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Bigwolfwings chapter 19 . 6/10/2020
Every time I read this it just get even more sad every time. Very good story!
Guest chapter 19 . 5/31/2020
The story was great. Out of all the very few Jaune and Cinder stories there are, this one is the most realistic, heart warming, and tragedy story.
Pandanator333 chapter 19 . 5/31/2020
Absolutely fantastic! This was my second read through of this fic and I'm just as impressed as when I first read it. Weirdly enough, I think it had more of an effect on me on my second read, even though I knew what was going to happen.

The use of Cinder as the protagonist, as well as the unreliable narrator in this is just incredible, and truly makes this story shine. Cinder's characterization was wonderful - I love the way you write her (if only she was this great in the actual show.. *sigh*).

I loved many, many things about this one, Coeur, and I'd say it's definitely become my favorite work of yours. Again, amazing job with this one.
elglyphis chapter 19 . 5/27/2020
you made me cry. i hope you're happy
i stayed up literally all night reading this, it's 7 am now and i don't even regret it that much
this was... really fucking good.
Guest chapter 19 . 5/25/2020
Damn good story, just read all the chapters.
Guest chapter 19 . 5/25/2020
I really wish this got a one shot follow up to see how future events would play out and see Jaune reaction to Salem.
Guest chapter 6 . 5/23/2020
Ha! She got blue-balled!
Guest chapter 19 . 5/23/2020
Love this story so much.
Guest chapter 19 . 5/14/2020
Good story
Guest chapter 19 . 5/6/2020
Great story, made me cry.
Crusada de Lata chapter 19 . 4/23/2020
Great as always, my heart is shattered but that was a damn good story
Veraq chapter 19 . 3/2/2020
I didn't think you'd have the balls to write an ending like that and I'm glad to be disappointed. It never felt to me like Cinder would waver in her plans until the very last moment, when she actually kills Amber, even though I'm pretty cynical about any important character ever being in genuine danger.
I hate it, when bad guys turn good and all the mass murdering and evil deeds are just forgiven because they're good now or the story bends over backwards for a happy ending. Cinder isn't really someone for happy endings and having her die, sacrificing her life and her ambitions not only underlines how much she has changed, but also makes the ending much more emotional, satisfying, and above all powerful.

In some sense, this whole story was a battle between Cinder's lies and Jaune's honesty, which Jaune ultimately wins. At first, Cinder tries to deceive Jaune into thinking she has real feelings for him and succeeds. Then she tries to deceive herself into thinking that she has no feelings for Jaune and succeeds, until her being around Jaune breaks down that self deception. In the end she tries to deceive Jaune into hating her, with the complete opposite motivations of her first deception, and fails.

I guess in the end, the morale of this story is that the dick is mightier than the sword.

There are some villains that are just evil for the sake of it, but those villains are often happy with their villainy or revel in the chaos caused by their actions. Maybe the show just didn't develop her character enough, but RWBY Cinder doesn't seem happy at all and therefore isn't a good "evil for the sake of it" character. Roman fits that archetype much better.

Anyway there are many good things in this story. I like Cinder as protagonist, she has quite a few adorable and even funny moments when she is utterly blind to how her actions and words contradict each other, enabled by her role as unreliable narrator. Jaune is still his normal and weak self, but in this story, he doesn't come over as lame or pathetic, but strong in his own right, his perceptiveness and maturity, as well as his acceptance of his feelings at the end, make him a character that deserves respect. The romance is new and creative. The ending is beautiful.
In the end, I can only say, great job, and this is my new favorite story of yours.
Veraq chapter 16 . 3/1/2020
I think the main reason there are so many canon pairings that are boring/predictable is that many authors default to them if they're unmotivated or uninterested in putting much work or because they just like it when the characters instantly fall for one another.
On the other hand, more uncommon pairings may provide more inspiration and are easier to be creative with, however I think that if an author puts the same work and creativity into a canon pairing as they put into an uncommon pairing, they'd get just as good a story.
RWBY was for me always more style than substance and if you change a few things, for example Jaune asks her for an autograph (for one of his sisters, for example) the first time they meet and Pyrrha makes some other friends who see her for herself, there is almost nothing left of the canon pairing and the dynamic changes completely.

The other side of the coin could be a story that takes the canon pairing and looks at the major problems, they'd have to overcome to make the relationship actually work, for example Jaune finding that Pyrrha focuses far too much on him, spending most of her time alone when not with him, and that she is far too submissive towards him, which is fine in the bedroom, but a problem when she doesn't express herself and her opinions in normal life because she wants to support and agree with Jaune.

Poor Cinder. I have so say, though, I'm glad that she doesn't just fold and give in to the power of love and stop all of her plans just like this.
Veraq chapter 12 . 3/1/2020
It would be hilarious if all of that advice, Cinder just gave to Jaune, comes back to bite her later in the story and even better, if Cinder then recognizes what that he is doing exactly what she told him.

Having Cinder and Jaune's relationship start carnal and slowly develop towards actual feelings is a nice change of pace. I like, how you show Cinder's developing feelings for Jaune in her actions and reactions, rather than her thoughts towards him. I'm completely certain, Cinder would never have given up control to Jaune, much less enjoyed it, ten chapters ago.
On the note of lemons, you could just cross-post them on another account or a site like ao3 (archiveofourown), which is in my experience a bit smaller than this site, but works better in many aspects and also has (as far as I know) far fewer restrictions on stories.
Veraq chapter 11 . 3/1/2020
Cinder just verbally vaporized poor Pyrrha.
Btw, did you notice the little nods to Pyrrha in the s7 opening?

You tend to mention how Pyrrha couldn't win against a grown huntsman because she lacks age and experience. I'm not sure Pyrrha could win, but most huntsmen mainly fight against grimm, which requires a drastically different skillset compared to fighting against other huntsmen. For example, a certain kind of grimm will always have the same weaknesses, often react similarly to similar stimuli, fighting grimm favors heavy hits that do plenty of damage and doesn't require much thinking as any huntsman will only have to learn how to fight a certain kind of grimm once.
Compared to fighting against grimm, battling other huntsmen, on the other hand, requires far more technical ability, the ability to faint and recognize faints, being able to analyze and adapt to an opponent's fighting style, anticipating their moves and being wary of surprises.
Most huntsmen fight mainly against grimm (and I don't really get the reason behind combat class) and therefore have no reason to spend a significant amount of time improving their combat abilities against huntsmen. On the other hand, tournament fighters like Pyrrha have a style that is meant to be used against other huntsmen and lots of practice with as well as a good understanding of fighting huntsmen opponents.

I also think Pyrrha would naturally adapt the way she fights to avoid situations like Jaune anticipating her attacks. Considering she is an undefeated tournament fighter, I don't doubt that there were plenty of opponents who spent a significant amount of time analyzing Pyrrha's fighting style and training to overcome it. In that regard, Pyrrha, due to her experience as a tournament fighter (which means she fought plenty of different people, some of them no doubt with some sort of preparation meant to specifically counter Pyrrha), should also be able to give better advice on how to overcome someone like Ruby instead of Cinder's "lose the dule, win the battle" talk.

After reading this much of Cinder's perspective, I can say, I love her as a protagonist. She is quite close to my favorite protagonist ever, in the sense that he is in the situation of being surrounded by people stronger than him and achieves his goals through social connections, preparations, and clever planning, while also being socially perceptive and understanding other people's character flaws and using them, instead of utilizing brute force. Cinder is very similar here, as she is powerful but can't use that power for fear of exposing her loyalties to Ozpin. I especially like Cinder's proactive and strategic approach to problem solving.

It's also quite funny how Cinder is usually so strong and in control, just before Jaune rolls a metaphysical nat 20 and does something that drives her insane.
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