Reviews for Without Anesthesia
savedbygrace94 chapter 13 . 4/15
What a cool story idea! I love this AU! Can't wait for the next chapter!
Miraculousfan3 chapter 13 . 4/7
Please update this amazing story soon. (ε)
Pica Britanica chapter 13 . 3/23
This is such an interesting concept you have going on here. I like that you're tying in genuine events and people to the plot. Very nicely handled.
black neko hime chapter 13 . 2/15
We finally know what happened to Alix! Something tells me that if Alix doesn't get herself killed before the war ends, she and Kim will end up together.

Now for Adrien...

This story has me in my emotions.
black neko hime chapter 9 . 2/15
I am so hurt for Nathanael.
black neko hime chapter 3 . 2/15
Nathanael... that poor boy. All of those poor boys.
That definitely adds another layer to Adrien's refusal to be romantically entangled with Marinette. Did Nino overlook it?

This was beautifully written.
CeceTheFandimQue chapter 13 . 2/11
I love how accurate Alix’s character is. So much spunk!
TopBunkHaven chapter 13 . 2/13
I love this fic. Keep up the good work
Marianita-chan chapter 13 . 2/13
This story is simply incredible. Keep it up! Amazing job you have made here, is glorious.
xXxStrawberryAngelxXx chapter 13 . 2/11
Every time I see that you post a new chapter for this story I always wonder as I start reading it- “is Marinette and Adrien finally going to see each other again?”
“Is this the chapter there going to encounter one another?”

I love how this story is unfolding. Please keep up the good work. And that your time I know it hard sometimes to get out a new chapter that your completely satisfied with.

the4elementals chapter 1 . 2/11
Great update! I wondered where good ole Alix went off to, hopefully she'll be able to bounce back from this and get to see Kim again so he can propose. Thanks for posting!
Timber Wolf of Purity chapter 12 . 12/31/2017
This was well written, even though it’s so sad!
:( Good job. I could feel like I was there.

In Christ,
- Timber Wolf
Eurazba chapter 11 . 12/8/2017
So glad to see this story suddenly update again. The way you write is fantastic, and absolutely sucks me (and other readers too I can guess) into the story. The little details you write, the characterization of everyone, it really brings the story alive! Nataniel's backstory was particularly interesting though saddening as well. I hope to see more from this story and see how it goes!
12345678910 chapter 12 . 12/1/2017
I'm loving this story! I cant wait for the next chapter!
Guest chapter 12 . 11/30/2017
Usually I like to articulate my reviews so that they're equal parts praise, and equal parts commenting with perfect grammar and punctuation. However, NOT TODAY BITCH. Girl I am for real ready to post up wit you. Like how you gon kill ma boy for? Da hell did tomato child ever do you to you? You played him dirty and that was wrong, you wrong for dat man. Nd on mommas, if anyone else we know and love dies you finna catch these mutha fuckin hands. I am not playin wit you B. You got me feelin some typa way wit this fic, so much that I'm typing wit some heavy ass slang. Can you hear my angry clapping? You betta be invisoning this shit rn B, bc I am heated. BITCH I'm pressed...
Anyhow, I really have enjoyed your story thus far, despite the turns that happened. It is set during WWII, so I do understand the need for there to be deaths. Even if I am upset, lovely work, and I'm excited yo what you got coming up next. (kill one more gotdam person nd see what happens, u finna catch this fire bruh)
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