Reviews for The Floating World
Guest chapter 152 . 9/20
I was looking forward to whatever would happen at tea. Was not disappointed.
Guest chapter 149 . 9/17
As the guest yoh regerred to, I would like to say
That I wasn't so much asking you any questions
As myself. Which is a way of saying the story makes me think, which is a good thing. And if the story never reveals some answers to my questions, well, even better.
Calindy chapter 150 . 9/17
The good is oft interred with their bones.
Guest chapter 149 . 9/16
Now that I've admitted there is pkenty to enjoy about this fanfic, I have one criticism/question. What is holding Draco's attention? Love withers if it is not fed, and I wonder at the truth of Draco's love for Hermione. Is he fooling himself?
Guest chapter 149 . 9/16
I've never written a review before. Hey. Thanks for writing this. I'm enjoying it. It's well-written, multi-dimensional, and insightful.
The characters haven't deviated too drastically from canon
But are definitely layered. I like layers.

Keep working on this. Pwittee pweez.

Speaking of canon...
Truth canon: i don't like fanfiction
I just love Dramione.
Calindy chapter 149 . 9/15
Big dreams! they're going to have to be very good at hiding.
Calindy chapter 148 . 9/14
Friends, Romans.. clue but enjoying the ride!
James Birdsong chapter 146 . 9/11
Good three chapters
James Birdsong chapter 143 . 9/5
Calindy chapter 143 . 9/6
Seriously no clue.
apls79 chapter 10 . 9/2
These chapters are very short
Guest chapter 1 . 8/8
It’s a good fan fiction, but Draco would never, EVER fall in love with Hermione. Especially this suddenly. Sorry.
Rouss Bz chapter 139 . 8/5
hola, bueno creo que la historia inició muy bien, dibujaste un dramione muy interesante y me atrapó desde el primer capitulo, pero creo que se desvió y ahora estas pintando más a Luna como una pareja de draco, siempre la mencionas más y dibujas muchos momentos juntos. ya no veo el dramione por ningún lado
Calindy chapter 139 . 8/3
I should stop saying it but I love Luna and Draco
Calindy chapter 138 . 8/1
I am still imagining Draco throwing wrapping paper at Pansy.
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