Reviews for Food And Sex Makes The World Go Round
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 12/15/2015
I was impressed by how much you made this clearly AU, yet the basic story is practically the same. As you say, people are more outwardly affected by the octopus, plus this time, Harvey doesn't enter the tower with SPLAT, as happens in the original story. It was interesting how Harvey developed consuming food as a coping mechanism, one that evolves from his natural love of food. Of course, because of Harvey's insecurities, and how much he goes through, it is hardly surprising that he takes a suitcase full of food to Vulcan Tower, and it turns out that he needs it. SPLAT are both mesmerised by the octopus (apart from Ingrid) and focused on finding Dinah, so are angry with Harvey and don't make an effort to understand him, dismissing what Harvey is doing as him being 'greedy'. Even Ingrid doesn't try to find out WHY, leaving Harvey with an agonising choice.

All of this culminates in Harvey attempting to find solace in his food, but that is quickly turned into a horrific situation, when the Headmaster confronts him. Terrified, Harvey doesn't think about what he is saying, and angers the Headmaster by refusing to explain what SPLAT are doing at the Tower. The story ends on a sinister note, with the Headmaster restraining Harvey and taking him into the lift, declaring that he will make things horrific for Harvey, even as he pets him on the way to the top of the tower.