Reviews for Sealkeeper: He Who Binds
Critique chapter 1 . 9/17
After six chapters of complete idiocy I gave up. It's already obvious your 8 year old MC will never grow in any way except to become overpowered.

The first chapter was already a red flag when he decided to steal from and kill a stranger after two days on the street for no discernable reason other than being hungrier than usual. That's not even the psychopathic behavior of an chronically abused child, that's just overwhelmingly retarded. Even a barely intelligent psychopath with no regard for human life would try something else first, like simply asking anyone with an ounce of sense for advice. But apparently his bizarre and twisted "honor" that was instilled in him by the same mother who abandoned him, is suddenly more important than any other sense of morals, which apparently no one ever taught him about. Resulting in him killing a random person in broad daylight, yet only feeling bad about taking potential money from a whore. Then insisting on giving her that lost money so badly that at 8 years old he agrees to have sex with her in the future to uphold his fucked up honor.

If that wasn't bad enough, everyone else in this story so far is the same level of retarded, from the pedophile whore who refuses easy money, the braindead mother who can't imagine taking care of two children and once, the oblivious Hokage and ANBU who get outsmarted by a stupid child, the immature millennium old Fox who wants to be a mother but instead starts by flirting, to the comically insecure Jounin that can't control herself long enough to speak to a child she knows living on the street.

I seriously hope the horrible start is more for shock value rather than personal wish fulfillment, because if not then you should seek out a psychiatrist for your mental health. Either way though, you should seriously considering rewriting the first few chapters to alter the contrived and forced plot points so every character doesn't have to act like an idiot to move the story along.
Natsuyuuki chapter 64 . 9/16
Uh-huh... Naruto did loved by his pack and family huh...

I wonder... if Naruto like his father, did he chose one women of all women in his life? after all, Minato also popular like Prince in Fairy Tale.

By the way, Thanks for Update! See ya!
Ghul chapter 64 . 9/9
Yaguras reasons on bloodlines is flawed he isn't wrong but not right either for one yes you should not rely on just your bloodline but saving it as a trump card is stupid most bloodline are elemental and stronger then the combined elements so of course you would use it but you should get creative with hyugas would be bullshit snipers or if haku used chakra flow with his needles with wind elements to make the stronger or freeze an person to death . Hell most ninjas don't get creative sand nin combine puppet strings with wind razer thread no one does this the fucking chakra scalpel any element infused would be a nightmare
xArtehx chapter 64 . 9/9
Not much to say other than I love it. Can’t wait for more.
xArtehx chapter 9 . 9/8
I’m gonna keep reading, but really. That last part deserves a fuck you. Love the story so far.
Guest chapter 64 . 9/1
Great story plz make more
DelayedInspiration chapter 64 . 9/2
Fun stuff. As always.
Redpill chapter 64 . 8/29
Fucking amazing story man.
I have been into Naruto fanfiction for a long time and out of all i feel that is the best.
Keep at it, great work.
MarkedPariah chapter 40 . 8/30
Okay the Anko scene was amazing.
Jatok chapter 64 . 8/30
#1 Minion!
battle manga chapter 64 . 8/30
Cant keep shit eating grin down.
MarkedPariah chapter 34 . 8/30
Can I just say it is super weird how much Orochimaru seems to love or feel possessive of Naruto. Like its hilarious that she halted all plans on the invasion simply because it MIGHT displease him. She didn't even bother to ask him whether it would or not. Also it is pretty funny that a simple two sentence note would be treasured by Big Bad Villain.
Yash2001 chapter 64 . 8/29
Good upload.
dragzxx chapter 64 . 8/29
ok first how the fuck is zaku alive after what he did
Guest chapter 64 . 8/27
love it
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