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Guest chapter 69 . 8/17
It looks like Max is finally gonna go on the offensive, it both excites and terrifies me.
The Dude Of Doom chapter 69 . 8/12
You can tide over the fans by releasing a little bit of the Vic Kate story you mentioned a while eh? eh? No? Awwwwww

Anyway love the story, just caught up cant wait for future fluff and stuff!
DelbertGrady chapter 69 . 8/9
Absolutely amazing. I'm so glad Ouro is still alive and you're still here. This story has been an emotional roller coaster of happiness, sadness and anger. Thank you so much for all you do.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/8
Good great
Guest chapter 69 . 8/7
Great chapter, glad to see you back.

In re: last poster
The reference to the snake in his A/N refers to the story title itself: Ouroboros is an emblem of a serpent swallowing it's own tail, as a symbol of cyclicality. So he was just letting us know the story is not dead yet ;)
Pricefieldftw chapter 69 . 8/6
Great Chapter, it took me a while to remember where 68 left off. But it came rushing back as I got further into 69. This story is too hard to forget flat out.

Good to hear from you, I’m glad to know that the story is coming along. Take all the time you need. “Ouro” and the “One Way TripNear Light” series are the best books I’ve ever read. And I will wait patiently for the authors to do the amazing job of creating such a masterpiece.
The thing I like most about these two books would be, that you both are so dedicated to this world you’ve built. And it shows! I can’t say enough how much this story means to me.

If you have a chance try reading One Way Trip, the author has done an immensely incredible job of building an entire world of characters and lore. The only problem I think is the synopsis.. it doesn’t do a good job of getting attention or interest for people looking in from the outside. Don’t fall for that though because that series is fantastic.

What was that thing about the snake in the A/N?
Guest chapter 69 . 8/3
Anonymous chapter 69 . 8/3
Welcome back
Lyta Halifax chapter 50 . 8/3
Also: I'm shamelessly posting this completely useless entry only so that I can have the distinct yet dubious honor of being your 1000th review for this series. ;-) You've worked so hard over these years, and you are truly one of the finest fiction writers that I have had the pleasure and the privilege to get to know, so this is well deserved! Hell, for all I know, you may be the first LiS fic author to break 1000, and that's gotta mean something.
Lyta Halifax chapter 69 . 8/3
Wow. Almost three years and you are still going on strong. One of these dang days, I am totally going to continue on with this story, but my goodness it's turned into quite a production! Go you, Tom!
Shamarra chapter 69 . 8/2
We are well and truly in the thick of it now. Looking forward to seeing where it all goes. Great chapter as always, thanks!
murkle chapter 22 . 8/1
Damn I fuk!n love Chloe! Hahahaha!
braveheart34 chapter 69 . 8/1
love this story so much, this chapter was amazing very much worth the wait, can't wait for the next one and i love that max has had enough and is finally gonna be a boss ass bitch.

Keep up the great work.
murkle chapter 13 . 8/1
Haha! This chapter is pure gold! Diamond! Platinum! Whatever! I was lmao through just about the whole thing. Haven't laughed from a fic like that in a while hahaha. Loved it!
Razogoth chapter 69 . 7/31
It's alive! :D
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