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Guest chapter 21 . 7/12
What age is Wally? Is he also 18
BraviaryScout chapter 57 . 7/9
Maybe the kids are twins!

Either way, this review has been long overdue.

Again, Brendan and Steven being honorable yet disagreeing in the strangest of times. Emotions are running high, tensions coming to a breaking point and the world's coming to an end. Somehow this sounds as something not very typical...and not very atypical either.

Brendan and Gwen finally defeated Steven and Maxwell the Metagross! They've certainly come a long way from being completely overpowered by him the first time they had battled. Then again, Steven was also letting his own emotions get the best of him and probably not thinking as straight as he could've been. Who knows what might happen once the fate of the world isn't at stake and Steven has his focus solely on Brendan in another bout.

Theresa read May like a book with that pregnancy. Soon enough, it seems that everyone is going to know about the baby before Brendan does :P

And we finally get to see a preview of the ever-awesome Elio! Yay! The way you've described the fire trial is just amazing and it combined with their reaction made me want to read this chapter in its entirety over many times. I still am! I see that you made a highlight from the flip-save move he did while dancing and that was just as enjoyable to read from this POV as it was to write in Elio's own perspective.

Awesome rundown of the battle too! This stuff makes me excited as hell for the stuff we'll be writing together in the future! I seriously can't wait for these two champions (one current and one future) to meet up! It's gonna be dope!

And lastly, we've got a cliffhanger of Team Earth, who is assaulting Devon. Things are getting more and more intense as the story goes on. Great work my man, a chapter well worth the long wait.
SantaFeo chapter 57 . 7/2
Hey I really liked this chapter. The battle was great, and we got more insight into Zinnia's psyche and personality, at least from a third party observer. Also Steven has been quite unreasonable these past few chapters. I'm suspecting he may be a second antagonist along with Zinnia.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
rylek196 chapter 57 . 7/2
'Nother chapter down, you're almost to the finish line. Good thing, too, because I am running out of ways to praise this...

Well, for starters, even though she's just barely in the first stages of her pregnancy, seeing May's motherly instincts kicking in is rather touching. I'm not sure if there's much of a baby to speak of yet, it's probably still more like a mass of cells at this point, but hey. Same dif.

As for the battle, it was another good one in a story filled with 'em. Gotta say, though, an Excadrill without Earthquake? Really? Scrapper would eat Simon for breakfast. ;) Either way, there were some creative things in the fight, like Jack using Lava Plume to get water out of the volcanoes on his back.

After that, it was just seeing Elio's Trial from a different perspective, and there's not much to go over there, other than it was neat to see. I THOUGHT the Cinnabar fossil regeneration machine being destroyed by the volcano was a continuity error, but then I realized that this part is three years later, and that turns that criticism into praise. That's a mind-blowing amount of attention to detail, there, man. I like it. (But Scrapper would still eat Simon alive. Just throwin' that out there).
Tony Anderson chapter 57 . 7/2
Good work with the battle, it was great. Also nice to get a peek at Alola, too. Looking forward to the next chapter. :)
Guestykins chapter 56 . 6/23
Woe. I just read the entire thing up to this point. Brendan Vs Steven is gonna be awesome
Guest chapter 1 . 6/18
Can wait for the next chapter keep up the good work :)
BraviaryScout chapter 56 . 6/11
And the impeccable timing of something interrupting May trying to announce her pregnancy strikes again!

This is a good setup chapter for the Delta Episode bro. Despite Zinnia being bat-shit crazy (I don't blame her considering all the weight and burdens she bears at this point) I still love how she retains just a little bit of sanity to question Brendan on the actions he is doing.

Same with Steven on how he intends to dethrone Brendan in what I take is going to be the eventual battle between the two of them that is long awaited. Too bad it isn't a full battle, but whatever I suppose. Even though it was a very well written part, there's a couple nitpicks I do have.

I still don't particularly like how Steven becomes a close friend of Brendan's at one point and then a stark difference in him threatening to take the title away in a mere chapter. I mean...I guess it's all part of the doomsday thing with all life hanging in the balance, but you don't go from very close friends to practically at one another's throat (there are some exceptions)...but I do feel that some more back and forth between the two could have escalated into Steven's challenge, especially in having one another reason and point out why their logic of thought was superior to the other. Let them jab at it so that Steven begins to see more of Brendan's (blasphemous to his ears) logic before finally making the decision (or having no choice in his eyes) for the impeachment.

The rules explanation was good...however it looks a little...forced. I can't really put a word to it, but the paragraph just felt as if it was thrown in there for convenient purposes. It's not bad, but I imagined both May and Theresa with understanding expressions as that part went on. Something that could have made it flow better is to perhaps have May's outrage at Steven's declaration, protesting that he can't just do that, followed by Steven's explanation of the League rules. (Works really well especially if her hormones are starting to go outta control) Brendan would have to also explain and keep her from murdering the guy.

Anyways, fantastic chapter despite my little nitpicks (they're small things anyway) and I look forward to a highly anticipated matchup between the current Champion and his predecessor. Enjoy London man. Have a glass of Guinness for me.

SantaFeo chapter 56 . 6/11
Interesting chapter, lots going on in this one. I like how there's a sense of dread prevalent throughout this chapter, and it seems to manifest through Zinnia and Steven and their actions. Also, nice cliffhanger. Can't wait to see the battle between Steven and Brendan next chapter.
Tony Anderson chapter 56 . 6/10
What a way to end the chapter. So, next time, Brendan vs. Steven once again? Should be interesting.
rylek196 chapter 56 . 6/10
This was a good one. A very good one, filled with lots of interesting moral questions, as well as some heartwarming moments. (Brendan kinda is clueless for not realizing May is preggo, but y'know what, in terms of contrivances, I've seen MUCH worse, so I'll let it slide).

However, Brendan and May's bond is downright *palpable* in this. Their little moments together are so cute, and since it's a foregone conclusion that Brendan will save the world (unless you decide to pull a Cruel Twist Ending or write a bad alternate ending where everyone dies when the meteor hits) I can't wait for the wedding scene. And honestly, that scene with the contest sounds so good I almost wish you wrote it out fully.

Now onto the moral quandaries... I admit, when I played the Delta Episode, I sided with Steven and the Devon Corp to basically put the blowtorch to the non-Mega timeline world. XD Regardless, it is an fascinatingly morbid thought experiment, one which your story will do a much better job of exploring than the game did.
morgan chapter 1 . 6/10
so Gwen can communicate with people using her mind but other pokemon of her species can't.
So Gwen has telepathy
guess what the hidden ability of ralts is
Guest chapter 1 . 6/9
When u update chapter 56
SantaFeo chapter 55 . 5/22
This is an interesting start to the delta episode. It's nice to see May and Brendan getting ready to start their life together. Also, the joining of Team Aqua and Team Magma was a neat idea. I never played the delta episode, so I'm curious to see where this goes. Looking forward to the next chapter!
BraviaryScout chapter 55 . 5/21
Solid start to the Delta Episode. You've built up a very impressionable premise with Zinnia's formal introduction. To me, she seems almost antagonistic and overly sensitive when it comes to her daughter. I suppose the reasoning behind her visiting Brendan and May was to steal their Key Stones. Do have to give it to you for the unstable mentality part. She's definitely crazy to say the least.

May's expecting! It's going to be a super sweet scene when she finally tells Brendan. Pity that call interrupted though.

And Wally's now living with Lisia? Dude's a lucky man that's for sure.

All in all, good beginnings. Hope you can get the next part out just as quickly as this one.
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