Reviews for Be Together
YourVeryOwnRandomCatLady chapter 16 . 5/30
I love this little story! thanks again
GaeilgeRua chapter 16 . 5/27
I think his sentence was appropriate for what happened in this story. I'm glad he was able to be there, so go Harry for stepping up and doing what's right. I don't know if this was the plan, but I think Draco and Millie would be perfect together in your take, so I'm going to assume they tie the knot at some point. ;) I'm glad Rabastan went and visited his brother, because they both needed that closure. I was surprised to see Rodolphus speak up on behalf of his brother during Rabastan's trial, but I'm glad he did. Wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing.
GaeilgeRua chapter 15 . 5/27
You know, I'm surprised the Order actually listened to her. I mean, I'm glad they did, but I'm surprised they didn't just break up the two of them right away. So glad you still had Neville dispense the snake. That's one of my favorite parts of the series.
GaeilgeRua chapter 14 . 5/27
Nice twist on how Bellatrix dies, although, I have a feeling Rodolphus might not forgive his brother very easily. I'm glad to see Neville again. He's one of my favorites, so I'm always happy to see him :)
GaeilgeRua chapter 13 . 5/27
Still a bit sore, eh? Sounds like he healed right up with the right medicine from Hermione. ;) Even though I know Hermione and Rodolphus will never get along, I really enjoyed the bonding moments between them in this chapter. Because even though they'll never be friends, they have a better understanding of each other now.
GaeilgeRua chapter 12 . 5/27
I have to say, that I agree with Millie about her code to Hermione. Well done. I liked the inclusion of Severus at the beginning, because it lets Draco and Millie know that they're not alone at the school. The way things are progressing between Hermione and Rabastan is slow, but for the two of them and the situation they're in, it makes sense. Great job with this chapter.
GaeilgeRua chapter 11 . 5/24
It's amazing the things you can accomplish when you have the right connections. I'm happy for Millie. Poor Draco, being chased around by a girl. Haha! Love that.
GaeilgeRua chapter 10 . 5/24
Yes! I'm glad they were able to get the message. I'm also glad that Harry is thinking with a level head. Granted that always seems to be Ron's downfall. Hopefully he'll be able to come to terms with it all before they see Hermione again.
GaeilgeRua chapter 9 . 5/24
Bahahaha! I love the end of this chapter since we know what happens in canon. The ring she picked out sounds lovely and perfect for her.
GaeilgeRua chapter 8 . 5/24
I'm glad to see that he's finally run the numbers, even if the one calculation is a bit off right now since he wasn't able to include the stuff about genetics yet. Now that Hermione's given him the basics then that will help him even more. I loved seeing the two of them sitting together reading the book on the founders. It was nice to see how far their relationship has come.
GaeilgeRua chapter 7 . 5/24
Oh, I love Millie and I'm so glad to see she's shown up! It makes me sad what she's been dealing with, because she definitely doesn't deserve any of it especially being contracted to Goyle Sr. I'm glad to see that the three of them are getting on so well and that the oath is now going both ways. I can't wait to see Draco and Millie working to help bring down Voldie from the inside. And intense moment between the two of them. I understand why he leaves, but it makes me sad and I hope it changes soon.
GaeilgeRua chapter 6 . 5/24
Well, that first kiss is out of the way and they both definitely enjoyed it. I am very curious to see how she gets the information to Harry and Ron. Will Draco help or will she have go about it a different way. Also, loved the genetics conversation between Hermione and Rabastan. Makes me wonder if that's where he's been, reading up on Muggle genetics. Or running calculations.
GaeilgeRua chapter 5 . 5/24
I'm surprised Hermione's been so nice about them calling her a child bride. She might not have her wand, but she could still do some damage before they stopped her if she really thought about it. I'm glad she was able to talk to someone her own age, and that she got along with Draco. Props to him for what he said to Neville after returning to school.
GaeilgeRua chapter 4 . 5/23
Well, eetall know what Voldemort wants to know book, but I can't wait for Hermione to figure it out. Your Rabastan is a very intriguing character and I can't wait to learn even more about him.
GaeilgeRua chapter 3 . 5/23
Oh, Hermione, you're too curious by nature to resist him forever. I really liked the background information here for Rabastan since we don't know a whole lot about him. And I find the Lestrange vows to be absolutely fascinating. A bit antiquated, but still fascinating.
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