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Nepmark Egap chapter 1 . 12/5
oh god. holy Crist. like fam calm down. i dont need to cry that much. jesus
Guest chapter 1 . 11/30
Im not into this kind of pairing but dam. This story is really good.
707 Cx chapter 79 . 11/28
F.u.c.k.i.n.g B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l
Guest chapter 79 . 11/22
aaaah i'm smiling so hard!
ddentler21 chapter 79 . 11/7
Awesome story! Thank you for writing
Oc2uber chapter 79 . 11/1
This fic is just - a g hhhhhhhjjjj. I'm so soft for Kakashi x Kurama now. The way you wrote them convinced me on the "I don't ship it hardcore but if I found fanart or fanfic of it, hey! Cool!" Ship. I'm loving everything that has happened, and I'm so happy becoz this is the fic I needed - where Kurama can finally be a hero of sorts, al the bijuu are together happily as a family, Kakashi gets a lot of action/time, the Jinchuuriki all get along and are loved, Naruto's parents (or at least one of them) is alive, Sarutobi stops being kind/beats Danzo's ass, Zetsu is dead and gone, Itachi/Uchiha clan are alive and well, Tenzo (creepy tree guy) is rockin the Mokuton (song with his bickering old husband Shisui), Shisui is alive and the best Uchiha boi, Sasuke isn't EMO, everyone is happy in the end, Obito snaps awake and realizes he's being manipulated, Haku and Zabuza's alive, Orochimaru kind of gets some redemption, Sakumo's alive (tho he's still not very good at facing his problems w his son), Akatsuki is obliterated, Madara's dead, Kaguya's never coming back, and everyone is just - happy and slightly some are happy AND gay. You are forever my goddess and this fic is now my highest wall for other time travel fics. Thank you for taking so much time in this. I can't wait for ur next fic.
Oc2uber chapter 78 . 11/1
I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm D ea Dddd. Kurama is officially the cutest (but fiercest) Motherhen of all children like oh my goshhhhhhhhh AGHHHHHHH THE KAKA X KURAMA tho! The connection you made with the previous mention of the phrase "Box up the monster, paste a smile on it" killed me. And the lines "I picked the prettiest monster" and the other one where Kakashi asks "And? What about this monster" , referring to himself as a a monster just made me - ahhhhahshiwhdieb. And the way you described the kiss with characteristics of electricity/lightning was just brilliant and beautiful (Loved what you were doing - Kakashi has a lightning affinity haha) you are my goddamn savior. Thank you for this wondrous, glorious happiness that has been spread forth. Your writing made my day ;)))(
Oc2uber chapter 77 . 11/1
W O W way to rip out my heart and mend it back together again :))) in going to say this so many times but - you are my goddess. Thank you for writing this magnificent, sad, heart warming, and completely comedic piece of fanfiction. This hit me hard - and I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be shipping Kaka x Kurama but here I am, loving every single moment of them in this fic.
Oc2uber chapter 76 . 11/1
Lmaooo Shisui is fckin BAE XP I loved him in thisss!
Oc2uber chapter 74 . 11/1
AGHHH MY TEARSSS! Yes Obito, yes Shisuiiii! AGGAHSH Rinnnn!
Oc2uber chapter 73 . 11/1
I think I cried just a little bit ;)))) this was absolutely beautiful
Oc2uber chapter 66 . 11/1
Lmaooo Aoba is meee if I were a ninja, desperately in need of a distraction. Thank god I'm not living in a world of ninjas, or I would horribly die in a terrible fashion.
brutusjr chapter 79 . 10/26
Again... just skipped over the guy with guy stuff, but this was a really, really a good read. I enjoyed it as much as I have any of the stories on this site. This was definitely one of the best.

Great job!
brutusjr chapter 66 . 10/26
This is a really good story. I could do without the bromance, but the rest is top notch.

Thanks for sharing.
thanzintay.2000 chapter 79 . 10/13
Wow. This is amazing.
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