Reviews for The Legacy of Wrath
Guest chapter 9 . 6/8
So as much as I like this it seems really weird how everyone is treating an attack on Aria, a criminal however famous, like someone tried to assassinate a legit head of state.
Sir Something chapter 17 . 6/4
Good chapter, just a few notes:

You keep using 'Sprites' when it should be 'Spirits'
"Yer because when people..." yeah, and I think you missed a comma after that
And finally, "gory yet efficient manoevre." Misspelled manoeuvre.

Now that that's out of the way, I liked this, in particular, Jack and Asura. I love the dynamic between the two.
dnguyen686 chapter 17 . 6/4
I just realize something, does this story also include dlc characters as well? Like Jarvis or something like overlord. Gosh overlord ending was sad XC I wonder how asura feels about that.
helkil chapter 17 . 6/4
i hope shepard believes in the shikoku religion
Artyom-Dreizehn chapter 17 . 6/4
Thumbs up and Looking forward for the next one!
kerrowe chapter 17 . 6/4
This was a long time wait for this chapter. Glad it came around!

Though right now it feels like build up. Build up for the next interesting moment!
So I really hope for more soon.
Phantom Symbiote chapter 17 . 6/4
thank God it's miss this story also quistion will asura join sheper group?
Trife chapter 15 . 5/6
I’ve got to ask, how has no one figured out who Asura is yet? You’ve got two organizations that are being run or hold really high positions by people the seem to be from Asura’s time. He puts out mantra like it’s goig out of style and bigger then anyone it seems. Also, has anyone bothered to collect a DNA sample yet? The guy has bleed more than enough for someone to collect some and run tests on.

Trife chapter 4 . 4/25
I’d like to suggest cutting down on all the snots and sputtering that you have the characters doing. It’s almost every other paragraph that it happens. Find some other ways to describe their reactions.

Galer chapter 16 . 3/20
Oh shit not this God complexed asshole againt
dnguyen686 chapter 16 . 3/15
This is so amazing, I cannot comprehend how excited I'm am for the next chapter, also does asura have any descendents or no?
kerrowe chapter 16 . 3/14
I'm really looking forward to seeing how things will progress. Everything so far has gotten me interested.
Hoping for more.
kerrowe chapter 9 . 3/14
Still reading this. Getting quite excited and this is a lot different than I expected.
DragonMaster4872 chapter 16 . 2/18
This story is awesome! Hope you keep updating.
Drgyen chapter 11 . 2/17
Scratch half my theory on what I recently review, Cerberus is working for a Shinkoku.

Asura’s reasons for protecting Liara speaks volumes: he is doing this because he has nothing else left and Liara is the first person to meet and befriended.

Really amusing to find Jack of all people telling Asura to “chill out.”

And the introduction of the “Reclamationists”. If they and humanity knew how Mantra was harvested and what the Shinkoku actually do with humanity.
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