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StillAmused chapter 1 . 55m
At Guest, can't even come up with something a little original geez, when did I say I would try? In fact if you actually read what I said you would realize I admitted to being to lazy. Man that is a pretty epic fail on you. As for being a teen, you can think as you wish. Not going to say one way or another if I am twelve years old or forty years old. I will leave whichever will mentally traumatize you the most up to your own imagination.

Also never said I could do it in moments, I distinctively remember saying possibly months of work.

As for replying quickly? Kind of simple when you stop reading the story itself. Check once a week or so, get lucky, see the AN to me and skip the story writing a reply. Yes I must have not done that, noooo that goes against this fantasy world you seem to be developing.

Final note just to prove how much of a simpleton you are. Read below, then go read the basis for what a racist it. Now take a deep calming breath and tranquilly inform me if this is or isn't racism. Follow that up with providing factual evidence. If you do I will respond back in kind, we could do a whole thing on it to decide who is correct.

(Religious persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group of individuals as a response to their religious beliefs or affiliations or lack thereof.

The tendency of societies or groups within society to alienate or repress different subcultures is a recurrent theme in human history. Moreover, because a person's religion often determines to a significant extent his or her morality, worldview, self-image, attitudes towards others, and overall personal identity, religious differences can be significant cultural, personal, and social factors.

Religious persecution may be triggered by religious bigotry (i.e. members of a dominant group denigrating religions other than their own) or by the state when it views a particular religious group as a threat to its interests or security. At a societal level, this dehumanization of a particular religious group may readily turn into violence or other forms of persecution. Indeed, in many countries, religious persecution has resulted in so much violence that it is considered a human rights problem. )

Still think you are right? Well go ahead and prove it with as I said factual remember things do not have to be exclusive. You can have racism when dealing with such in religion.

(Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity. As of the 2000s, the use of the term "racism" does not easily fall under a single definition.[1]

The ideology underlying racist practices often includes the idea that humans can be subdivided into distinct groups that are different due to their social behavior and their innate capacities as well as the idea that they can be ranked as inferior or superior)

I see nothing that says they can't go hand in hand here. They saying their social behavior can cont as racism alone means that yes my previous argument still stands strong. Without so much as even a chip in the paint from your oh so viciously sharpened tongue which spews forth non backed up allegations.

Oh yes.. He reads through them because it is a large part of why he writes. There is a thrill to it, knowing someone spent their time to freely read or look at what you yourself created. Good or bad they took valuable time out of their lives to not only read but create a reply. Be it well thought out or a barely readable sentence it doesn't matter much.

I don't expect most people to really understand that so your confusion there is understandable. Though I will say it would be a pleasant surprise if you can back up what you have said to me with, you know, proof. Or even just correctly debate back my actually points instead of doing as you have here.

This? This whole thing you wrote? It failed so much you might honestly just want to stop now and leave it be. But if you want me doing more go right ahead, cause from where I am reading from you are even more lazy than I, which makes this a near assured win.

*Sighs happily* Sure it isn't fair going to a debate when one side has no idea what to do or how to actually sling any type of words over at me to have an effect, but... I will admit that beating the helpless here once in awhile is a reward all on its own.
TevvySlade chapter 54 . 1h
Feels like a timeskip is coming up~ Wow I love his children already, gasp I hope if there's a skip that we get to see them in Harry's new school with him handling the will manifestation class~ Lol hopefully there won't be another need for to rant on these dumb ignorants, but they amuse me so I'm not complaining. A few spelling and grammer flops but nothing too noticeable. Ugh the end is near, me and my friend can feel it, I'm trying to get more people to read this haha. Keep at it this great art and til the next time you make me squeal at getting an email~
Sh1d0u chapter 54 . 3h
Man, life is certainly hard when you aren't the Celestial God Emperor.
Still, the little comedy and other parts saved this chapter from becoming sappy, good for you.
I miss them you know, the game references, the fights, the monologues, researches and so much more.
Oh well, I hope they if this story is going to end it might as well do do in a swift stroke instead of prolonging my suffering.
I'm going to miss Harry and the other 3.
Finn chapter 54 . 4h
Looks like Harry's gonna a have a huge family? Lol
holz30 chapter 54 . 6h
Cursing a mosque? 23333, somebody won't be pleased
Guest chapter 54 . 6h
This started out as a pretty good story, but somewhere along the line it went from "for the love of magic" to "for the love of politics"
ireadeverything chapter 54 . 6h
It’s quite ironic that Harry wants to purge Islam because it would send Europe back to the dark ages, and inhibit science. In fact, during the European dark ages, Muslim society was flourishing in the Middle East, and was a center of art, science, and culture.

It’s different now, sure. But back then, for a while, Middle Eastern society was more progressive than European.
Zalia chapter 54 . 6h
Great chapter! Ignore all the morons who think being 'politically correct' makes them appear smarter; most wouldn't know intelligence if it smacked them in the face with a baseball bat. Hating the less bigoted and narrow-minded is very much in character for Harry. I thoroughly enjoy his contempt for the sheep and wonder when he will point out how severely overpopulated the planet is. (BTW, I love the summary of Australia, it's hilarious and spot on.)
thepkrmgc chapter 54 . 7h
huh, i'm honestly not sure where you'll take the story from here
OldManZenny chapter 54 . 9h
the mosk cursing was a bit of a dick move. unsurprising really, he is a self admitted cunt but its funny to think of as his way of relaxing. he really needs a hobby.
Ghost of Los Angeles chapter 31 . 9h
Harrys ability to speak to birds could be called something like lingua avem
guest chapter 54 . 9h
i think six kids might be enough please.
Silverdevilboy chapter 54 . 11h
It's amusing to see someone get so angry and upset and rant repeatedly, accusing other people of being too senstitive.

If you think people shouldn't get offended by stupid beliefs, you're the one taking the time to rant about people's stupid beliefs. Either stop posting personal comments about how religious beliefs are stupid and they're bad people for thinking differently to you, or stop complaining about people who post personal comments about how your beliefs are stupid and you're a bad person for thinking different to them.

Anything else makes you a hypocrite as well as a snowflake. Get over yourself.
Deva839 chapter 54 . 15h
nah im muslim from indonesia the largest muslim country in the world and did you know that we indonesian is the most tolerant culture even our cuntry words is "bhineka tunggal ika" its mean even diffrents we ara still one so i thinks the problem is not muslim but middle east the people in that place is jerks

but i like your fic but maybe you must include south east asia in your world wide conflct because in that place people still belive in magic some pratican is muslim and you can pay to do some magic service (usualy to kill or hurts some enemy this like vodo) some of this is real i mean real like the people wants to make law about this practice and the some pratican this magic is muslim ustadz
Diehard gamer chapter 54 . 16h
I read your response and I feel you are incorrect because I do come to your stories for high quality original writing. You got awesome stories.
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