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RodianGuest chapter 16 . 4/26/2021
I read your story now for the third or forth time. It's heartbreaking, beautiful, intense, full of love, full of angst, exiting and so much more than Disney gave us. Thank you!
Guest chapter 16 . 11/15/2020
TFA and all after this does NOT exist to true devotes of Han and Leia’s love story. I only wish everyone else out there could have the unforgettable experience of reading this treasure of what SHOULD have happened.
gostephtaylor chapter 16 . 5/11/2020
Thank you for this story
I love the way Han & Leia found their way back together
And, have their daughter back
donnag76 chapter 16 . 1/21/2019
I cannot read this one without crying. The entire story is magnificent!
YT1300 chapter 1 . 4/20/2018
This story drew me back into Star Wars fanfiction after twenty years... TWENTY YEARS! It was that good.
Ninotchka39 chapter 14 . 7/8/2017
Thank you so much for this story! I loved how you fixed Han and Leia's story. They deserved so much more and this helps to make things right for me. If TFA has to exist as part of their story at least you made it better. I've just discovered you and look forward to reading your other nonTFA stories. This may be the only fix it I read cause I really don't like what they did on TFA so thanks for giving me a happy place in my mind to go to
Erma W chapter 1 . 5/24/2017
(First read this a long time ago; now I have a FFN account and can finally comment)

Oh, the heartache. The wrenching heartache that was TFA, recreated here... and the longing heartache of hoping that wrongs may be righted... For the first time since TFA, I had hope for our heroes, thanks to this story.

The writing here is very good. Both the emotional and physical situations are so clear, so tangible, and, especially, so believable.
justinegraham chapter 1 . 2/9/2017
"Sorrow engulfs him as he realises that this is how their story ends".

No; no, that isn't how it ends, not at all! You made sure of that with this fic, and restored the hope that JJ stripped away from all of us who desperately wanted so much more for our beloved characters from the OT.

I am mortified, to say the least, that I have yet to leave you reviews on this gorgeous piece of work that soothed my soul after the horror that was TFA. I said this was the year I'd make that right, and damn it, I'm gonna :)

What sums up this chapter for me is that it gave me exactly what I was looking for: hope.
Sofie.C chapter 5 . 2/7/2017
Great to read about Han reflections on his marriage, their children and all those content and happy they have been granted before everything got to hell. You actually made me smile about Ben, enjoying and cherishing his little sister. Putting his and Leias memories together we get an a lot more pleasurable idea of their marriage than TFA intended us to have.
I also agree, "Even in light of all that had happened to them and between them, he would never wish away whatd had together," because there has been a long period of happiness, "plenty of good times."
Which is why there will be a way out of this for him, right?

I see the image of Leia (reaching out to Han) and Rey sitting in the Falcons cockpit, while this fleeting moment of connection between husband and wife.
Sofie.C chapter 4 . 2/7/2017
For some reasons, I cannot quite explain, I came back to re-read "Remain in Light" today.
Maybe because I had a rough day at work and felt sick and tired by the time I got home and I needed something to be gotten fixed and what does need some fixing the most? Exactly - TFA. And what better way to fix it than to have Han being still alive and Rey (I agree, of Leia and Han would have named their daughter after Breha Organa) being their daughter? And what makes it even better, I can just sit back and enjoy someone else having done all the fixing - which you did in a most amazing and highly enjoyable way - because in RL I have a lot of fixing to do myself ... Well, I am rambling now, but anyway, I am glad, I came back to this.

But seriously, because I never did before, I would like to tell you, how much I am still enjoying your story and this chapter in particular. I always thought it to be a shame we have never seen Leia and Maz interacting and here it comes: The most meaningful and moving conversation between these two females anyone could have thought of. There are so many intense and heartfelt emotions transpiring here and I think you have written Leia as well as Maz very much in character. Of course Maz would push and challenge Leia, not too hard, but hard enough Leia could not escape her feelings anymore. Loved you have started this chapter with Maz seeing the truth in Leias eyes.
Also you made it pretty plain, Maz does have an understanding about the dynamics between Leia and Han, explaining to Leia why Han has not told her about THEIR DAUGHTER, because he wanted to make sure, he could bring Breha/Rey back to Leia in person and for real, before telling her.

Loved the part about Leia and Rey, your beautifully written first lines about Leia watching her sleeping daughter and musing about the bittersweetness of sending Han to bring their son home and how he has sent Breha instead. Though I imagine Han probably spent the better part of the flight towards Starkiller Base contemplating if there would be a way to bring both their children home.
Next comes your wonderful description of Leia walking through the Falcon, bathing in sweet (Bespin, I would love to read something about that journey from you, your lines here are just so lovely) and bittersweet memories (Solo family traveling to transfer their children to Luke). Also loved Rey stating the Falcon felt like home to her and how it became like some kind of a safe place to her. Leia directing Rey to the pilots seat, while she takes the copilots seat has been another adorable and touching moment and a perfect setting up to the moment when she is finally able to connect to Han through to force - just "as the sun rose over the horizon". With Rey at her side - of course. Great line about the change of name form Breha to Rey has not only been easy to accept for Leia, but actually helped her to deal with having her daughter back in her life.

I assume it must have been pretty hard to start writing this immediately after TFA came out, but you did absolutely well with this story, and the Han/Leia relation gets back its dignity and iconic status.
AndyOlympus chapter 16 . 1/11/2017
This was a marvelous story. I know that you have written other stories with Han and Leia, and it shows. You have the characters down. While your Han and Leia characterizations were spot on, I think that Chewbacca stole the scene whenever he was in it (the last chapter especially). He brought a smile to my face.

The story was intriguing, and I loved how Han got off of Starkiller Base. There were a lot of moving parts that finally got Han back to Leia. I usually don't talk about FanFiction with my husband because he doesn't have an interest in it, but I had to share with him the plot of your story. I liked your story so much I just had to annoy him with the details.

The Rey/Poe touches were very sweet. While there were things I didn't like about TFA, *cough*Kylo Ren*cough*, I really loved both Rey and Poe. I appreciate the smidgen of Damerey.
Momm2five chapter 14 . 12/14/2016
I absolutely HATE what Disney has done to Star Wars. And George Lucas . . . have never liked him, lol!
I love this story. Even though I don't acknowledge *Ben Solo* or Kylo Ren. Nope.
I really wish the movie would go like this. It would be easier to swallow. As it is, I won't even be buying the dvd.

Sorry to hear you are finished with this storyline, but I totally understand.

Again, great story, you did what Dumbass Abrams, Disney, and Georgie wouldn't.

Thank you!
MrsScruffyNerfherder chapter 14 . 11/25/2016
(catching up on old stories) I'm happy you are ignoring TFA from now on. TFA didn't happen. Just a bad nightmare.
Cicatrick chapter 3 . 11/4/2016
Absolutely nightmarish! To incredible effect. This chapter wields such medical horror in its disembodiment, so much more powerful than graphic gore. Poor Han. His shock and grief are awful, but where you really get me is in his grim lack of self-reprieve- it's time to get moving-and how you've situated that as a terminus to Han's more tender reminiscences about his small son. Very subtle, evocative of not only Han's characteristic lack of self-pity or rumination, his ability to focus exclusively on kinetic reality, but also the potential spur of his ultimate motivation: the last word before he opts for action is "Leia."
Cicatrick chapter 2 . 10/20/2016
The way you move this chapter from agony to ferocious, tenuous love stops me every time, trying to find the joins and seams, but I never can. It's so truly Leia that to read it feels as though I'm immersed in her both passionate and disciplined consciousness. It hurts and it's beautiful. I feel cheated and furious and devastated and resolved. I'm also struck by the rightness of your obsevation that Leia can be fondly bemused by Luke's thoughts of an afterlife right up until Han is possibly lost to one, and then she leaps frantically after the concept. Very well-obseved and authentic human behavior.
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