Reviews for The Origins Of Wheezy
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 12/19/2015
I found this story very intriguing, as it covers a period which is barely seen, namely: Harvey's first day at school. I feel so very sorry for him, as he is so very excited about his first day of school and eager to prove himself, despite his health problems. Even Lloyd's comments about the school being horrible can't dampen his enthusiasm.

However, that very enthusiasm gets him into trouble as he goes into school early, and Jeff immediately pounces on him. Seeing a ready-made victim, he lays into him, despite knowing very well that Harvey hasn't learned the rules yet and he technically hasn't broken anything. He then brands Harvey with a nickname that he will have to endure until the Headmaster is defeated: 'Wheezy'. This reminds him every time that Jeff sees him as weak. Even though Harvey strikes up a friendship with those who will become SPLAT (and the beginnings of a crush in Ingrid's case), his day gets worse when he gets home, as Mrs Hunter dismisses what happened at school, thinking that Lloyd has been encouraging him to tell 'stories'. Mrs Hunter's reaction and the way she dismisses everything really frustrates me, as surely having more than one person claiming that something happened should warrant more investigation? However, the blame doesn't lie solely with her, as the Headmaster likely hypnotises her whenever she probes too deeply. At least Harvey gets some comfort from his brother at the end, as Lloyd is going through what he has just endured, and he knows that they can support each other.