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liviafan1 chapter 12 . 9/29/2017
Leave it to Alexis. Not that it isn't warranted...but still. Leave it to Alexis.

(Un)related, but I have never used a bath bomb. A friend of mine just sent me a couple, but I have yet to try them! (wow, so random, Liv. No one cares)
liviafan1 chapter 11 . 9/29/2017
The divorce papers are gone!

Remember when Castle babies were a pipe dream and then we somehow got them? (Still wish that finale had gone down way differently but at least we had that, I guess.)
liviafan1 chapter 10 . 9/29/2017
YES. She's coming home!

So I think that all of your writing is pretty much brilliant, but I particularly love these raw, emotional and incredibly powerful scenes that you write like this one here.
liviafan1 chapter 9 . 9/29/2017
A scarf! I wish it was fall. It is still so hot down here in Nashville...ahem, I digress.

CHRISTMAS. The best time of year. I hope he asks her to move in soon.
liviafan1 chapter 8 . 9/29/2017
Him carrying her to their bed after so much time apart is heartbreaking - and then the way she just breaks down when she seems him laying there next to her. I just want them to love each other.
liviafan1 chapter 7 . 9/29/2017
Ohhh they fell asleep on the phone together. Damn, just stick a fork in me because I am DONE. So sweet.

HOKAY, Vikram can leave. Here's a door:

liviafan1 chapter 6 . 9/29/2017
Papa Becks! As a fellow fan of Absentia, let me just tell you how incredibly weird it was to see someone else play a father of Stana Katic's character. It was very unsettling and I kept thinking, "Um, who is this impostor?"

This last scene is also one I would've loved to have seen. Just quiet comfort. It's perfect.
liviafan1 chapter 5 . 9/29/2017
Hahahaha. I love when Ryan and Espo are offended. Makes for some of the funniest moments in the show and in fic.

FRENCH FRIES NOW? Ugh, hungry.

Vikram is the worst, seriously. Was not a fan of that addition to the show. Or much of season 8, really...but you know. That's a whole 'nother story...
liviafan1 chapter 4 . 9/29/2017
It's 11:30 here and now I want lasagna, so thanks for that.

Ugh, BLACK coffee. I cannot. More stabs in the feels.
liviafan1 chapter 3 . 9/29/2017
I wish we had gotten more dates in the show.

Also I can't believe how much time has passed - I know this is set just a tad in the future, but still blows my mind that their first "Angelika date" was 6 years ago.
liviafan1 chapter 2 . 9/29/2017
OH man, the beginning of this slays me so. The fact that she doesn't recognize the loft? Just tear my heart in two pieces.

I feel weird saying this, but I love how human Kate is. I feel like readers (from my perspective) have always been so hard on her and the mistakes she's made, but at the end of the day, she's just a human. I love that you aren't afraid to lean into that.
liviafan1 chapter 1 . 9/29/2017
Okay, so I have actually read this before (as I said - everything you've written, basically), but am going to review like I should've done the first time.

There is so much quiet aching in this, so much pain between them. And yet hope? I love the careful balance.
Tom Knutson chapter 16 . 6/27/2017
Guest chapter 16 . 3/6/2017
All I can say is WOW! I loved this story. I miss the characters so much. Thank you for bringing them back to life for me
AngelLonginus chapter 16 . 12/10/2016
This was a truly beautiful story as all of your stories usually are anyway. I loved that they renewed their vows. Thank you!
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