Reviews for It Gets Worse
SparrowTheThird chapter 10 . 8/9
Absolutely glorious
SparrowTheThird chapter 6 . 8/9
Oh I am absolutely loving this
FAKE-ROB chapter 9 . 8/3
poor coil, hahahahahaa¡
501ar chapter 1 . 7/25
...this fic makes me want to pursue a joke, but I believe a calamity would befall me if I did
Chezzzz chapter 21 . 6/26
Chuckle chuckle hehehe. That was fun. Seldom that I laugh out loud when reading fan fiction, repeatedly, but this was... something else. Thanks a lot for writing and sharing
BlazeStryker chapter 7 . 6/19
Coil: I can take her.
Taylor's power: Let's dance, skinny!
JackOfNoTrades chapter 7 . 6/6
Coil: Humiliation? Possible death? I gotta get me some of that.
Diametrik chapter 4 . 6/5
Why did they assume Piggot knew about the locker incident? And why didn't she tell her about the janitor and police the first time through when she was explaining what happened with her powers?
Saisou-Fan chapter 21 . 6/1
I love that there’s a TV Tropes page for this story… makes analysing it all the more 'fun'!
JustAngry chapter 9 . 5/21
So far, this has been fucking AWESOME.
Shadeymankey chapter 1 . 2/21
Channeling this kind of energy along with your “a darker path story” into one where Taylor gets the Tyrranid Hive Mind power (like in Hive Daughter) would be amazing.
Cheshirek3t chapter 7 . 2/15
Thomas, darling, no
Shadeymankey chapter 10 . 1/25
I’m in tears laughing. This is amazing
DARKLORDVADER chapter 21 . 1/18
Great story !
MadDrongo chapter 11 . 1/7
Oh man I had this fic recommended to me a dozen times but from the title I always thought this was some ultra edgy everyone dies everything goes wrong type of story. But this is just hilarious. I love it
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