Reviews for The Floating World
Calindy chapter 120 . 15h
Be kind to Draco... oh wait I forgot you're the author! I'm glad Hermione had a good time.
Dancing-Souls chapter 117 . 6/18
Hahaha I miss the poetry! To be honest though I know everyone needs breaks from poetry writing. Hahaha Draco's too good at what he does to cover up his feelings. Hermione doesn't even consider him an option for more than three seconds.
ComedyUnicorn chapter 2 . 6/18
This chapter was quite questionable. I like how you've switched between Hermione's perspective and Malfoy's. I'd like to see more of Malfoy's relationships with other Slytherins.
lna jt chapter 116 . 6/18
ok now you're keeping us from the denouement
Ashley Simonds chapter 116 . 6/15
lovin it good job and loving how fast your updating right now
Guest chapter 113 . 6/12
Um, I want her to dance will Millicent again. For the rest of the fic.
Ashley Simonds chapter 113 . 6/12
wonderful chapter i love it and i think blaise should take a turn just before draco so as to pass her on to him lol
Guest chapter 111 . 6/2
What exactly is a Valkyrie? Luna’s costume doesn’t make sense because I don’t know what a Valkyrie is.
Dancing-Souls chapter 111 . 6/1
And the dancing begins...poor Draco only wants a turn
Guest chapter 110 . 5/31
Will Draco and Hermione dance together? I need to know!
Emily Wessler chapter 110 . 5/26
Explain the spear more please; I don’t get it.
Alicia Moore chapter 110 . 5/20
What is the point of the spear (no pun intended) what is the thing Luna is dressed up as
Calindy chapter 110 . 5/17
Haha! completely unexpected!
Guest chapter 109 . 5/17
Amazing I can’t wait for the next chapter!
Guest chapter 109 . 5/16
Write about the dance , for goodness sake! I am really anxious for you to get to it.

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