Reviews for Elizabeth To The Rescue!
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 2/29/2016
I loved the beginning bit of the story, where they were having a SPLAT meeting. You used this opportunity to show how each member reacted in their own way to what Ian came up with, and it was very effective. It was great to see him get some lime-light for once (although it has to be said that he always TRYS to be centre of attention). As always, Ingrid and Harvey use this time together to their fullest, and it shows how much they have developed as a couple, as they are now used to Lloyd telling them to stop what they are doing and only stop with a lot of attitude. What was a pleasant surprise to me was having Dinah break up the quarrel between Ingrid and Lloyd. She clearly feels comfortable enough in the group to now speak up when she wants to, and the rest of SPLAT respect what she says. Elizabeth has clearly become part of the group as much as Dinah, yet there is also a clear strong friendship between Elizabeth and Dinah which has been anchored by one thing which both of them have: a love of books. She also seems to take Ian more seriously than the rest of SPLAT, knowing when he isn't joking around and lending her support.

When Elizabeth arrives home, you demonstrate a wonderful dynamic by starting to show what an evening is usually like in Elizabeth's household, and something different gets her excited. Wally clearly loves Elizabeth dearly and this sentiment is returned by the girl in question. It was really cute when Elizabeth was so happy for Wally taking part in this important call, she is in tune with him enough to know when he has really achieved something and is delighted that he wants her to help. Of course, things take a dark turn when Elizabeth finds out that SPLAT have been kidnapped by the Kiddie Killer , and Elizabeth is in despair when she hears what has happened, only calming down when Wally comforts her. When she HAS calmed down, she doesn't waste any time in going to rescue her friends, racing past Wally before he can do anything.

On the way there, however, Elizabeth thinks of a quick solution, as she knows she doesn't have a lot of time, and goes to the one man apart from Wally who will listen to her, and who she hopes will assist her. Unfortunately, while the Headmaster has a softened enough relationship with Elizabeth to listen to what she has to say, he refuses to help her, as now all of SPLAT will be out of the picture, leaving his plans unopposed. Even Elizabeth's attempt to point out how much he value's Dinah's intellect doesn't sway him, and her anger at the Headmaster's refusal fuels her creature side, causing her to lash out at the man. Even though Elizabeth has injured him, the Headmaster is concerned for Elizabeth's safety and attempts to placate her. The Headmaster also clearly value's value, since he allows him to tend to his wound.

I loved the last section, as the Kiddie Killer is now faced with a child that he CAN'T subdue and is attacked by Elizabeth, becoming terrified in the process, as this creature in the shape of a little girl ruthlessly attacks him. Elizabeth knows her own abilities very well, and plans things so that she can stop the creature landing a fatal blow through her, leaving the killer alive. Thankfully, with the Kiddie Killer out of the way (and scared again wonderfully at the end!) Elizabeth frees SPLAT and once again the group dynamic is displayed, as Elizabeth is so relieved at managing to save them, with SPLAT doing their best to reassure her. Once she has calmed down, Elizabeth calls Wally, and there is almost a role reversal as this time an ADULT is the hysterical on, and Elizabeth has to calm her down. Luckily for Elizabeth, as the police start asking questions that might be dangerous for her to answer, the Headmaster arrives with Wally, and hypnotises the policeman, causing her to have to explain to SPLAT why Wally had taken the Headmaster to the warehouse. Because of the pain from his side, the Headmaster is for once unable to stop Ingrid when she loses her temper and the girl he branded as 'useless' brings him down with one kick!