Reviews for Avalanche
MorganaAndMerlin chapter 3 . 8/3/2016
Pleaseee, continue! Its so hard to find any black sail fics
Stargazer chapter 3 . 2/20/2016
Great fic! The characters sound just like in the show. You really have an amazing writing style!
minstorai chapter 3 . 1/30/2016
Loving the new chapter, and that ending to it was fabulous!
Guest chapter 3 . 1/30/2016
Please continue to update so good.
AmalieNico chapter 3 . 1/30/2016
This story is really great :)
justcrissy76 chapter 2 . 1/28/2016
This is great. I could totally see this happening on the show. Please write more.
minstorai chapter 2 . 1/13/2016
Omfg, that ending was fucking amazing! I've never been a huge Eleanor fan, but your story's really got me warming up to her -between all her plot twists and how she's portrayed - shit, I adore this
terraforma chapter 2 . 1/2/2016
This is glorious. I can't wait for the next chapter. What is beautiful is, that I could picture all of this actually happening, looking at the trailer for season 3. Gorgeous work.
Serenitey chapter 2 . 12/21/2015
I'm really enjoying your story(ies). Eleanor backed into a corner and the impending confrontation between England and the pirates is always fun. I'm looking forward to the next installment(s). They are well written with great characterisation and I look forward to the twists and turns you come up with. Hopefully you will have the time and inclination to update your stories soon.