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246vili chapter 6 . 6/17
While it was cool to see Jaune's more... awesome side when he put Cardin to his place, but the blonde fool doesn't realise just what have he unleashed upon himself.
A turned on and turned down Cinder is not a happy Cinder.
Knight chapter 1 . 6/4
did i just cry from a fanfic? no no i surely didn't.. wait why is there rain on my face when i'm indoors?
VISecondsRapGod chapter 19 . 5/29
Have you ever though about a Cinder x Jaune story where the opposite happens? Like instead of Jaune converting Cinder to the side of good how about a story where Cinder leads Jaune to the dark side and they find true love that way?

Jordan peterson has a couple videos on why people should incorporate their dark side so to speak. I think thats what Jaune needs as a person. Maybe through her he finds a way to be a more complete person because she would allow him to incorporate his darkness.

Go check out petersons video - "developing your inner psychopath" and his other video "why you shouldn't be the nice guy".
overtoast chapter 11 . 5/13
Isn't this supposed to be an au? If it is, then why is cinder still fucking MURDERING pyyrha? You don't gotta do a girl dirty like that man
AkaiKamiRyu chapter 19 . 4/24
I loved this. I love you writing style. this the second story (technically 3rd. but you are still working on Service with a Smile) Great job all around.
Guest chapter 19 . 4/15
Second story of yours I've read (One Good Turn was the first) and I wouldn't have given a snowball's chance in hell for either of the pairings, yet you make them work. Can't say I'll agree with all of your plot decisions, but you're still a darn good writer, and I'd go along with any plot you dream up; the writing and justification is just too good not to.
Bergholt Stuttley Johnson chapter 1 . 4/14
I came here from Lords Among the Ashes quest and find this perfect.
GMOSkeeFan1912 chapter 1 . 4/2
Almost forgot. Another cool thing to do with Jaune's powers in the future is the trope Submission.

You can look up Submission on the superpower wiki. This trope is pretty common with people with large amounts of energy. They possess such vast amounts of energy that merely releasing it is enough to make their opponents submit, give up or even pass out.

We see this this in characters Like Shanks from One Piece, Gildarts(the rip off version of shanks) from fairy fail, and Jiren from DBS.




I can actually imagine Juane becoming someone like Shanks in the future. It won't happen of course but it's fun to think about.
GMOSkeeFAN1912 chapter 11 . 4/2
One last thing. The biggest problem I see with Jaune combat wise is not his lack of skill. It's coddling. Coddling from his friends, his previous home life and even the current system of fighting beacon has set up for him. When going back to his roots it's not hard to see why he is this way. He's lived a life surrounded by females who likely only served to nurture and protect him. Because of this Jaune has never experienced real struggle and strive and his friends desire to protect him only exacerbates this problem. It's commonly said that struggle builds character and thats about as accurate as it gets. It is only by experiencing real strife and pain that human beings can grow. It forces us to dig deep and find the power within to overcome our struggles. Jaune has never been exposed to this. The school system further limits him by labeling any fight that goes below 10% a defeat even though it's far more likely that Jaune can continue to fight well past that limit thanks to his frequently hinted at massive aura reserves. He needs to experience real life or death combat without his allies to help him. He needs to be beaten to a bloody pulp within an inch of his life and then find the power to stand despite that. If Jaune had a little more of that then I think theres no doubt he'd surpass any of his friends including team RWBY. I imagine it to be something like the determinator trope commonly seen in shounen where the protagonist will often refuse to go down despite taking what would normally be considered lethal blows. This makes even more sense given Juane's massive aura and aura's ability to heal. With his semblance constantly reigniting his aura he can keep healing his wounds at a much faster rate than normal people allowing him to fight nearly endlessly. But because the school system has rules to keep him safe(i.e. coddling) he'll never know the depth of his own power or what he's truly capable of. It takes immense pressure to create a diamond and without that pressure Jaunce isn't going to reach his full potential. The biggest example of this off the top of my head is Roronoa Zoro vs Daz Bones from One Piece. Watch that fight to see what I'm talking about. Thats what Jaune needs.
hillycube chapter 19 . 4/2
God damn, why is it always your stories that get me so interested. Thanks for the good read and heart-wrenching end. Was good. 11/10
GMOSKeeFAN1912 chapter 19 . 4/1
This was a brilliant read. That ending. Just WOW. That was powerful. I've always felt tht out of all Jauane's potential partners Cinder would be the most interesting. Vastly moreso than Pyrra or Ruby. Looking forward to your next work. A Jaune Harem would be nice. Hoping you've got one of those in the works.

Ever thinking about getting into Shokugeki no Soma, The Promised Neverland, One Piece, or My Hero Academia?

You'd make great stories from each of them imo.
GMOSkeeFAN1912 chapter 4 . 3/31
Love the way you handle sex. I've never realized it before but this is much better than going into detail. It's clear simple and to the point.
RandomShtScinceWhenever chapter 11 . 3/13
Poor Pyrrha. An Cinder just leading Jaune into hurting her like that... Absolutely brutal. I'm also kinda mad at Jaune for not realising that say such a thing would hurt, but then as you pointed out in Service with a Smile, he's kinda socially awkward, so... What'cha gonna do?
RandomShtScinceWhenever chapter 7 . 3/13
Guest review because has logged me out for whatever reason... Anyways-

Jaune managed to ignore her! Cinder got played. You go, Jaune!
RandomShtScinceWhenever chapter 2 . 3/8
Poor Jaune... It's like a cat with a mouse.

Also, that joke conspiracy could make for an amazing crack/humour fic, depending on how you wrote it. I would certainly read it, just for the sheer entertainment value that would bring. Maybe there could even be a Darth Vader "I am your father" scene.
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