Reviews for Sated
kayrockit chapter 75 . 5/8
What a wonderful story, I wish there was more to read! Your knowledge of the characters is so clear, you know them perfectly.
kayrockit chapter 39 . 5/5
This is my favorite chapter yet. 'Not with my head spinning and my heart racing.' This is exactly the way I believe Katniss would fall in love with Peeta. Wonderful job.
Guest chapter 75 . 4/17
I binge read the Hunger Games books last week for the first time in years. The series is amazing, but the epilogue in Mockingjay is just so unsatisfying. This was exactly what I needed! Thank you for sharing. Loved this story.
Guest chapter 75 . 4/4
Loved this so much! Couldn't stop reading. The relationship developmen between katniss and peeta is spot on
Guest chapter 55 . 4/2
Their relationship is toxic
Franz chapter 32 . 2/12
Man fuck that! Why would Peeta wait for ever!? Thats so good to make him like ..shit i mean he doesnt need to be with another girl if you are gonna make him so damn patient but to let katniss mess around for so long and then have him a safe option thats stupid
Hartmannclan chapter 75 . 2/8
Lovely story. Binge read it today. Thanks for sharing
Hartmannclan chapter 18 . 2/8
I love the question Katniss asked Haymitch. "Have we saved Peeta?" It got me right between the eyes.
Everlark12319817 chapter 11 . 10/7/2017
the Harry potter line by Dumbledore
lw531 chapter 3 . 6/26/2017
there need to be stars, i'd give this section 5!
lw531 chapter 2 . 6/26/2017
This scene took me back to District 12, I love the attn to rubble detail. Feels like Peeta and Katniss
Tara Reed chapter 75 . 5/30/2017
Thank you so much for writing it and sharing it with us! It has been wonderful to read. It makes me ache to leave them again... It's a sad and uncomfortable feeling, but one that comes with the ending of a good book. You have made them all live again for us your readers, thank you!
stjohn27 chapter 72 . 5/28/2017
After all the selfish crap he put her through, she still travels all the way to 2 to discuss her marital issues with Gale? Because it is so NOT his business. I keep thinking Katniss will prove to me she's worthy of Peeta in this story, but at chapter 72, it hasn't happened yet. I just can't like her. I love your Peeta, but this Katniss is way to self involved for me. And to say Gale and she were broken in ways not like Peeta?
I don't remember Gale going through two hunger games, losing his entire family, getting hijacked, and losing his mind and the support of the only one he cared about. No, Gale just wanted to kill him at the first opportunity.
stjohn27 chapter 54 . 5/28/2017
I find Katniss just as irritating as Gale here. She still speaks as ever know Gale would be a possibility if not for... "this is why Gale and I will never work out." That's present tense.
" I can't give you what you want. Not now, not anymore." Like it was still some great possibility until right then. Then she answers him when he has the balls to ask if she's slept with Peeta and when like he has any right or expectations to that information...but she answers him anyway!
All of her angry thoughts (and just stay inside her head. No wonder he doesn't believe she's in love with Peeta.
There's no way I'd have talked to Gale without Peeta after everything they've been through and Gale's incessant phone calls. I wouldn't trust him or give a fig about his feelings. Because he surely does not care about Katniss'.
And seriously, Peeta doesn't overhear any of their conversations, like they were whisper fighting or something.
stjohn27 chapter 53 . 5/28/2017
Gale is straight up cray cray! He needs quite a few sessions with Dr. Aurelius...
I hope she told Peeta about all of the phone calls!
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