Reviews for Finding You Always
Number Ten chapter 123 . 3/18
Mulan insead of Dorthy for Ruby. Huh? Never thought of it that way
fantasylover4evr chapter 123 . 3/19
Oh my gosh, this is almost too much. Does James have a little crush on the Goddess?
Austenphile chapter 123 . 3/19
What a great start! Josh singing (fans myself as I agree with Ginny that it is a big turn on) and so sweet Charming is singing to his babies. I like the use of alternate realms and how you explained them. And it ties nicely with Henry’s comments about multiple storybooks as well as all the different versions of fairytales we know.

Jekyll is really creepy. Snow would be wise to stay clear. He reminds me of the Phantom and I could see him kidnapping someone. Snowing really have attracted the crazy stalkers in this series.

James and Aphrodite? Interesting. And I am curious to find out about her son.

Facilier and Cecily are rather an interesting combination also.

And I am glad you wrapped up Guin and Lancelot. They needed a happy ending. Red going back with Mulan made so much more sense than just deciding to go for no reason during Neal’s naming ceremony. That was just random. I guess the timeline change by Emma/Hook led to that as well as anything else prior to that time that did not make sense with previous seasons like Lily etc.

Off topic, but there was an adorable post on Bailee Madison’s Instagram of her niece. It made me think of Eva and Summer. :)
onceuponatime1005 chapter 123 . 3/19
i love this chapter and i fell like you are going to pair James with Aphrodite
BooksinMyDreams chapter 123 . 3/19
Great chapter. Thank you.
baratta.jennifer chapter 123 . 3/18
And trouble ensures with more trouble than ever before
sexystarwarslover chapter 122 . 3/14
boy oh boy Angela is not going to be able to believe her eyes when she goes into that room
HA Hades IS a diva!
I'm afraid I'm on Rumple's side about Zelena - she's always going to be bitter!
ooh I like that Aphrodite went in there first
oh shut up Zelena, see bitter!
and she's telling the truth and can't do what Regina's done and forgive!
Paul knew before everyone about Aphrodite's baby wonder wha Rumple thought
"Idiots" Snow and Charming o*prepares to defend* oh they are not!
WOW James went to her side did not see that!
"wanker" Clayton thank you! well said Killian!
Emma, Leo and Eva not surprised about Dr Jekell
"Rumple's familiar gesture" saw it in my head love it!
Protective Charming!
Rose? what's that about? I need more of this!
oooh Leo's getting protective of his parents too
and Jekell's story is to be continued
and mr Hyde won't be too far behind!
But not for long and watch out for the serum Regina
HE'S IN CHARGE OF STORYBROOKE! nervous but can't wait for more
I second that David, LIKE hell he will!
Go Snow and Charming
WHOA! this is turning into quite the blood bath
*dances* Hades is dead! hooray! rein of tyranny over!
Boo hoo Zelena
WHOA! she used the serum on Regina should have seen it coming but still shocked me
This is not going to be pretty!
Emma and Leo protective of their parents
Do it Regina! crush the heart!
"they stay out of my sight" *scoffs* is she for real? it's a small town Zelena!
Go Aphrodite!
Yeah how about in a padded cell!
Nick, Angela, I think that was the right decision
oh god that's not good Cecily is on her way! damn Clayton won't be in a cell for long :(
crazy night indeed you said it Nick!
uh oh she's not dead!
oh no she' got their hearts and they're going to Storybrooke
First Cecily now the Evil Queen with Nick and Angela and with Hyde there OH BOY!
Austenphile chapter 122 . 3/14
Great chapter. And grat intro to your new arc. So Rose is Snow’s sister? AU personality? Evil half? And did Jekyll mean James or a third person who looks like Charming? A triplet? Clone? AU? Fandral?

So Zelena finally made the right choice. Sort of. I suspect like the canon events, shr will be drawn to the EQ.

Can’t wait to see where you take it.
TimeLord27 chapter 122 . 3/12
What a finale. I enjoyed and liked it much more than the one in the show. I really enjoyed the intraction between Hades and his sister. Thanks for giving Hades a backstory and fleshing out his character more and including Greek mythology as well. The Queen is back! I'm really looking forward to seeing what your version of the Evil Queen serum is planning as well as Hyde now that he is in charge of Storybrooke. I'm happy that Robin is still alive and that Regina and Zelena are sisters once again. I'm also interested in what the Evil Queen will do now that Zelena has chosen Regina over the Evil Queen. Great chapter can't wait for more!
izzypirelli chapter 122 . 3/14
Wow, this chapter certainly had me on the edge of my seat. Good riddance, Hades is gone and it's the Collector's turn to wear the chains.
I love how you have brought James back to give him a second chance - he seems to be quite concerned for Aphrodite's wellbeing (an intriguing pairing).
Josh Dallas played both David/Charming and James so well - At least in FanFiction world we get Charming Brothers goodness beyond one episode.
Snow and Charming experienced so much loss in their youth and I love the big family you have build around them through their children and friendships.
Keen to see what you have in store for your Season 6.
Number Ten chapter 122 . 3/11
Great chapter! The battle rages on. You forgot the iconic line of "The Queen... is back." Now Nick and Angela are caught up in this... Glad it was Hades and not Robin who was hit
Guest chapter 122 . 3/11
I might need some re-reading, what chapter did Regina and Robin get married in?
onceuponatime1005 chapter 122 . 3/12
aghhhhhhhh the evil half oh no! i cant wait for more chapters to come
beth1980 chapter 122 . 3/12
On a previous chapter I forgot to mention. As much as I despise Captain Hook I couldn't help laughing because he does have better teeth than Captain Jack Sparrow. Lol. I completely forgot that George was a vegetable right now. Although in my defense this story is very long & as much as I would like to I don't have time to reread it every week. Angela and Nick crack me up. I agree with Killian' s first reaction to Clayton. Wish I could say I was sorry about Hades demise but I can't. Interesting twist with Regina not voluntarily separating from the Evil Queen. I never actually heard the story of Rose Red so I am looking forward to that. Nice to see despite how he was raised James is a gentleman. I thought for a minute the Evil Queen was going to kill Nick and Angela. Very glad she didn't. Later.
fantasylover4evr chapter 122 . 3/11
Oh my gosh, Evil Queen is back! Not good. Glad Hades is dead. Hope Zelena is really turning a new leaf.
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