Reviews for Sealkeeper: He Who Binds
Neobenm chapter 1 . 3/7
Author projecting his pedo vibes and hid it by saying it is some sorta deal, after all why would she offer to fuck a kid? instead of something else
GrimStormWind chapter 134 . 3/5
Great as always
Wyvern Yellow chapter 134 . 3/5
also dammit, the chapters named the curse of chains but there's absolutely nothing about it other than the fact that it is unexpectedly active and not harmful
Wyvern Yellow chapter 134 . 3/5
the wolves are gonna unionize but instead of dethroning their leader they're just gonna make him stay with them, lol
Uday Sra chapter 134 . 3/5
Grounded Forever chapter 134 . 3/4
you write about naruto having a lot of work to much, either resolve the issue or stop using it every single time you can't think of what to write
1529 chapter 134 . 3/4
This story started great and the works cities to develop well... but there really hasn't been any character growth in one million words. Early on, it started that Naruto would (had) grow as a character, but then he regressed and has remained there ever since. There has been absolutely no personal growth.

This story is good, but with some actual development of Naruto it would be exceptional.

Thanks for writing.
Yatsushiro Ryko chapter 134 . 3/4
Not sure why I cheered when Tsukiyomi said he was proud of Hana, but I cheered out loud
saiyan prince1 chapter 134 . 3/4
Informative but had to have a new chapter. Keep it up.
IndianaJohhney chapter 134 . 3/4
Another interesting chapter
anthonym3 chapter 134 . 3/4
Fantastic Chapter. I wonder how Iroh will view Asuma's blunt move in getting the wolves to leave (on their terms, yes, but still leave).
demon87 chapter 134 . 3/4
very super
Axius W. Xanxus chapter 134 . 3/4
Rebellious daughter Hana is a nice addition to the Fandom. Also can't wait for Orochi to switch bodies... or perhaps Mikoto drops by for a visit. Tsukuyomi needs his smothering.
Seta88 chapter 134 . 3/4
The chapter was great, didn't expect the part with Iroh, but I quite liked that part. The ending was surprising with the whole flag business. Tsunades teasing of Shizune was just great, one of the best parts, with the one with Hana. That was the part I enjoyed the most, with sad part is that we will not see more interaction between Hana and Naruto now, with her coming vacation. But I hope we will at least see parts of that vacation and more interaction between Naruto and Sai.
thor94 chapter 134 . 3/4
fun chapteR.
But a shame naruto was finally not tied.
Would like to have some smut involving a tied and even gagged naruto with a female playing the bit sadistic dominatrix and having fun with his body.
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