Reviews for Adventures in Magick
76 sobbing cheeses chapter 30 . 7/13
HOLY SHIT! that ritual was super epic
moodysavage chapter 12 . 7/11
"Harry Potter started a fight." I love how you end the chapters!
moodysavage chapter 1 . 7/11
lol chapter one... I know I have read this before but even after reading chap 1 again I'm happy with how it grabs me from the start and knowing that the rest will be just as fun to read
Arei-The Peridot Dragon chapter 13 . 7/9
Absolutely loving this story. Well and truly do. I was curious if you had yet to find a beta and, if no, if I could offer up my services as such? Understandable if you have found someone else. Again, very much enjoying this delightful gem.
deathwearsblack chapter 30 . 7/6
please update.
jupimako chapter 30 . 7/5
What a place to end the chapter. You're evil. Please, don't wait too long to update!
suziq968 chapter 1 . 7/4
Best opening chapter EVER! I'm so very delighted and if you go on as you've begun this story will be precious. If I knew nothing at all about Harry you would have made me fall in love with him in a couple of paragraphs.
Vainenpoika chapter 30 . 7/3
Dear sweet Tesla, what have I just read? More to the point, where has this been all my life? Hubble knows I'd have loved this when I was, say, Harry's age. Of course, then I might have taken him for a suitable role model and that might have ended poorly, so perhaps it's just as well. Still, I am very glad to have found your story now, and I hope to be able to read the rest soon.
dianaanne chapter 30 . 7/2
That was not what I expected
Critique chapter 19 . 7/1
What kind of shit is this?.. It was interesting for a moment but now I can't keep up with this... Bs!
deannamd chapter 30 . 6/30
i cant wait for more
SeriouslySirius4ever chapter 12 . 6/29
a very unique and interesting story.
Xtremeplaya chapter 30 . 6/27
It's so goddamn good I truly can't believe it. I love the world so much that now I wish it was cannon and the characterization of your characters is of a regard I wish I could reach in my own writings.

Truly some of the best work I have even read and I might die not being able to learn more of this fascinating world
Moi chapter 30 . 6/26
Aaaaaahhhhhhh! No, don’t stop THERE! I’m waiting on tenterhooks, here!

Great story! Freaking AMAZING! :-)
fandomsneverdie chapter 30 . 6/25
HOLY S*** A NEW CHAPTER! Obviously it's a bit old, but it's new for me because I haven't read this fic in almost a year. I was going through some old fics just remembering (and crying if they still weren't updated *sobs*) when I saw that this one was updated 20 DAYS AGO! Holy crap, I'm so happy. This story took an awesome turn and I loved it from the beginning. Like, how do you write so good?! It's not just Harry who is whimsical or who just seems other worldly; you emanate a sort of power in your words that only really really good writers do, and I was hooked from the first paragraph. I'm like a book worm on steroids (I was banned from the library 3 times in high-school for reading too much in class, no joke) and I consider myself a semi expert of good writing and I swear, this is amazeballs. The sarcasm, the foreshadowing, the irony in all of Harry's statements, SNAPE ( I loved him from book one and no one can tell me differently), Quirrell,Blaise, DRACO (Holy s*** the things Harry does for him) NEVILLE... all of it honestly; every character is unique and the portrayals are just amazing and I honestly love it. I can't even articulate myself that's how good this is. I seriously don't want to put pressure on you, but this story is epic, the plot is almost unseen (I've read a story with similar writing in style and craziness but it was abandoned) and I really REALLY want to see this to the end. I know it's up to the writer and that I have no place trying to force you or guilt you if you lose your muse, but I'm begging you to you have a gift, and this isn't just some flattery. I am sincerely hoping you update soon, and can't wait for the next chapter!
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