Reviews for Safe Word is Devil's Snare
Village-Mystic chapter 2 . 9/28
Good twists regarding Harry and Draco - but that there was someone out there even "brighter" for her. Good dramatic and adventure tension.
Village-Mystic chapter 1 . 9/28
Wow, this is an amazing twist on several tropes. It also sounds like just like some women can have many matches (so they can choose), Hermione may have lots to choose from there.
Emily An chapter 31 . 9/5
Perfect! Just perfect, I have always wanted to read a Hermione/Neville but when I looked for it, I never found something that I'd like, so when I unexpectedly came across this masterpice I was so eager to read it. It was perfect, from the begining to the end.

I really liked the relationship between Hermione and Neville because it felt so genuine, and the characters maintaind their personalities and that was something that I really liked it because sometimes I read fics that, when it cames to rough sex or BDSM, characters tend to be something that I don't really like or are very far away from what they should be. I really liked that Neville keep being Neville and not some "sex god/womanizer/egocentric/manipulative/controlling".

For me, the way you write their relationship and their interactions was beautiful, and I was glad that despite the fact that the sex was an important theme of this fanfic, it wasn't the only thing that was treated, by the way the sex scenes were hot and at the same time refreshing because they never felt forced. They were so well written that I'm craving more.

I love when you treat the relationship between Neville and his parents, or generally a lot of things. For a second in this last chapter you tricked me because I thought that Neville and Hermione were going to be parents, but in the end it felt just fine the way you kept things. So yes this is the first fanfiction that I have read that I liked the BDSM aspect (and I have been reading fanficions for many years) because it feels real. I may not know a lot about BDSM, but I know what I like to read and really abusive and co-dependent relationships that just have a "happy ending" because the characters "change" (no matter the fact that they had been controlling or abusive just before the epilogue) don't feel good to me.

This is the longest review I have ever written, but I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed reading your fic. Thanks a lot for writing and publishing this, I loved it.
Jessahmahkah chapter 31 . 8/21
Another fantastic story. Thank you.
Guest chapter 31 . 8/11
I always feel so sorry for people who think that dom/sub situations are "relationships". You can abuse someone and still claim to "love" them. They're all just lying to themselves trying to excuse the abuse instead of growing up and finding a real relationship. It's so sad.
Scorpia11 chapter 31 . 8/11
Simply amazing...but I truly feel you could have posted the entire story here...they have plenty of other stories just as graphic. But I love that this had plot and sensuality. Thanks for a great story.
N0601859 chapter 31 . 8/1
I'm so glad I found this story!
Bibbity88 chapter 31 . 7/30
Took your advice and read this gloriousness on AO3, glad you kept some version here so I knew it existed. This is, hands down, my most favourite Marriage Law fic. It's just such an immersive, realistic universe- down to the jar of jellybeans. Standing Ovation!
xxAkatsukisBanexx chapter 31 . 4/23
This was soooo good. I'm a big supporter of Neville/Hermione and I'm surprise that there isnt more famfics of the couple, but your story was so perfect that it makes up for the lack of more content! I adore Neville especially the kinky-naughty Neville, who would have thought that he had that in him.

Thanks for the story!
Lora chapter 31 . 4/14
How did you not only get me to read a ship I've never been interested in and like it too?

As for the dulling it down, I thought it was good and slightly steamy leaving the explicit bedroom interactions to your imagination. I might have gone to check out the story on the Archive of Our Own website, but I was afraid that it would be too hot for my tablet and fry the circuitry. And then I would have to ask you to replace my tablet, and you would subsequently have to start adding "read at your own risk" and "this fic is so hot it may cause mobile devices to catch fire" warnings to your stories.

Needless to say,. I really enjoyed this story.
Cleo9427 chapter 1 . 4/2
Question: In your story, can Unspeakables at least talk about how their day went? Like if a coworker was being rude or if someone trips and spills a bunch of paperwork?
Review: I LOVE YOUR STORY! Neville Longbottom is after my heart ️. I found your story on AoOO and I was able to download it onto my iBooks. I feel like I’m reading a real book that’s been published. I also love all of your other stories as well. This is my first Neville x Hermione story and I’m so glad I found yours. I almost don’t wanna look for any others cus yours set the bar pretty high. Keep up the amazingly fantastic work!
Avril Keanan chapter 16 . 3/22
I've just started reading this on Archive of our own and now it apparently doesn't exist on there? Brilliant writing, didn't expect to like it but am loving the relationship. Please tell me you haven't removed it altogether?
just dont tell my mum chapter 31 . 3/20
Just found this, its fucking brilling!
raemaee chapter 15 . 3/17
Love love love the story so far. So familiar and yet completely dynamic. Its the "old gang" with a twist. The characters haven't really changed at all, its just a fresh perspective. LOVE IT
LunaLoveGlitter chapter 1 . 2/18
Very well written! I never thought I could get into a Hermione/ Neville pairing but I loved it, it was HOT . it's funny as just the other day I decided to watch through the series of movies and was thinking yep Neville (Mathew Lewiscertainly did grow up an get sexy . I took your advice an read it on A03 which was a first on that site for me, I'm very glad I did! While I can't pretend to know anything about dom/sub bdsm or any of that I felt like the story was very detailedand definately clear to read and ubderstand) but also it also stayed true to Hermione an Nevilles characters. Thank you!
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