Reviews for A Tale of Two Swords
Jose19 chapter 1 . 11/9
I wonder how will Archer adapt to such a world, and has his views of saving lives stayed with him.
Kitsune Obsessed Freak chapter 13 . 10/20
When will the next Emiya Shirou focused Chapter be? Not to hate on archer, I just like the younger Shirou better... I personally would have loved to see two completely separate stories rather than a setup like this though. Mostly because I pretty much only want to read about shirou so far.
Lucas Oliveira1 chapter 1 . 10/7
The odd thing is that at first he says shirou is red and archer has white hair and probably tan too, because he's still kind of a servant EMIYA, so I don't understand how people confuse him with shirou right away.
Lucas Oliveira1 chapter 13 . 10/7
Mr.Vegerott23 chapter 13 . 10/4
Cool story.
Johnny Shit Knuckles chapter 13 . 9/28
plz more shirou!
NobleBoss chapter 13 . 9/22
Thanks for updating this! This story has so much potential. It’s already intriguing and unique even among the many Fairy Tail crossovers. None are like yours. The incorporation of both Shirou and Archer is done perfectly. Please continue to flush out your ideas for the direction of this story as you find the time to!
SuperApplePie chapter 13 . 9/21
Oh man, this story is awesome. Can't wait for the Shirou and Archer meeting. Now that'll be a blast!
NobleBoss chapter 12 . 9/21
Good job keeping Archer in character even while he finds himself conflicted with these new familial inclinations. I do wish we could see how Shirou fared against Deliora. I know it must be coming up soon and that’s just my biased preferring Shirou just a teensy bit more than his older HS self, Archer.
SleeplessForest27 chapter 13 . 9/20
can't escape from strong-willed women, archer lol
MysticRising chapter 8 . 9/20
It would be cool if shirou's 2nd magic is demon magic or something. We know archer's story when he was reborn, his new family even influenced his magic as he has takeover as well as his magecraft, but what of shirou? We don't know what happened to him when he was reborn. Were his parents nobodies or somebodies. Who knows. And that has me dying to know. I actually suspect he may have legit fairy magic like he's mavis and zeref's son or like natsu he is zeref's brother or something. Royalty? Demon? Dragon?! The mystery is unbearable!
NobleBoss chapter 6 . 9/20
You know the intro to this chapter is extremely well written and will be a benchmark for me to use writing descriptive intros myself. The first couple paragraphs get the reader so involved in the environment that it’s insane. Reading this for the second time I’m noticing much more as I’ve restarted because the most recreational update as of 9/12/19 I couldn’t remember what all had happened this far
Silber D. Wolf chapter 13 . 9/19
ancient mythology184 chapter 13 . 9/15
when are you gonna update again?
Perran Onh chapter 13 . 9/15
Awesome Story please continue
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