too many thoughts, feelings on it and it's all jumbled up. Anyway I will try, just on Fili's talk with Dis.
Your Fili here is just as I imagined him to be - from watching the movies, looking at still photos of that character, even the real actor Dean O'Gorman - sensible, loving, kindhearted and yes! That quiet smile... That little speech about his reason for going on the quest, for giving Thorin hope is one of the most beautiful uttered by a character and I must thank you for writing that. It shows that Fili really understood Thorin. And he understood the situation. How long would the good life in Ered Luin last? What would happen to their people when all the resources run out? And I would add that would the people blame Thorin then for not trying to reclaim Erebor?
I feel sorry for Dis and I really do understand her feelings, but I also understand Thorin's feelings, his sense of responsibility. He was getting on in age, perhaps he felt it would be the last time for him to try. Perhaps he did not want to leave that burden to his heirs, as it was, Fili was already developing that same sense of responsibility. Perhaps he even felt bad when one of them had to make the getting firewood excuse just so to get some space.
Some has said that having Thorin killed was Prof. Tolkien's way of telling young readers that you will be punished if you are greedy. But I cannot help feeling it's wrong because in the end this punishment is really on Dis and I will never, ever say Thorin was greedy but I will not lengthen this comment by giving my opinions and reasons.
Thank you so much for these ficlets, I have enjoyed each and everyone of them - laugh over the funny, cute and happy ones, cried over the sad ones.
On a happier note I wish you a Happy Yule, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
sorrellkaren chapter 23 . 12/23/2015
I can't tell you what this chapter means to me. My ghosts have long haunted Christmas and each new year I feel the loss of those who will not share it with me _along with wondering who I will loose next. Those figures you used to tell the story of the dwarrow's Yule were at once a beautiful and a painful reminder of what Erebor had cost them... I love how you write Dis here. She is strong and yet vulnerable. Alone but with the one who loves her most. Dwalin is forever her rock and I often wonder how he took her death, one more of so many but the last one. I feel it hurt the most. It is Christmas Eve here and I wish you and yours the very merriest of Christmas's and may God Bless you in the coming year. I have read so much of your work I feel like I know you or at least a very special part of you. The part that has a heart of gold.
KingRiordanQueenRowling chapter 23 . 12/23/2015
I always thought Dwalin and Dis's friendship would grow after the Battle of the Five Armies, although no one has ever lost as much as Dis herself, I suppose Dwalin would be the closer to her pain.
Meysun chapter 23 . 12/23/2015
Hello you... You made me sad... Not because of what you wrote in that beautiful story, but because of your last note. I know Christmas is a time where other Yules come crashing in - and there is this terrible pressure of "having to be happy and enjoy the time with your family like society requieres you". It is okay to feel low, and also sad because one remembers. And there are days where it is hard to see the light, even when we look at a beautiful Yule pyramid.
So I just wanted to tell you that I think about you, and wish you light, and a warm embrace - and that I also thank you because, just like Dis, you are also a person that shows us daily that there are values worth to keep on living, and trying hard every day.

I did not realize at first lecture, but the first paragraphs are so sad because you can see her thoughts going in circle. It's as if she sees things, then analyzes them, then tries to convince herself that it's a good thing when all she truly wants is breaking down in the dark crypt, until Yule is over.
How wonderful from Dwalin to take her hand and lead her up, towards the light instead.
How good too, that they can both say the names of their beloved dead to each other. I think that one of the worst things for Dis (and all who have suffered losses) is probably the fact that, out of shyness and awkwardness, people around her do not dare speaking of those she has lost. I do always feel such a pang and also such a joy when it happens that, actually, I chose to appear awkward and actually ask the person in front of me who has lost someone what the name of the person was, what he/she liked to do, what he/she had been like... I like it because for me, memory is a way to keep people alive. They have all mattered. Their name as long as someone remembers should be spoken of, not hushed away, because they have shaped the world and the people around them - because they are not truly gone, as long as the people remembering them and touched by their grace are still here.
So I like Dwalin and Dis to be together. I like that they both acknowledge just how much the other has given to their people.
I also like Dwalin's words to Dis - he is so generous, and I wonder who is going to be his own light, the one telling him to rest...
He is a treasure and I am glad he is still here. He is the warmth making this rotor turn.
Take care dearest. You all give us so much - so please don't forget: you are truly loved and even if there seems to be no light or just past lights, there are shy little flames in the present as well.
Thank you again, and good night :), Elise.
MutteringsofMadness chapter 22 . 12/23/2015
My god, this one killed me...The fact that Dis doesn't know makes it so much worse... And especially after the last chapter. Dwalin's really got it rough. I'm not sure that I ever want to see Dis' reaction when she finds out that they died. Well, I really hope you do turn this around to happiness before Christmas, although I did enjoy this chapter greatly. I ccan't wait for more!
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