Reviews for Red Strings of Fate
Guest chapter 33 . 10/15
Where's da rest?
Guest chapter 13 . 10/1
An interesting story. I’ve been rereading it.
I do have a question- you chose to leave Naruto with his father’s last name. Was there any reasoning behind this? Even though Naruto’s parents are alive in this Alternate Universe there was no reason for Naruto’s last name to be changed to Namikaze.
Naruto’s last name wasn’t changed to Uzumaki because his parents died. He was named Naruto Uzumaki because Kushina won a game of Rock Paper Scissors with Naruto’s father. But hey- I don’t really mind. I just was wondering why this name changed occurred. Awesome story! Keep it up!
JyuneFuma chapter 33 . 9/21
please god update soon
jacpin2002 chapter 33 . 9/15
This story is fantastic! Looking forward to more.
jacpin2002 chapter 6 . 9/14
Sasosaku is my #1 otp in this fandom. It is just something about Sasori and Sakura that goes so well. But then Gaasaku is my #2 otp in this fandom. I think that Gaara and Sakura should have become a canon couple.

But for this story, I'm down with SasoGaasaku being the romantic pairing. It says something that they have been together all these years that it would be hard for no romantic feelings to appear. And it looks like Gaara already has them. No man would do well coming into a relationship with Sakura while both Sasori and Gaara are alive. Now, each guy may be able to bring a woman into the relationship but with their personalities, they wouldn't want to betray Sakura.

So, I vote for ot3 and I hope it gets juicy and even better.

I also love the snarkiness between Gaara and Sasori. It's almost like they are brothers. Oh, I love how Gaara keeps trying to kill Sasori and Sasori keeps shrugging it off.
Guest chapter 33 . 9/9
you gonna update this soon? it's been two months haha
Guest chapter 18 . 9/5
are we friends or are we more?
Guest chapter 7 . 9/4
Actually I think every school year starts after summer. So that the long holiday is during summer.
Lady-Miraculous101 chapter 14 . 8/12
I can't believe you somehow made Sasori likeable.
SakiXX1 chapter 33 . 8/11
I really love the relationship between Sasori, Gaara and Sakura. They are so adorable together and how Gaara and Sasori had a love-dislike relationship and the interactions that come out of that relationship. The friendship between Sasori and Itachi is so cute and funny as well. The two genius used their intelligence to snark at each other. Shisui finding out about them adds more humor to the story. I can't wait to find out what happens next.
Satoshi Haruno chapter 33 . 7/22
Sakura-Chan is still the badass she always is!And Gaara is still being the badass guy he was (and still is) when he was born with the wicked sand control, poor Sasori-Chan, he's now realizing what it's like to raise those two cute badass hellions XD
Keep'er goin' Autho-Chan! I'm going through memory lane by reading these XD
Next story here we goooo!
Scarease chapter 33 . 7/8
Good job.
AngelAzazel88 chapter 33 . 7/8
Thank you for updating as it made my day!
angel897 chapter 33 . 7/8
oh I liked this one fun to read, cant wait to read what happens next
moodymel chapter 32 . 7/3
Very good chapter. The battle scenes were very well written and I look forward to what happens next.
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