Reviews for Finding You Always
Timelord27 chapter 140 . 7/18
I really enjoyed the conversation between Blue and Fiona. I found it very interesting. I'm really enjoying your version of season 6 even more then the actual season. There's so much going on and I excited for more.
beth1980 chapter 140 . 7/19
Both David & Fandral going to take care of business. Where is my fan? Someone needs to muzzle Aiden. Iago as a club owner. I can see that.

Thank you. I have been wanting Whale to say something along those lines since Hyde showed up. Hope the device he built works.

Leo & David's chat was very sweet. So Leo still has feelings for Elsa. Interesting. If you ultimately decide not to pair Eros & Leo will Eros continue to stand in for Gideon in this story & get deaged? If anyone needs a do over it is Eros.

Aphrodite is right. Leo & Eva are very similar to David & James. At least David finally got to say I told you so.

Tink was right. Neal noticed she was missing. Both Blue & the Black Fairy are working my last nerve.

I have another odd question. David has a scar from his second meeting with Snow. Aphrodite punched James. Does Xander/Robert have any scars given to him from Ruth? You know what people say about little girls wanting to marry their fathers or men getting involved with someone similar the their mothers. Just a thought.

sexystarwarslover chapter 140 . 7/18
See Tink was right - Neal would get worried and come wonder where she was and Emma and Killian are going to go help them. I loved how she decided to not tell her parents because they were having some happiness! cannot wait for the next chapter!
"brillant as he boasts" ha! good one David!
poor David - it would be very upsetting seeing his wife like this
uh oh sounds like Xander and Leo have gotten into some trouble
Iago! Ha!
oooh Fandral is going with David, this friendship is awesome!
ah time to see how the trouble started
Never thought there would be scum but hey there are those who would be here in this town
love the description of Iago if he was a human he would still wear red and used his hands alot!
oooh Iago don't make Leo angry he's not having a good day and don't insult his mother!
*gasps* oh hel no Aidan! don't start taunting Leo about his love life
uh oh Aidan pushed him too far
oh please! YOU provked him Aidan
"clamp on your beak" ha! I just pictured him as a bird again
hmm seems like Whale has invented something useful
let's hope it helps and "descended into madness" is absolutely right!
Fiona! Get away from the fairies!
oh *eyebrow raised* that's Blue's real name!
Rumple is right to keep the wand away from you!
hmm Blue's past got more interesting!
She HAD to banish you!
what happened with Snow and Charming!?
aw Nova and Tink I love seeing them here in this story more
BLUE! what are you doing!
oh my god this just took a dark twisted turn!
Tink's right Neal will worry and come looking and inform the Charming's!
David and Fandral eee
YEAH! you tell him David and he was provoked
father/son talk time
aw I love when David pulled Leo into a hug and held him aw poor Leo!
Leo still has feelings for Elsa! oh my god I did like them wonder if we'll see her again?
aw reunion of mother and son
Aphrodite HAS to get his heart back
we need to test this device
Snow treating her son and love Eva's quip there
WHOA full house indeed
HA! David knows his brother is in love
"obnoxious husband" ha! he's being cheeky too
cannot wait for the next chapter!
JRocks chapter 140 . 7/17
I feel as though Leo should have gotten punished for his impulse. I notice in a lot of OUAT fanfics that the Charmings seem to not hold their own family responsible of crimes. Leo knew better than to punch Aiden and should be held to the same standards as everyone else. On a positive note I really liked that the blue fairy has a dark past and I hope the Charmings learn of it. And I like how you hinted that Leo and Elsa might get together again.
Number Ten chapter 140 . 7/15
Such a happy scene, it made me smile. Did Whale ever bring back the dead in your story since Regina moved on with Robin sooner than in the show? I still hear Gilbert Godfrey's voice with Iago, I guess I can picture him as such. Don't worry about the review from the other story, we all have things we are passionate about and hypocricy is hard to accept, just like Blue does here. I hope you can forgive me for my own snappy response
NaomiBlue chapter 140 . 7/16
If Elsa is endgame for Leo I have a thought for how that could happen but I'll wait to see where you go with this. I feel bad for Aphrodite. I hope she'll get a second chance with him the way Belle did with Gideon. And Blue really is no good, I never liked her character much.
Austenphile chapter 140 . 7/16
My issues with Whale have nothing to do with his sleeping with Mary Margaret. After all David and Lathryn slept together and I love Kathryn. I wish we had seen more of her and Frederick in later seasons. But Whale has already been the worst kind of jerk to Mary Margaret on their date and the one night stand happened when she was distraught and drinking so it felt forced merely for shock value and to joke about later, as if adultery or dubious consent was a joking matter. And his fate as the ultimate jerk was sealed when he asked if the nuns could date after he was no longer cursed.

Fandral and David going on patrol together. So much perfection. And throw in Xander and Leo makes it even better. And love the Shakespeare nod as well as Aladdin. After all Robert’s canon story was a Shakespearean tragedy. Now I think of the bird and the Shakespeare villain as the same person.

Blue and Black as a split person is great! The show missed out completely on that one. And interesting that Blue did not want Snowing together. And Tinkerbelle and Neal. I actually shipped them in Neverland arc. Did not care who Emma ended up with because I thought all the options were just meh (except Graham and Jefferson but they were not coming back) But loved Tinkerbelle and Neal.

The talk with David and Leo was quite interesting. Elsa was the only one who didn’t need something from Leo. But who was also there for him as an equal. I don’t mind Chad but they are about to be step cousins which would make it weird.
baratta.jennifer chapter 140 . 7/15
Blue you idiot. Fiona will make you wish you died.
AnimeLover217 chapter 140 . 7/15
Great Job! David finally said "I told you so!" Poor Leo, he is having a ruff time huh? Love the family scene in this chapter! Anyway, see you next week!
beth1980 chapter 139 . 7/15
I agree with all reactions to the Evil Queen/snake. So now Jekyll has Hyde's physical strength. This is bad for so many reasons. I am really liking the pairing of James & Aphrodite. Their interactions are great. The confrontation between the Black Fairy & Aphrodite was good. I assume there will be another.

I always thought Whale was an interesting character. I like whenever you include him in your story. When Belle finds out what Gold did livid wouldn't begin to describe her feelings.

Oh good. Robin & Roland have their real memories back. As I said on a previous review I actually feel sorry for Robin in this story. I hope Regina, Robin, & Zelena can learn to live in peace. I am so glad Robin & Regina didn't immediately try to take the baby from Zelena. Another thing that irritated me on the show.

Thank you so much for including a follow-up conversation between Snowing about their real first encounter! In my opinion the show always missed good opportunities for needed conversations in favor of drama. Until next time.
Fanfics10 chapter 139 . 7/14
I'm so glad Robin & Roland got their memories back! And with Zelena's little speech. Anyways, I really love this story so far and I am excited for the update.
Austenphile chapter 139 . 7/12
I like how you have Snow and David talk to Leo about getting revenge. They have both wanted it at some point so they understand the allure and can help him work through it.

Imteratng that Hyde actually understands the concept of love versus obsession. Jekyll however has not even stopped to think of Snow’s love for her children. Just separating her from them and leaving them without a parent. He is a real sicko. Thinking that removing Charming would make Snow want to be with him and not her children. And now he’s so strong. Thinking that is all he needs. And the tormenting in her dreams has gone beyond creepy. I cannot wait for Snow to best him.

The scene where Snowing talk about the events of Heartless was very sweet. The dream was super scary with Jekyll getting ready to rape her in her dreams.

I like the use of the poppy for Robin and Roland. Whale is a jerk as usual. But at least he was curious enough professionally to agree to help them. What Rumple did was even worse than canon. He is sanctioning rape. I hope Belle kicks him to the curb. And I cannot believe Neal will be too happy with his selling out Henry’s family.
sexystarwarslover chapter 139 . 7/10
YAY! ROBIN AND ROLAND GOT THEIR MEMORIES BACK! a happy ending to a thrilling chapter!
"You did it" - yes she did!
uh Leo you sure you want your parents to know what you did
here here David! Jekell is dangerous and he could have killed you Leo
Bloody hell - I second that Killian!
*shivers* snakes still freak me out! I am on Snow and Eva's side keep that away from e
final battle getting nervous once more
UGH Jekell is watching again! creepy!
your ally is long gone! she's a snake!
he wanted to side with the Black Fairy and then reason with her and control Snow with magic hell no!
Hyde! do not side with him he will get you killed!
Keep telling yourself that Jekell you monster!
OH MY GOD I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!you monster! How could he do that to Hyde!
ooooh love me some Snowing time!
sometimes I forget even in the show that Snow and David share a heart and it makes me love them even more
YES HE WAS THERE aw Wilby I remember when Snow first saw Wilby in this story there was a tease there about the woodcutter part
uh oh dream time!
ugh stop staring you creep!
oooh Charming in his leather garb back in those leather pants *heart eyes*
let him go Jekell - NOT LIKIN THIS DREAM!
now how can they stop him
ooooh loving James and Aphrodite even more
No! the Black fairy!
you are NOT Ero's mother Fiona!
oooh I remember the poppies
Dr Whale - always being a womaniser
Ha! he wasn't in surgery the bugger1
"put the mad in scientist" good one Whale!
this is no time to admire his handiwork Whale!
oh god he's going to have Gold unwillingly help
oh you bastard!
aw Roland he is so precious
ugh Regina doesn't deserve this damn you Zelena and the EQ
thank you Aphrodite for helping get the memories back I remember that in 6x17 that was. VERY good flashback - okay that was cause in the show it was Snowing!
ugh jealous Zelena strikes again
you were manipulated? do you hear yourself?
I like the sound of that Regina win the final battle and peace
TimeLord27 chapter 139 . 7/9
Another great chapter. I was not expecting Jekyll to be beat Hyde. I have really enjoyed their interactions in your story. I'm glad Roland and Robin got their memories back and that Robin is giving Zelena a second chance.
Number Ten chapter 139 . 7/8
The poppies are helping, and Robin and Roland remember. I felt so happy when he called her "Mommy" again. Zelena's speech is admirable and while it will take time, forgiveness will come. I knew Aphrodite and James would get together. Jekyll is certainly scary right now!
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