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Guest chapter 1 . 6/30
Lillian I've been a fan since 2014
And I have to say, I am so worried we haven't heard from you in years. I really hope you are good in health, I hope your family is okay.
We all your fans are so immensely worried. Are you okay?
Please does anyone have news about her?
patricia-ann chapter 40 . 5/1
Lillian, I truly hope you are doing well. YOU ARE A PHENOMENAL WRITER! I love all 3 stories you have written. I can't even tell you how many times I have read them. When I finish The Path of Caleb Grey I begin again. Every chapter is captivating. My emotions are all over from laughing, sobbing and heartwarming feelings. I love how you have told your version of Ana and Christian, the family and the extending family. It has been such a joy to read how everyone has grown through your eyes. I know it has been a few years since you have written, but I wanted you to know that your stories are still read at least by me daily. THANK YOU for taking time out of your busy life to write so your fans can read. It means more to us than you know! Take care! Patty
Guest chapter 40 . 4/17
I have read the first two stories multiple times but only once read the third, this is my second time. here are my thoughts, purely my opinion no need to take offense. in book 1, totally get it as A&C proposal story. then in book 2, totally get it as A&C having a baby and going through not just pregnancy and birth of Teddy but the other kids too. I think rather than do a big time jump half way through book 2 to kids as adults, perhaps keep book 2 as just A&C marriage and how they navigate with the 4 kids and them growing up to teenagers, sprinkle in Mia/Brady, Sawyer/Frankie, Elliot/Kate and stop there. Then in book 3 introduce kids now adults and their path to meeting their spouses, having kids of their own, sprinkle in Sawyer kids too - perhaps call it "The Grey Kids Path." But every so often give us a few scenes with just A&C without kids or grandkids. seems like in book 3, A&C scenes were always brief and with kids or grandkids, you did not keep their sole relationship current. Remember fans came to these stories for A&C.

Now the meeting of 4 kids and they spouses. Jax/Phoebe was ok. Henry/Timmi was ok, perhaps boring. I enjoyed Ted/Gen, I liked the spark between the two. Caleb is always boring [surprised you put book 3 solely on that Grey kid]. I know he had a lot more drama than other 3 [Ted had a bit] but I find him too naive and predictable. Him and Jesslyn was a bit overdone [found him mature in those scenes with wacky Jesslyn], him and Augustine and whole cartel was stupid but I get it, your story to tell with drama. I like his fatherhood scenes with Viviana, again mature there, fresh outlook with him. Then him and Lainey is boring. I did find it refreshing how he sent her he blueprint on their house and future together. Ivy with Caleb was good. But I have to say my most excited scenes were with Reid and Ansley. The whole lake house scene was nice and how he handled the new car bought for her scene was so Christian Grey in his dominant self. Wanted to see more with them. But what was going on with Kate health, you did not flesh this out, only hinted. Poor Mia's kids, you did not touch too much on Gabe, Sunny and Piper nor Kate/Elliot Ava and Skylar.

All in all, I liked the 3 stories. There were plenty of funny parts that had me laughing, I definitely like when Christian gets all dominant on Ana and puts her in her place. I felt a lot of scenes were Gram Addie and her illness, few on Gramps - perhaps too much on both. Does not look like book 3 is complete, last update in 2018 and figure it won't be but good it stopped at Reid wedding and on a happy note. I can live with that.
msbrown730 chapter 40 . 4/5
Looking forward to next update.
Vicky Smith chapter 17 . 2/23
You will never believe how many times I've read your wonderful story. I've lost count myself. It's never boring. You're a phenomenal writer. I always find something that I've missed or forgot about. YOU'RE THE BEST EVER! THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND TALENT
GOD BLESS 2/23/22
Reading4Reading chapter 40 . 2/25
WOW. Great story. You are a terrific writer who have a lot of talent. So love the Caleb story. Wish it had his wedding in it. I'm late in reading the fan writing but glad I don't have to wait for updates. LOL
Lovetoread12345 chapter 40 . 2/19
Omgoodnes so so so good! Thank you so much for all your 3 stories. This is the. 2nd time Ive read them through. Your style of writing is a perfect blend of HEA, angst,drama. Love to see about CalebLainies soon
kadianine chapter 40 . 2/14
Good Evening Lillian, I hope that all is well! It’s been a while and I am checking in hoping that all is well? Please give us a life update. I’m worried

P.S does anyone know if the writer is okay?! Any updates regarding her?!

Thank you
Guest chapter 40 . 1/23
La mejor historia de 50 sombras de Grey que leo escrita por un fan,me gustó incluso mas que la original.
Sigue escribiendo así eres .
Sal75 chapter 40 . 1/5
I think you are amazing and your attention to detail well astounds me I think I prefer reading your work than the original Books lol

Please please continue hope you are well stay safe and have a great 2022
gmmom4eva chapter 40 . 12/24/2021
in love with this Story. I've read it for the 4th time (all 3 books)
carmenbella66 chapter 40 . 9/26/2021
continue please
jillianaw chapter 39 . 6/5/2021
I have read so many fan fics and this is the best by far! You are an extremely talented writer! Is there any chance that you are going to finish this story?
Fifty Shades Girl chapter 40 . 1/26/2021
I can't tell enough how much I enjoyed reading your stories, you are truly gifted with the way you create a story. I have hope even though it's been more than two years since your last update that you'll come back one day. Hope you are well and stay safe!
Callie chapter 40 . 1/19/2021
First and foremost, I pray that you are healthy and in remission. Thank you for three amazing stories. You are truly gifted. I hope that you can find time to finish this brilliant tale. It's such a shame to leave it so close to completion. Please if you can, wrap it up as you planned. God bless!
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