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Etrurielle chapter 12 . 10/4/2015
Probably because I hate myself, I've somehow found myself rereading your fan fiction...again. It started with randomly rereading casting stones on a whim and now I've got through twelve chapters of Hidden Paths and (almost eight years later!) it is still as wonderful as when I first read it. I'm amazed by how thoroughly I am still swept up in it all, especially anything and everything with Chichiri and the Doctor. And, as I continue to hate myself, I'm going to keep reading, even though I know it is yet another story in the fanfic graveyard (that wasn't meant to be a pun-ful jab at Purple Mouse, but I'll go with it). So, even though I can only assume you don't even get alerts from this site anymore, I'm leaving this review (from a clearly insane person) in hopes that maybe one day you will feel some nostalgic inspiration and finish it. Just to put it in perspective for you, imagine you are the JK Rowling of fan fiction but we're still waiting book seven. Picture how terrible that would be.
That is all. Off to read some more.

-Etrurielle ()
tanithlipsky chapter 17 . 10/25/2014
AngelOfMusic387 chapter 1 . 1/19/2013
*poke* *pokepoke* 5 years... And still I would be ridiculously thrilled to reread your stories as soon as an update comes. I hope that all is well with you, and that your original novel is going well (or did go well). chapter 1 . 5/30/2012
Hey :) I was just thinking of this story and telling someone about it the other day. I think I need to read Bridge Over the Abyss again because I loved it so much the first time. And the second time. Also I wanted to give you a gentle nudge and remind you that there are still patient and eager fans who would love to see you continue your story. And even to hear how your "real" novel is going. :) I hope it's going well.
grasperfanboy chapter 17 . 2/27/2012
I was digging through my favorites list and found this again. I've just finished reading it again and wanted to go ahead and let you know just how much I still enjoy it.
littleseren chapter 17 . 12/16/2009
Just finished reading your whole FY series- a feat which has taken a good few days- and all I can say is: wow.

I'm pretty new to FY but it was a wonderful surprise to find the addition of Doctor Who to your stories- I have been in that fandom a while and can say its rare to find him so well characterised.

I love love LOVE the way you have fleshed out Chichiri, your OC's too are really vivid and I found myself totally rooting for Joss the whole way through Bridge.

As for the tasuki/miaka- you have written it so so well. Your approach to their relationship completely emphasises how heart wrenching their situation is. I am a massive fan of this pairing and I love how slow you're taking their relationship compared to White Stones. You've made the idea of them together make utter sense without bashing Tamahome- and I applaud you for managing to avoid that trap which so many alternate!ship writers fall into. (Your short side story of Tasuki cutting miaka's hair was especially wonderful- you have captured the essence of the FY characters perfectly while still making them your own.)

Your plot is seemless and really well thought out. The premise is really engaging and stands out as original from the rest of the FY fandom. You have a great talent for dialogue too. (I really could rave about your story all night )

Your series has taken me on a wonderful journey these past few days and I can do is beg you not to leave us all hanging here! Good luck with your original fiction- let us know when it's done. And as far as this fic series goes I absolutely can't wait for any updates or additions you have planned. Thankyou so much for writing!
StarrElizabethKnight chapter 17 . 11/18/2009

I really love this sequel,I didnt even know it existed until recently however I do hope and pray to Suzaku that you'll finish this beautiful love story between tasuki and miaka,I also want to know what the hell has happened to Tamahome and what will happen to the others,seriously atleast maybe you could give me a brief outline of what you wanted to happen? Thanks

DX chapter 17 . 4/16/2009
hey pal you've done a gr8 job

this ones to gud

well den 4 heavens sake pls update the remaining chapters
AngelOfMusic387 chapter 16 . 3/13/2009
Okay, I promise to write real reviews soon. But for now, I figured that I would tell you an amusing story. I was venting about the ending of FY and how people kept dying at the end, and then I said, "...but it's okay, because they come back later on in the series. They're turned into adults when they're reborn." Then I remembered that that doesn't happen in the series... So yay for making such an impression that I forget that your stories aren't part of the canon. :D

Ah well, it made me laugh. I hope it makes you laugh too.
AngelOfMusic387 chapter 17 . 2/28/2009
But... but... where's the next chapter button? I decided after the last review that I left that I'm going to hold the rest of my reviews (this chapter notwithstanding) hostage until another chapter is posted :P. Though maybe that's not fair. I'll probably go back and review the other chapters in a couple of days.

That said, I pray that you and yours are okay, and some horrible tragedy is not the reason that you haven't posted anything for a while. I would much rather it be the normal stresses of real life interfering with the indulgence of us, your loyal readers.

Okay, onto the review for this chapter...

Yay for a whole chapter of Joss and Chichiri and the Doctor. I missed them (even though I just read all of Bridges a couple of days ago). I'm glad to see that Joss hasn't changed much. It doesn't surprise me that she grabbed Chichiri and tried to kiss him right away. It's a good thing that she didn't see him at the club, otherwise she may have just jumped him then and there. He should very much dress up like that for her, though I think that his fancy (hot, sexy) suit might not survive the encounter. Just saying... Anyway, I'm enjoying the romantic tension between them. It breaks up the seriousness of what they're facing.

So I'm not 100 percent sure that Magus is trustworthy at this point, but I suppose they really don't have any other choice at this point but to trust him, do they? I suppose we'll see in the coming chapters. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but that tends to get me in trouble.

Ha! I KNEW that Tamahome was still alive. *does victory dance* Of course, this now raises the question of who Miaka will choose at the end of the story, since her husband is alive and such, and Tasuki (probably) can't live in her world with her. But we have a LONG time before that happens. And by long time, I mean a lot of chapters, not the time in between updates. At least, I hope there's a lot of chapters left.

One question, though. In OVA 2, Taka took Tamahome into himself, merging his two personalities. After that, did he think of himself as Taka, or Tamahome? Or both? I know that Miaka and the rest of the "Earth gang" refer to him as Taka, but that could be because the rest of the world knows him as Taka. If he still thought of himself as Taka, I'm thinking that it might be bad that he's started to think of himself as Tamahome again, if that means that he's forgotten his experience as Taka. I'm probably over thinking it, though. I tend to do that.

Again, I hope that you are well and that life isn't throwing too much at you. Update soon, though. :DD

AngelOfMusic387 chapter 10 . 2/27/2009
Thank you for not glossing over the emotions in the first half of this chapter. I agree that Hotohori, Houki, and Nuriko had a lot to work out, and I was also a bit disappointed that they never really brought it up in the anime. Of course, they had other things to deal with at the time, but still... Great job, as always. I love the fact that Boushin recognized Hotohori as his father. And Hotohori's dismay in learning all that his fellow seishi brother had taught his son. Tasuki's gonna be in a bit of trouble when this is all over, no doubt.

Speaking of Tasuki, can he ever catch a break? Miaka tried to do something nice for him, and instead end up torturing him worse. After all he's done for her, including nearly starving himself, there has to be some good karma headed his way, right? At least she got to make it up to him a bit in the hot spring. And remember the scene in the hot spring from years past. If only Tasuki would remember that. Of course, he would probably write it off as fantasy and punish himself for thinking of Miaka in such a way.
AngelOfMusic387 chapter 9 . 2/27/2009
Again, some great character development within the seishi. Nuriko's description of what it must be like for Hotohori was very well thought out. Oh, they're gonna have a tough time of it.

Don't worry at all about all the different storylines that are happening at once. You somehow manage to keep them all in order, and keep them clear, which is difficult to do in the magnitude that you are doing it.

Poor Chichiri. You're right, Chichiri does seem to be abused a lot in your fics. But I have faith that it will all turn out. And perhaps, since he is alone on a very dangerous alien planet, necessity will allow him to be able to assemble a certain multi-dimensional cube that he had better be carrying with him.
AngelOfMusic387 chapter 8 . 2/27/2009
The aging of the seishi is a very interesting idea, and one that you obviously took a long time to plan out. I wouldn't have thought of half of those consequences. So, Hotohori is a woman now, huh? I'll bet that will eventually make Nuriko happy. And it probably keeps some of your non shonen-ai approving readers happy, too. Of course, that assumes that Nuriko and Hotohori are actually going to get together... which they should.

I'm anticipating much confusion and havoc from the seishi in the coming chapters, especially from Chiriko, who won't only have to deal with skipping what is probably the 7 most crucial social/sexual development of his life, but will also have to deal with possible feelings for Subaru. And compete with Tokaki in the process. Ah, never a dull moment in the Roku Universe.

By the way, I'm COMPLETELY as shocked as you that there was a naked Tasuki in this chapter. I mean, that's something completely new for you. :P Of course, I don't think that there's going to be much complaining...

Oh, and Miaka had better be careful to rein in her subconscious. If she keeps thinking about a naked Tasuki, especially if she gets all blushy and tongue-tied, he's gonna think that she likes him. :P
AngelOfMusic387 chapter 7 . 2/27/2009
First, yay for a whole Tasuki/Miaka chapter. Past of me is surprised that Miaka is trusting Tasuki so quickly, but at the same time, the memories ARE there. Even the ones from White Stones. Now if only Tasuki could remember those memories, and stop beating himself up over what happened to both of them so many years ago. Hopefully being with her and treating her the way she deserves will ease his pain a bit. Although I suspect that the first time that she actually makes a move (either because she remembers something, or if she simply falls for him as he is now), Tasuki will really freak out. We saw a bit of a panic attack in this chapter, and that made me wonder if he still suffers from panic attacks from his encounter with the oni? I know that his memories of that were repressed/erased, but it's still possible.

I love the banter between them. And the toothbrush scene. And that fact that Tasuki gave her his rations. He's such a sweetie. Although I do sense that there might be some competition soon for the loyalty/affection of the horse. Of course, everyone seems to like Miaka, even if they don't like girls. And animals ARE great judges of character.

So now Miaka's a boy, huh? That should make things interesting...
AngelOfMusic387 chapter 6 . 2/27/2009
So Taka is really dead? I don't believe that. I think that his ki is being shielded by something, but that he was able to get out of there before he got killed. At least, that's what I'm telling myself until I'm proven otherwise.

I'm grateful to Tasuki for his "stakes are way higher than fussin' over whose cock is harder" line. We can always count on him to say just the right thing to make us smile when we are near tears.

Chichiri continues to impress me, but I'm worried for him, too. If he keeps up with the darkness that he's using to fight, it could destroy him. It might have nearly done just that, judging by the phoenix in the end of the chapter. Please tell me that he comes back as himself soon.

Good idea from Chichiri regarding Miaka. As hard as the decision probably was, forgetting Taka is probably a good thing for her at the current moment. Of course, now it appears that she doesn't remember Tasuki, either, but hey, that's cause all SORTS of drama if her newest suppressed memories allow her older suppressed memories to emerge.

As always, I love the familial ties that the Suzaku seishi share, even if some of them haven't seen each other for years. I suspect that it will be their saving grace.
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