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Gryffindork chapter 79 . 9/18
I am sooo grateful that you wrote this fanficition. I just finished it after an intense 3 days. I feel like you just fed me a full seven course meal and at the end was a giant delicious and luscious chocolate cake. This story made me feel so satisfied and happy at the end. Though cannon technically had a Happily Ever After I like your version much better. Also that ending lemon scene with Kurama and Kakashi whew did I get hot. Anyway thank you so much for making such an amazing meal with a sinfully delicious 7 layer chocolate cake!
Guest chapter 77 . 8/31
Absolutely dissapointing that kurama didn't get to kill obito, nor zetsu and that obito didn't die, like come on, your character is kurama. Makes me not want to read the last 2 chapters, even after having read through all the 76 others.
Guest chapter 45 . 8/27
The characters in this fic are such Capital C Characters, enough "Characterness" to them to "feed" a whole 'nother story with a entirely different plot... though not necessarily bad, mind you, just heavy-handed
FireInLife chapter 78 . 8/21
Well, re-read this story for the second time, and it was just as good as the first. I absolutely loved it, and I think I'm going to have to read backslide again next.

Also reading the reviews where people complain about the gayness is, ugh, I wanna yell at them. I prefer slash/femslash but even if this story was straight I'd still love it. It's mostly gen the entire way anyways, and, just, ugh.

Had to vent a little. But really, you did a great job on the story! Absolutely love the stuff you do.
oddends chapter 79 . 8/21
This is the third time I've reread this story and I'm absolutely in love. I love that Obito and Kisame settled down and became farmers and shit and I ALSO love that Danzo is fucking dead and the massacre didn't happen. Konoha has a lot of jinchuurikis now and I'm glad everyone is happy.
Jj chapter 79 . 8/18
This is by far one of the best timetravel naruto fanfiction I have ever read you are an artist of epic levels of awesomeness
YumeNoTsuzuki chapter 79 . 8/10
That was such a good read, from start to finish! At the very beginning I thought it was going to be Kurama/Naruto (not gonna lie I did not read the notes up top) and I kept thinking that I wanted Kurama/Kakashi and that is what happened so I was v happy hahah. Honestly though the fic had really good plot, the way you wrote the characters was very interesting, I didn't feel like the pairings were forced and there were also some feels along the way. I'm gonna have to come back to read it again sometime, because it was just so good!
Mikitsukami chapter 79 . 8/8
Best. Kurama. Story. EVER.
ShivaVixen chapter 76 . 7/21
In case no one has said it: You’re an evil person, favoring cliffhangers this much.

This is a wonderful story, keeps me captive for hours.
ShivaVixen chapter 25 . 7/20
I’m so tempted to write a story where kurama does accidentally kidnap Genma now.
PhenioxMaster chapter 79 . 7/20
I want a sequel to this so badly
Shurli chapter 15 . 7/9
Wow this story is developing so well, user an amazing writer.
Gemiinous chapter 79 . 7/3
Your story backslide is my comfort fic, so after re-reading that for the fifth time i found this and OH MY GOSH. damn satisfying! Holy crap!
And i gotta say, i was beyond terrified when genma went missing and that is some damn good suspense youve written there!
Guest chapter 2 . 6/17
Why did this have to be a yoai its such a good story
xWellJustMex chapter 79 . 6/14
I've read this story for the xth time and I wanted to ask if you could maybe write an epilog like you did for backslide? That'd be much apprechiated. 3
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