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Muraku chapter 1 . 3/23/2017
This reminds me of a sort of side story I think was called SAO Girls Ops.
Ace Kamishiro chapter 5 . 10/14/2016
the story had potential. not a fan of Denis fucking Sugu and Liz. best of luck, I'm out. Ace.
lxRav3nxl chapter 20 . 7/16/2016
I loved the story. Thanks for writing it. XD
lxRav3nxl chapter 7 . 7/15/2016
I got this eerie feeling that donis is one of the bad guys in this fic. I don't like him but I'm wandering if he is one of the gods or one of the people that come up in the last place and he turns out to be the last boss.
Caeoltoiri chapter 20 . 6/25/2016
Well, damn.. I came for the smut and stayed for the story, and what a story it was! Amazing read :)
Storm-Anime-FFWriter chapter 20 . 3/11/2016
It's sad that Leafa wasn't there to beat the monster. But everyone will fight for her, right?

Lol Sinon! The walking manual had no idea it wasn't legitimately added in the game. But hey, another priceless reaction.

xD Klein acts as if "running into Odin" is such a normal occurrence..

"throw the hacker in jail for fifty years." thank you Lisbeth!
"I guess we just both wanted a guy that we couldn't have." I know! They say SAO is harem, me, IDK, I just go on with it. And I feel bad that Lisbeth and the other girls falls in love with Kirito and ends up not having a partner at all. They just sit beside him and watch him snuggle all day with Asuna. So I understand why Lisbeth, Sinon and Leafa ended up being victims of Donis.

Well, it's good to know Lisbeth and Sinon are back on their feet. Although, I'm glad it doesn't seem like Sinon was affected much. Except that she's worried Lisbeth hated her for sleeping with Donis.

Whew, I'm also glad Sugu was able to recover. *laughs* I think you've butchered Leafa the most. But hey, a good one. I've finished it, didn't I? *laughs* 'Til next time!

Thanks for the fic _
Storm-Anime-FFWriter chapter 19 . 3/11/2016
Leafa.. I have no other words for you but I'm sure Kirito and the others will be right there for you.
LOL Klein you just have to keep coming, huh? "being a babe magnet totally worked against him"

Kirito's angry! You'll pay Donis! Or.. well.. your real name! "I'm gonna make you pay!"

Oh yeah, Lisbeth and Sinon is gonna kick Donis harder than he rocked them! But Sugu.. come on, you can do it! Please don't give up now! We'll beat Donis together! And *groans* how dare you Donis! This is the last straw! Sinon is better in bed! Err, well, I mean, how dare you say that to Leafa! *nervous chuckle* Donis used a spell on me, I didn't say that on purpose, Leafa, don't take it personally.

NOOOO! Leafa! Okay, okay, I take back what I said earlier, you're better in bed! Please don't die!

Wow Klein, lol! You know how to lighten up the mood! "That is one badass-looking santa"
Storm-Anime-FFWriter chapter 18 . 3/11/2016
"We're kicking his ass right now!" quoted from Sinon!
"I'm gonna cut the bas**** to shreds right now!" Woohoo! Kirito do as you wish!

*IM Donis* Well, *laughs* This is the end of you!

Noooooo, Leafa don't do this!
*laughs* "Leafa's fallen hard for that asshole" you got that right Lisbeth! We gotta find a way to open her eyes.
"He and I have slept together several times." good idea Sinon *laughs* It's not something to brag about but Leafa needs the TRUTH and the truth will SET HER FREE *laughs* and man! It worked Sinon! "All the color drained from Leafa's face". Good job, but.. I'm sorry Leafa if the truth hurts. And Lisbeth just had to pile up another painful truth. And Asuna had to add "practically every member of his guild" as a final touchdown.

Ouch. They're not really loved. But hey Lisbeth, congratulations for having a better role in Donis' evil plan than Sinon's *laughs*.

I like your guts Sinon. I hoped that arrow could've penetrated him. "I'm gonna make your death hurt like hell" yeah do that for Lisbeth. And Leafa. And me too.

LOL Klein! You finally made a scene that caught my attention! "guys like him gives guys like me a bad name".

xD Sinon's reaction to Donis' true identity. Oh come on, that was priceless, eh?
Storm-Anime-FFWriter chapter 17 . 3/11/2016
"We can kick Donis's ass" Yeah, love that phrase Kirito!

Darn it, that wench is back! Sinon, PK her again and make sure she gets a good beating so she'll never bother you anymore! Lisbeth, well, you got hurt but leave this to Sinon. *laughs* No personal attacks here Liz, just saying... *after the battle* And BAM! Selene goes down with an arrow in her body! Way the go Sinon! That's why you're my favorite! And LOL "You're not the only one who ended up with a special skill from sleeping with Donis" she sounds like she's proud of it but I'll let it slip!

*IM Selene* How's that, huh? PK'd twice by the same person and GOT AWAY WITH IT. *laughs*

xD Asuna's cute when Sinon offered she and Kirito try the ritual. Come on Asuna, I know you want to try it.

"I'll give him the beating he deserves!" give me five Kirito! Yeah!
Storm-Anime-FFWriter chapter 16 . 3/11/2016
LOL the aftermath of the horrible truth!

Man Kirito, I told you to do something. Now Lisbeth almost killed you IRL *laughs*. Aww, Sinon's really understanding. But hey, the whole cloak and invisible thing was cool. Use that and strike Donis while his back is turned!

Yeah Kirito, now's the time to take him down!

*IM Donis* BEWARE, Kirito's coming.
Storm-Anime-FFWriter chapter 15 . 3/11/2016
Darn it Donis was able to have a quick thing with Lisbeth before she finds out the truth! But hey, thank you Sinon for killing that wench!

Sinon, I plead you, do the same to Donis, please. Forgive me for being harsh on you on my fics just please kill Donis for me! Put holes in his body, shoot him with Hecate, I don't care what way *laughs*

Kirito *smacks him at the back of his head* quick make your move! The girls finally opened up their eyes!
Storm-Anime-FFWriter chapter 14 . 3/11/2016
Man I've lost counts how many times Donis had used the girls against me, especially Leafa. but I have faith in Kirito (lol), he'll save them, right?

Donis, I am virtually having a battle with you, my wild card is Kirito! xD So don't take me lightly!
Storm-Anime-FFWriter chapter 13 . 3/11/2016
Lol Sinon's like a walking manual or something! xD

I knew it! Donis is evil! He's got Leafa under his spell! Heeey Donis, don't be so bossy. Because Kirito will kick your butt again if he finds out what you've been doing to his Sugu!
Storm-Anime-FFWriter chapter 11 . 3/11/2016
Oh boy. Sugu is on the puberty stage. She's completely under Donis' spell!

Lisbeth, Sinon, wake up or Donis will cast a spell on you too!

KIRITO save them!
Storm-Anime-FFWriter chapter 10 . 3/11/2016
Burn! Kirito you did a good job!

Come on ladies! The guy just saved you from Donis' assault and future assaults (if there is)!

*sighs and pats Kirito in the back* I'm sure the girls will get over it.
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