Reviews for Tuna Fish and Red-Splattered Pages
lightarrow chapter 50 . 4/24
So... I am collecting the eevelutions and decided to name my leafeon Frank... I hope nothing bad happens to my other eevee's
Anime Nightwing39 chapter 50 . 4/23
Sentimi chapter 50 . 4/16
I'm in love with this story and just want to say thank you for writing it!
bunnyxstar chapter 50 . 4/15
Im crying finally Naruto has his parents

love this story so much please continue
Someguy-youknow chapter 50 . 4/13
Bruhhhhh, hurry up!
Curious-Brunette13 chapter 50 . 4/12
Loving what you wrote so far! Can’t wait to see more!


P.S.- Will Naruto ever get to try tuna?
Guest chapter 50 . 4/11
Is this what Love feels like? I admit, I was a tad apprehensive just because of how outlandish the summary was. However, this was everything I ever wanted and everything i didn’t know I needed! I hope you’re doing okey! I’m probably going to go check out your other fanfics, especially if they’re as amazing as this one!
TheDeadGirlRisen chapter 50 . 4/9
soo good this is lije my fifth time reading it... my second with this newest chapter. the fur is amazing you know what would be awesome if madara hashirama and tobirama team up to make him look like a miny them.

tobirama: he coupd wear a fur thing like me
madara: he already uses my gunbai and his hair is more inclined to be spiky
hashirama: we could get him armour based on my style!

it would be pretty cute with all the fhost pestering him to do it and izuna just silently laughing at him
12anarose chapter 50 . 4/9
Excited for your next chapter! ;)
TheDeadGirlRisen chapter 41 . 4/9
heyyyy miki and tamaki! (when you notice characters more well known in the other madahashi story xD)
Karuyuki chapter 1 . 4/8
This is an excellent story...looking forward to the next chapter
wilddog1234 chapter 1 . 4/8
THIS STORY IS AWESOME! I love this epic that you are conjuring! At first, when you started bringing in a lot of ghosts, I wasn't sure how that would be translated in. I thought maybe you were trying to kind of shoehorn it in and ruin everything in trying to do something supernatural but these last few chapters just brought everything together beautifully. You have a wonderfully practiced talent for writing an engaging story with a good mix of humor and drama. I look forward to seeing what else you do with this in later chapters.
CasualGryphon chapter 50 . 4/3
First of all: How Dare you
Second of all: .YOU
Too many feels, too many fluff reached my yearly quota for crying my goddamn eyes out in a single chapter so dude or dudette...THIS IF FRIGGIN' GOLD AND YOU'RE SO FRIGGIN' WONDERFUL! T-T)
Riptide04 chapter 50 . 4/1
Jesus, I hope to GOD that Danzo gets what's coming to him. Good story, it's really unique and the characters have interesting personalities, backstories, and skills that other fanfics just don't have.
Qia13 chapter 3 . 4/1
Danzo is the Umbridge in Naruto universe
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