Reviews for The Path of Caleb Grey
Guest chapter 38 . 11/19
What a disappointment! Lainey should have told Caleb to eff off! Lillian this is the first time I skipped paragraphs
Guest chapter 38 . 11/16
I love, love, love this story and want to read more, and love to read Reid story. Your biggest fan Kim
Guest chapter 38 . 11/16
I missed you! Wonderful story as usual. You didn't miss a beat. Thank you!

Until next time...Tiffany
Guest chapter 38 . 11/14
Thanks Lily!
karycg chapter 38 . 11/15
yay! welcome back! I can't wait for the next chapter!
Nita South Africa chapter 38 . 11/12
please Lily, start writing again, your writing awesome, please let Lainey get married and give birth to a little boy, please write as soon as possible, keep well
Guest chapter 38 . 11/11
Thanks for the update Lilly, we missed u
Guest chapter 38 . 11/9
Excited for the next update
jenna grey chapter 38 . 11/8
Love this! More please!
Paulna chapter 38 . 11/7
Hy, i just wanted to asked you when is going to be a new chapter?


Natalie chapter 38 . 11/5
I love a Great romance in but Caleb and Lainey case too much drama and it's all blamed on Caleb. I must admit to you I came around to rooting for their Love after being a Die hard Augustine's fan it's just too many conflicts for Vivi. Her REAL Mother is dead buried and forgotten,, three brothers somewhere in South America The Quest to ditch Jesslyn is the only thing that make sense he is in an emotional stand still, I believe they will marry but they will fight nonstop. I am spoiled by Ana and Christian Epic love so please understand if I wish for them to part ways. He can be a Single Dad.
Nita South Africa chapter 1 . 11/4
Hi, there can't wait for next chapter of path of caleb, I can't wait for Reid to get married and Caleb and Lainey and Caleb having his first son, pls, pls, download more chapters and thx have a fantastic weekend
Jil Benone chapter 38 . 11/2
Re-reading: as always, carefully. Impressed with depth of character strengths and weaknesses.

Caleb seems to have put the problem all on Lainey with no thought of his own selfishness. Almost think he was a little in love with Evangeline - because it was safe? because she was married? because she was dying? Very complicated. Interesting that he was angry because Lainey "made it [the breakup] all about us". What else could she do? He had never told Lainey anything about Evangeline. Lainey does not have Ana's apparently limitless well of compassion for her injured lover, perhaps because Ana never really thought of herself as worthy, while Lainey at least knows her own worth. Very convoluted, and complicated when Caleb tried to convince himself he was the only injured party. And he is still self-righteously lecturing Lainey about her behavior when they are back together- will this be the pattern for their future? I said earlier, this couple is in dire need of a good counselor! Don't suppose Flynn is still available . . .

Another point - is Caleb (unknowingly, perhaps) using Vivi as a weapon against Lainey? First he blocks any attempt by Lainey to reach Vivi, then excoriates her for "abandoning" the child.

The only mature person in this whole embroilment is Tessa. She should thank her lucky stars she's out of it!

I do want to hear Christian's POV - of everyone, he's the person who knows what could have happened to him and how it happened to his disturbed son. And Ana, who always sees and understands more than she is given credit for.

Waiting for the next chapter!
Jill Benone chapter 38 . 11/1
Maybe they've both grown up now, these annoying children! Looked like Caleb was going to take Christian's self-absorbed behavior to a new height. Pre-marital counseling is probably the best thing they could do. They may eventually learn to talk to each other before flying off the handle.

Can't wait to hear other POV's - have always appreciated that technique in expressing the feelings and emotions of other characters in these stories. Scary moment thinking Lainey might be the jumper! I like Tongo more and more. Interesting comment about Henry understanding where Caleb was coming from. You have created this extended family without leaving James' parameters and I do admire the discipline needed to do so.

I re-read you constantly. Thank goodness you're back!
Guest chapter 38 . 10/31
Thanks. Love your stories!
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