Reviews for For Love of Magic
Thranos chapter 56 . 9/20
loved this story from start to finish, loved how you kept it rooted in reality and when you increased Harry's powers you always gave him a new challenge to face instead of just making him god like. very well done am looking forward to reading the next part of the story
Ahmed Maged chapter 18 . 9/18
wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf
aroshan890 chapter 52 . 9/18
Shame. I thought he was going to forge a Thor hammer.
Residenthobo chapter 56 . 9/17
Hot diggity fucking damn, now that's how you write a proper fucking epilogue.

Noodles and Lawyer dude, thank you. For Love of Magic has been an absolute pleasure to read, and that's even without accounting for the prolific amounts of smut.

From maybe-not-quite the bottom of my heart, but certainly fairly deep down, thank you for writing this. Also, your various responses to flames have been very entertaining.
SappySoulTaker chapter 2 . 9/17
Yep, stupid bint should have remembered to put on her plot armor.
Residenthobo chapter 53 . 9/17
I have to say, that author's note at the top of this chapter was fucking hilarious.

GG dude, keep up the good work xD
Damien NightFall chapter 55 . 9/17
I'm surprised Harry didn't wipe out the goblins
Schnitzelman21 chapter 19 . 9/16
I'm really liking most of the story so far. I like the take on the goblins and the rest of the world and how Harry's not afraid of looking into what others consider "dark magic". What I don't like, however, is Luna. I don't like how she's just completely tactless and even rude at times and so used to getting her way while everyone just encourages it because "she's Luna" and "her parents are dead so she's allowed to force herself onto an unwilling Harry". Canon Luna is strange, yes, but she doesn't do things like crawl into people's bed naked(and neither do canon people encourage her weird shit).
What I really wanted to say is that the Harry you've written (who doesn't take shit from anyone but stabs them with forks and has no sexual interest for Luna) wouldn't hesitate telling her off (like he did with Ginny).
HeuyFreeman chapter 38 . 9/16
It is incredibly boring to see a religion depicted with zero nuance and even an intense focus on the negative aspects by someone who clearly has grown up in a society where its religious influences are nuanced to the point of ignoring all religion-based issues it still has.
Even then, whatever its your story would be my idea. BUT you then proceed to spend forever discussing it when you are writing a book about an imaginary magical place... you could’ve ignored all talk of Islam and just talked about something you thought of to portray Magical Egypt. I didnt have a problem with your portrayal of Veelas because its your story so you can decide the rulestraits of Veelas (even if they seem solely made to create some cliched oversexed version of whatever). But by that same vein, you also have full power to decide what magical Egypt looks like. How did u even shoehorn this shit in? They arrive at either the Egyptian Diagon Alley or Ministry and proceed to not leave those places right? So where does this observation even come from? How does any of this even fit in with the Harry you created? He’s spending his non-existent free time researching religions he has next to no interaction with? There’s no reason for the discussion to even come up, or if it does then why on earth would they even go to Egypt? Also, I dont know if its purely lack of imagination but places around the world have their own cultures and architecture that you could have drawn from.
Andril chapter 55 . 9/16
Aight fo real. I honestly didn't see this being great when I first started it. I read your Naruto FF and your writing is too Lunt for my tastes but you really are such an imaginative writer it totally makes up for it. I took a long break from this because I lost interest and just picked it back up and you've kept me at it for the last 6 hours. I did enjoy how it ended and I really have to congratulate you for sticking with it to the end because lord knows I can't. Great work. Loved it
subzeus chapter 26 . 9/15
Lol, alright, gonna have to let this story go here. It's not that it's not well written, it is, but I was looking for more of an adventure or action story with unique elements. This has quickly turned into HP smut. Nothing wrong with that, just not what I'm interested in at the moment.
TheGoldenSpeedster chapter 11 . 9/15
TheGoldenSpeedster chapter 3 . 9/15
Stop killing all of the main characters!
Hmmm chapter 27 . 9/14
I know this is a finished fic but a material that is both wood and stone could be fossilized wood. It’s rare and unique and both organic and inorganic. Just had to comment straight away before penny found the needed material.
Alexandrite 13 chapter 22 . 9/14
As questionable as the underage bdsm porn is, you're right that anyone who doesn't like it is free to skip over it and shouldn't really make a giant fuss. Turning into a giant asshole because people criticized it just makes you pathetic, though.

At least you won't have to worry about fitting Luna into the story once you have her getting fucked senseless 5 times every chapter, I suppose.
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