Reviews for Finding You Always
beth1980 chapter 97 . 9/23
Well I didn't see Aiden being framed by his sister coming at all. And she wants to go on a killing spree. Glad Maleficent realized the Charmings were better allies then Rumple. Of course Leo wants to be the bait for Cruella. And of course Snow and David want to protect him. This is not going to end well for Cruella. Lol.
sexystarwarslover chapter 97 . 9/22
NOT THE AUTHOR! *rolls eyes* that guy I'd like to punch him, hopefully this version will make me "less" want to punch him
Ooooh. I was right about the tiger reference yes! love those movies and loved and thought the call back to the movie here was cleverly well done!
Poor Leo - he is going to be heartbroken when he finds out about the tiger
AWE! Snowing wanting to protect their son from a horrific sight love them!
NO ONE MESSES WITH MAMA SNOW! she'll protect her children always!
AWE Snow and Charming and Regina are wanting to help Maleficient get her egg back
Cruella "zero redeeming qualities" oh yeah she does!
*gasps* Leo wants to be the bait! I really don't like this~~
Aw I love how you kept Ursula's back story the same and Killian knows what happened that was one of my favs in the series
I. can't. believe I am saying this, but I am really, really not believing Aidan is the killer!
*gasps* I KNEW IT! THERE was something odd about Angelica from the first questioning by Emma
Despite your past Angelica you can't just go around murdering people even if you think u are going good
ooooh Aphrodite this is going to be interesting
Hang on moment to picture Charming/Josh shirtless *fans self* uh oh going down *faints*
*fans self even more* and it got EVEN HOTTER WITH THAT SNOWING SCENE!
*gasps* Maleficent's here! this is going to be interesting
I would listen to Snow Mal!
uh yeah he was going to manipulate you which I do not approve of
*sniggers* Cruella really does love her fur!
Ah, good thing Mal went to see Snow because Rumple just plans to let the author help her get her egg back *scoffs* hate to say I told you so but this is going to be interesting
Guest chapter 97 . 9/18
What happened with Eva and Paul? Are they together or not. I feel so bad for Leo :((
Andria chapter 97 . 9/17
So sad for Leo! I haven't seen the live action of 101 Dalmatians in such a long time so I didn't even catch that reference so glad maleficent is joining the charmings side I hope they are able to find her egg. Color me shocked when you revealed who the killer was. I totally didn't see that coming. That is truly the last person I expected it to be
Guest chapter 97 . 9/17
Love it.
Austenphile chapter 97 . 9/18
I have a little more free time this week so I can write a proper review.

I am glad we are going to get more Eva. She's like the forgotten middle child. She's in the shadow of her older sister who is the savior. And then her twin was the only boy for 20 years. Plus he had that cool affinity with animals even before magic came. Eva's strengths that she inherited involved the softer side of her parents: her mother's acceptance and compassion plus her father's loyalty and willingness to experience pain to save others. They are less flashy and more likely to be overlooked even though the ability to heal is perhaps more valuable in battle than actual fighting. As much as I love all the kids, I have a partiality to her because she may have believed herself as less valuable to the town despite knowing her parents loved her as much as her siblings.

I love Leo, too, though, for different reasons. He's got the Charming Family savior complex, his father's reckless bravery streak and his mother's impulsiveness from her younger years to do the heroic thing without thinking of the consequences. It makes an intriguing combination.

So often OCs detract from the story, but yours are multi-dimensional and enhance the family dynamics.

So many great things in this chapter, I nearly cried reading Snow and Charming trying to protect their son from the horrors of the world while recognizing their inability to do it perfectly.

You did a nice job dropping enough clues about Angelica to make her reveal as the killer natural.

Interesting choice to get Aphrodite involved to contact Poseidon when they know two mermaids who could deliver a message like Ariel did on the show. I guess it makes sense as she's related. I did like her comment that Snow and Charming choose love over destruction.

I was confused at first about how Charming was able to go under the sleeping spell without immunity. Nice mother to mother chat that worked much better with just the two of them. Lovely touch having Mal ask about Regina and Snow's relationship.

And I cannot say enough good things about the Snowing love scene. As I have said before, you write them extremely well.

I look forward to next week.
SaviorEmmaJones chapter 93 . 9/17
Fantastic chapter! Moving to the next one!
baratta.jennifer chapter 97 . 9/17
Melinifessant better not die. Great chapter
Guest chapter 96 . 9/17
This is such a great story and I love it, but I kinda miss snowing going on their own adventures. It seems like even in this story they get placed in the background.
Ann chapter 96 . 9/13
Poor Leo! And the QoD are even more bat shit crazy LOL! I don't blame Cruella's obsession with Sheriff Chisel Chin though ;)
Austenphile chapter 96 . 9/13
Another stellar chapter. Loved overprotective parents going after Cruella. Always great to see Wilby. My only request is more Emma and Eva.
Guest chapter 96 . 9/11
So sad for the tiger and for Leo when he finds out. Firestorm should've ruined Cruella's fugly hair as well as her coat. I don't see anything wrong with it taking time for Leo to find himself before his love, and I don't think it makes him any less of a Charming or for that love to be less true when it does happen. After all, how long did Hook live before finding Emma? I love finding updates for this story. Thanks for writing.
sexystarwarslover chapter 96 . 9/13
I continue to LOVE this story so much! I REALLY thought they were going to succeed with taking Leo there plus YAY Snowing to the rescue!
Oh no the fairies and "someone with true love's magic" oh no please no!
"two idiots" *rolls up sleeves* excuse me!
"Chisel chin junior" I snorted and laughed so loud at this!
Uh oh that test for Leo with the animals feeling is back
MERLIN! I LOVED HIM! he was great!
Well it's not like Zelena wasn't going to cause trouble if she was out
EEE WILBY JOINS THE SEARCH goes with the master!
UH YES SHE DID! only hope Luka explains the situation more
WHOA NICE SHOT SNOW! and stay away from Graham and Wilby!
You think Cruella would want the handcuffs *winks* I went there!
LOVED the Emma and Leo scene and Emma's line "you're been way more mature about it than I would be" - Emma would definitely take out anger!
TOTALLY with Emma about Esme!
Snow and Esme scene - oh burn Esme! and sometimes you just gotta be cold Snow
Another victim oh boy this is just want Rumple needs to strike with the chernabog!'
I never thought I'd say this but just cause Aiden was found near the killer and he is nasty doesn't mean he is in the killer
Every time I read Cruella driving I just laugh cause she is not a good driver
Young woman, good with knife Aiden isn't the killer!
Aw Quasi defending the Charmings awe!
Oh no the killer as done Cruella's coat for her {white tiger skinned, curious does that have to do with reference to the live action 101 dalamations where she had a tiger coat made?}
"I'm sure I'm comfortable letting you out of my night" Daddy Charming being protective I love him
I have this nagging feeling about Emma going by herself, she can defend herself but still a bad feeling but man this story is AMAZING!
Andria chapter 96 . 9/10
So glad Leo is ok! Happy esme is somewhat coming to her senses a bit loved Quasimodo coming in for a bit as much as I don't like him I don't think Aiden killed Stromboli either my vote goes to Leo & Elsa too if that matters I liked the little brother sister moment between Emma and Leo as well
beth1980 chapter 96 . 9/12
Lol. Cruella is one of my favorite villains. Mostly because the show didn't give her a sob backstory and try to make us feel sorry for her. Also love her flirting and sass. Not surprised she would have an animal killed so she could get a new coat. Also not surprised Aiden is a killer or at least being framed. Esme and Luka need to get away from Aiden.
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