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TLWtlw chapter 29 . 9/12
Great new chapter. Where is the Triad located?

It feels like the story is winding down.
Anla'shok chapter 29 . 9/6
I'm happy to see you continuing this. I especially liked Peeta's relief at not being allowed weapons again. His war weariness is clear, and it's nice to see him able to muster enthusiasm about a new settlement despite his grief.
I'm not sure I'm onboard the prophetic ghosts aspect, but Gamma and friends are always great emotional value. Katniss' disbelief and Peeta's quiet acceptance made for a fun contrast.

The next part of this review holds more general musings. Feel free to ignore me and just feel proud that this is one of the stories that has me scratch my head and ponder 'what ifs'.
This chapter had me thinking about justice, not just in the 'what is just' sense, but what makes people give away their power to the state and accept the decisions taken (instead of taking vengeance in their own hands for example).
I understand the principle of double jeopardy, but that implies everybody accepts that people can only be tried once. Panem's rebels (aside from Thirteen's) have lived their whole life in a country where the state was predatory and unfair, and the authorities lied to them about everything. They have no reason to believe in the rule of law (even if the law is upheld by rebels, there's no guarantee rebels will stand united long).
Additionally, the whole 'let's force them to survive in the wilderness' aspect shows to me the slippery slope. Haymitch acknowledges this isn't a straightforward execution because of the squeamishness of some Rebel leaders, but it does prove that there's already dissent. For everyone agreeing with Haymitch and perhaps wondering if the rebels in charge of justice should be replaced by other rebels, there could be a rebel thinking the 'wilderness' aspect is an excuse to rescue the likes of Marcellus Snow and plan a counter rebellion.
And to my mind, it twists the message from Peeta's trial 'cruelty to prisoners is a crime' to 'cruelty to prisoners is only a crime if it's not the people in charge, as a committee, doing it'.
So basically, more like the old Capitol than the rebels probably want to be.
melliemoo chapter 29 . 9/3
Seems like things are getting near the end. I think it would probably have been less cruel to execute all the Loyalists than take them to the Wilds, but at least they have a chance. And very reminiscent of the Games, as I'm sure you intended. I'm glad Katniss is coming back to herself.
TomHRichardson chapter 29 . 9/3
} that Boggs told General Beck that had no problem {{{ that HE had no problem

} We - that is to say, Katniss and me - were {{{ Katniss and I

} [Katniss and I] weren't politicians, or planners, or even real soldiers Both they both could easily be politicians, in the future.

Katniss didn't eat all her cheese buns? Wow, she _is_ sick!

Whoa, Andromeda telling Peeta that he's no better than Coriolanus? What a kick in the teeth!

What states of the USA became the Triad?

Peeta forfeits his Victor's stipend as punishment? I did not see _that_ coming. And who would've thought that Haymitch made such a skilled attorney?

} Katniss and I were in the Palace Library, pouring {{{ poring

Quintus Blackstone gets a wrist-slap, and can't be tried again—good.

Haymitch urinates on a truck tire, in front of Plutarch? ROTFL!

Katniss says to the Loyalist prisoners, "May the odds be ever in your favor"—LOL!

Katniss sees the ghosts? WHOA!

} without the ‘Mockingjay?’” {{{ should be ‘Mockingjay’?”

} So why are you hear now {{{ here

Andromeda as a future _good_ "President Snow"—I like that. And Speri by Meda's side—will they be a couple? ;)
Cocola721 chapter 29 . 9/2
Nice Labor Day surprise for me! Thank you for letting us see Johanna and Gale and the other Tributes. Don’t know how I feel about The Wild. Excited about learning about the Triad!

THank you for his labor of love.
Buttercupbadass chapter 29 . 9/1
Last month I decided to reread Absolution. It was one of the first fanfics I ever read for the Hunger Games and I was hooked from the beginning. Reading this chapter with the return of certain characters at the end meant so much more because I did. Well done.
BamItsTyler chapter 29 . 9/1
Look at that... its all coming together. This chapter's ending makes me think that an Epilogue will be coming soon. I can't wait to see how everyone 'copes' when the final chapter comes.

It has to be said, my interest in world building wouldn't be as thoughtout without your work, among other select few users (who might be reading this now).

If Coin was in power, there would be a looooooooooooot of bodies left in her wake. Many enemies, and 'allies' too.

Speri becoming president after all that happened with her seems fitting. She'll be the opposite of Snow. And Blackstone's daughter helping along too. That's nice.

Peeta's crime, if it was carried out, would be a Gary-Stu like situation...very...'unlikely' and 'overly dramatic'. Come to think of it, this entire series is Peeta's 'Mockingjay'. :). Although, I dont blame him for wanting revenge.

In my humble opinion, administrative justice is overrated when it comes to child abuse or heinous murder...reactionary 'eye for an eye' works in some cases. That's just me though.

Gemma is always a perfect addition to any scene. She was my favourite OC in this series. Mhm.

"The Triad" is a great addition too. In my head canon, areas within the interior USA would be too irradiated or damaged beyond repair to try and rehabilitate, maybe in the future, though. The Districts aren't small towns, but are 'Province'-sized regions with various towns and hamlets inside.

Just like your 'Camp 29' thing.

Bruce, you hear it from me time and time again. I enjoy your stuff, and my content wouldn't be as nice if I didn't have you to inspire me, amongst others. You did hear it from me time and time again because I just typed something like this above! But it needs to be said over and over.

Even though you're a whole adult, what's next? Hopefully you have something up your sleeve...although I don't blame you if you decide to go fishing.

Take it easy.
Guest chapter 28 . 9/1
I'm been checking every week for the chapter, please don't quit on it now. It's one of the best stories out there. I'm still dying to know what happens next.
Cocola721 chapter 28 . 6/7
It took me awhile to get to read this gem! Thank you
melliemoo chapter 28 . 6/6
I really like this twist of Katniss being the one who is damaged. Lots of great Peeta/Katniss development in this chapter.
32sheshe chapter 28 . 6/3
Glad to read the update. So glad to see Katniss responding to Peeta. Looking forward to the next update!
TomHRichardson chapter 28 . 6/3
Katniss has forgotten the past three years? Hoo boy—you never make things easy for "the blood-soaked lovers of District Twelve," do you?

Victor-Katniss gives Peeta s**t—this is a 180-degree reversal of the scene in _Mockingjay_ in which hijacked-Peeta is saying mean things to Katniss in D13.

I ache for Peeta. The Angst he is going through is awful. He might go through the rest of his life with partially-amnesia'd Katniss hating him?

Peeta name-drops Boggs—Peeta, you rascal!

Branywine and Hammersmith might get turned into knife-fighting tributes—I love the irony!

BLEEP, Boggs _arrests_ Peeta? I sure didn't see _this_ coming!

Yay, Katniss gets her memory back! I like how you did it: by Katniss seeing Peeta's prosthetic leg, which happened a year after the 74th Hunger Games that Katniss "just" finished.
Anla'shok chapter 28 . 6/3
Peeta's premeditated act of vengeance was a nice twist. He's been so decent until now, I didn't expect him to give in to his rage, or his rage to be so cool and calculated (he could have stabbed them, but he wanted them to play). It's also interesting how he deflates after he's caught and told off by Boggs, proof to me that he didn't want so much revenge as an illusion of control and something that could erase what was done to Katniss.
The amnesia subplot was an unexpected and interesting way to briefly show what lack of hope could do to Peeta. Also, poor Katniss, now she's going to feel guilty and be scared she'll forget Peeta the next time something bad happens to her.
I wonder about Peeta though : as long as he feels Katniss needs him, he shoves everything in a box to be strong for her and everything he goes through doesn't seem to truly sink in. Not sure how that will end up hitting him when (hopefully) Katniss gets back on her feet (emotionally speaking) and he will be wanted but not *needed* so much.

Boggs weariness makes him sympathetic and also highlights their big current problem : with the fear of imminent death gone, a huge amount of angry grieving people will want justice and probably not be satisfied with anything reasonable (because calming down means realizing they'll still be poor and have to work hard for years still, it's not like they'll be living in mansions with Capitolites as their servants).

Lastly, I really like Haymitch's and Peeta's relationship.
TLWtlw chapter 28 . 6/3
I somehow didn't get an email notification of the previous chapter, so this is is like a double treat (2 chapters to read).
melliemoo chapter 27 . 3/25
OK I loved evil Seneca! The plan to get to him and take him down was so tense to read! And Effie is alive! And a cliffhanger ending! Great chapter.
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