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ClaraBow51 chapter 36 . 1/9
For as brash as Lanie can be she is trying to give Kate some tough love but she isn't fully ready to deal with it. Her being Kat is only putting a band-aid on it, she's trying to express herself more but then she stumbles and she puts up another wall.

I'm relieved Jim is noticing the cracks in her facade. Cleary calling her out on it doesn't seem to be working and it's difficult when he knows he's the source of the problem. He seems to be doing well to me, but I do understand Kate can't get out of that mind frame.
Now she handles him like he's a porcelain doll this entire time but now she is somewhat comfortable with him basically being a sponsor to Julia?!
Give Julia advice, give her numbers for support groups like Al-Anon and let her call if she feels totally lost. But if Jim decides he is comfortable with it that's fine but Kate being reasonably comfortable with the idea came out of nowhere.
ClaraBow51 chapter 31 . 1/9
Well we got a wee bit of Castle's fears/issues with abandonment. So I guess nothing to do with his mother? His action seemed a bit severe for him thinking about an absent father and (let's be honest) a skank ex-wife, who probably more than hinted she was trash.

I'm glad they sort of cleared things up but I am concerned with what on earth could be worse. Not to downplay it but every thing you mentioned seems to be (unfortunately) normal for dealing with an alcoholic family member, she did all she could. Did she cover something up for him? I hope Jim didn't do some thing terrible to Kate that would beyond detrimental.
I'm curious why he invited her over to talk about the law firm and then basically shut down. Was it because Castle sticks to her like a Siamese twin and he thought better of it when he saw him?
ClaraBow51 chapter 23 . 1/8
Well Kate spit out hateful words as well but I wish she would have been more clear why she can't be around him and his daughter but thank the heavens Castle figured it out.
I know he cares for her but damn he is pushy to the point of sickening, let her calm down for a day about it.

I found it interesting that you mentioned how he will rationalize why people do or say hurtful thing to him. It's his way of dealing (or not) with things that he so badly wants but it's out of his control. His life seems to be more in order than Beckett but he also has skeletons in his closet.
ClaraBow51 chapter 19 . 1/8
Well that turned ugly pretty damn fast. I guess I can understand why Cast!e would think Kate gives her dad the brush off or makes him second best in her life which seems to be a theme for his negative thoughts.
He has no right to say that to her but I am glad she didn't slap him. They still don't know each other but I feel like they just took 10 steps back. I really hope Jim didn't hear any of it, but how could he not.

Now back to Castle... I'm guessing his feeling of "second best" and lousy childhood stems from his mother? I felt like that was coming but my guesses have been dreadful. Does it have to do with her putting her "acting" before him or is it his built up resentment of the menagerie of men she paraded around him. Or that's how I imagined his early childhood.
ClaraBow51 chapter 16 . 1/8
Kate took bits and pieces of their argument and didn't really hear him say he was blatantly aware she was uncomfortable in the loft. And took him saying he isn't looking for a booty call as to meaning he doesn't want her at all. Sighhh, I need to bang my head against the wall with these two.
She is constantly snippy over any little thing and he bottles it and bottles it until he explodes about things that happened weeks ago. Of course he would be upset if he thought she didn't like Alexis but it's not really the case she is so out of her element but she is trying but its mixed with the feeling of not being able to ever go back to that relationship with her father.

I rather enjoy a snippy Castle and even though it wasn't truly warranted, I enjoyed his annoyance with Alexis (But that's my issues with annoying canon Alexis)

I have to admit I was pissed he intruded on that meeting about the lady's alcoholic husband. He was so busy trying to butt in he didn't realize the warning signs she was giving him. I guess she accepted his apology easily because he accepted hers?
ClaraBow51 chapter 12 . 1/7
I find it to be very understandable that she has some level a longing mixed with resentment watching Castle with his daughter. I think he would understand her jumbled, negative thoughts when she decides to confide in him about that. For all of his faults, judgemental isn't one of them. I like that he's challenging her while trying to ease her pain even if he doesn't quite know the cause of it. It is one of the perks of writing an S1 or 2 of the Castle character he was always a people pleaser but spoke his mind if he felt wronged. Later on (to me) he became a doormat.

I rather liked Beckett's unlocked memories of the mince pies. It's interesting how the mind copes or shuts down when it can't handle a situation.
There are many sad trips down memory lane with her dad passing out in his vomit and opening his gifts early being too drunk to understand. Poor, poor Beckett

I actually said, "Oh shit" when she mentioned never having an upset stomach. She got caught in her lie.
ClaraBow51 chapter 6 . 1/7
I must admit if I even get the slightest whiff of a board game coming out, I am leaving lol. Why the game Sorry? I always thought that was for kids but I think my brain is mixing it with Mouse Trap :-D

I have to keep telling myself they are so new to each other and I'm so used to writers plopping Beckett's issues in S3 or 4 when Castle can handle her better. But he is seeing a softer side to her that she seems to hide or forbids it come out deeming herself unworthy.

I'm actually a few chapters past this but I am mainly going back to say how sadly accurate it was with her feelings of how she wasn't burdened with her intrusive thoughts and feelings for once and didn't want to taint her own personal game with work. It's so accurate when your brain is nonstop thinking of terrible things and you get break that relief and she allowed herself just to be. Easier said than done but she had some peace for a little while.

For how closed off Beckett thinks she is, the ability is still there to pick up on things through being curt or standoffish, also gives Castle red flags and information to what she is rightfully so withholding (for now). But I'm glad he grasped it and tried to keep her positive. She needs that the most.
ClaraBow51 chapter 4 . 1/6
I told myself I would review about every 10 chapters or so but here I am reviewing early. I'm actually stunned she slept with him so fast but it's the only kind of comfort she seems comfortable receiving/deserving for a long period of time.
Not that her mom's murder wasn't detrimental to her but her father's alcohol use was equally if not more damaging. It was briefly mentioned in canon that he was recovering alcoholic and she sought therapy (probably for both issues.) But it was never delved into how it molded Kate and she makes me feel so sorry for her but totally understandable with how she seems stuck in that time frame of hell. I was hoping she was going to confide in why she knew that guy had a drinking problem but it's too soon.

I understand her hesitation with meddling Castle but he's has the best of intentions and he seems to be figuring it out anyway. the Christmas shopping isn't going to go well, I can feel it and double the nervous why this is so long.

Btw: hilarious that Castle was thinking of getting wrinkle cream for Martha as a gag in her stocking :-D
Jen5225 chapter 216 . 7/23/2022
This is truly a lovely story. I enjoyed it very much. I am the adult child of an alcoholic, so I could easily relate to a lot of this.

In thinking more about the show and your story, there were two separate parts of Kate's trauma. The first was her mother's murder and then her father's abandonment in his alcoholism. The show focused on the murder and glossed over her dad's situation and how it affected her. I would have liked to see a bit more on how she coped with those years before her dad got sober, though I understand why they didn't have the time to devote to it.

I loved seeing Dr. Burke again.
SrMacrina chapter 216 . 6/10/2021
Really, really worth the effort.
SrMacrina chapter 173 . 6/7/2021
Re your oven comment. Today in US, microwave is most common above the stove, but the double oven range is becoming more and more common so that you can have two ovens beneath the cooktop and still have the microwave above. I very much miss my double oven stove from my last home. It was nice to only have to heat the smaller oven most of the time.

Oh, and still very much enjoying the story. The it's, of course, far too short.
SrMacrina chapter 79 . 6/1/2021
So, when I first started this story, I thought, "216 CHAPTERS! What the hell can she need 216 chapters for?" However, I have hung on to chapter 70 so far and am still dedicated to getting to the end so obviously the author is doing something rather well. I'm deeply into this story.
JTrev1ll1an chapter 216 . 10/1/2020
Amazing story! It's taken me at least two weeks to read. Enjoyed all of it! I know the show is done but I hope you keep writing. Thank you.
JTrev1ll1an chapter 171 . 9/25/2020
I started reading this story long after you finished it. I'm perfectly happy with how long it is. Enjoying it greatly.
sasans chapter 216 . 8/31/2020
After reading the prior chapter I was not sure how there was only one chapter left but of course you handled it the same great way you always seem to. Apparently the very act of Martha requesting a meeting with Kate proved to Rick she was serious in fixing their relationship. The Dr. Burke conclusion was also done quite well. I liked near the end that Kate realized more of her clothes and shoes were at the Loft that at her apartment and she made the decision to move in with him on the same day he had planned on asking her to. The epilogue was short, simple and perfect. Thank you so much for your story. It took a while but I have enjoyed spending time with it. I had been meaning to read it for some time.
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