Reviews for What's In A Name
JTrev1ll1an chapter 171 . 9/25
I started reading this story long after you finished it. I'm perfectly happy with how long it is. Enjoying it greatly.
sasans chapter 216 . 8/31
After reading the prior chapter I was not sure how there was only one chapter left but of course you handled it the same great way you always seem to. Apparently the very act of Martha requesting a meeting with Kate proved to Rick she was serious in fixing their relationship. The Dr. Burke conclusion was also done quite well. I liked near the end that Kate realized more of her clothes and shoes were at the Loft that at her apartment and she made the decision to move in with him on the same day he had planned on asking her to. The epilogue was short, simple and perfect. Thank you so much for your story. It took a while but I have enjoyed spending time with it. I had been meaning to read it for some time.
sasans chapter 215 . 8/30
I hope Kate's conversation with Martha helps her think of a way to show her son she loves him and to continue to fix things. Will Kate reveal to O'Leary and Rick that she had a meeting with Martha? Since I know I only have one more chapter to go I can't help but hope for a solution for Rick, Alexis and Martha especially and for Kate to become more at ease with her. I'll see soon I hope.
sasans chapter 214 . 8/30
Very good chapter. I was not expecting Martha to call Kate and she wasn't either. I hope it goes well enough.
sasans chapter 213 . 8/29
This again was a very difficult chapter but overall I believe it is finally well on the way to being settled in time. Rick has listed his boundaries and Martha also wants this to be fixed. Kate is definitely his rock. Very good.
sasans chapter 212 . 8/28
A very difficult chapter to be sure but very well written. It explains a lot about Martha and how insecure she is because of her past. Rick has been judgemental about her in the past but mainly because he did not have the whole story since she was trying to protect him. So many mistakes made. It is however good to see how far Kate has come and how completely devoted she is to Rick and his emotional well being.
sasans chapter 211 . 8/28
Very good chapter. Of course Kate would notice that Dr. Burke had one of Rick's books. (He also has "Sorry" but they don't know that fact). Presenting his full collection of books seems a bit mean especially including his least famous one but Actually Dr. Burke may appreciate not having to buy the rest of his books. I feel really bad that Martha looks so haggard. I can tell the story she is telling is a very difficult one.
sasans chapter 210 . 8/27
Very good chapter. I'm glad Rick made sure Alexis behaved properly to her Grandmother. I am also glad Kate finally got her killer.
sasans chapter 209 . 8/27
Very good chapter. I'm glad Kate spoke to Jim about Martha. I know Martha has not handled herself well around Kate but I expect/hope she will apologize for that. It would be best for Kate to get along with her, if possible, since she is so important to Rick and will be their children's grandmother in the future. It makes ii very difficult to have tension in a family when people don't at least make an effort with each other.
sasans chapter 208 . 8/26
Very good chapter again. So, Cedric just wants to study Ryan. Even so I'm sure that is not what Ryan wants but they all had quite a bit of fun with that. Eventually Kate will need to learn how to deal with Martha but the party was not the place.
sasans chapter 207 . 8/26
Good thing Rick and O'Leary definitely had Kate's back. Hopefully Martha won't try to get to her again. The scene with Ryan escaping the he/she was funny. Very good chapter.
sasans chapter 206 . 8/25
Very good chapter. I hope Perlmutter does have something useful for their case.
sasans chapter 205 . 8/25
Very good chapter. Kate is never to far away from her case. I'm glad dinner seems t have gone well.
sasans chapter 204 . 8/25
Good session with Dr. Burke and I am not surprised he didn't care for Rick's suggestion he speak to Martha. Hopefully their murder will not interfere with dinner the next evening.
sasans chapter 203 . 8/24
Very good chapter. Kate and Jim are good. Rick has suggested a dinner at the loft with Jim, Kate, Alexis and himself for Thurs. It will hopefully go okay as will their time with Dr. Burke.
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