Reviews for Read the Last Page First
Calindy chapter 132 . 7/17
75 Golden camels more elaborate?
delia cerrano chapter 131 . 7/9
Interesting view of goblins, their lives ,their politics and how they view the magical world.
Calindy chapter 131 . 7/9
She doesn't just like him Harry
Calindy chapter 130 . 7/5
Hmmm. Lessons in Slytherin guile.
Dancing-Souls chapter 129 . 6/23
I feel like Draco could use his sort of apologies to his advantage. It would easily annoy the others if he sent flowers and chocolates for every little thing. Hahaha
Dancing-Souls chapter 128 . 6/13
Lovely I’m looking forward to this new and interesting dynamic.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/9
I'm confused. Do I read from the last chapter going backwards? XD
Calindy chapter 126 . 5/9
Harry's not stupid after all.
KnowInsight chapter 125 . 5/3
Lol. Draco takes the Grifindor path. Lol.
Guest chapter 125 . 5/3
Yes! A new chapter!
Snape was much less angry than I would have thought.
Is it part of the revenge plan that Harry is in the office when he gets called there injured?
Guest chapter 124 . 4/24
How about her transfiguring his clothes to the ones he was wearing at that bar. While he is in the great hall. Or posting some kind of memory photograph of that event all over the school
Calindy chapter 124 . 4/21
Ack!.. think like a Slytherin? Or think like Hermione. She could be brutal and involve Trelawney.
KnowInsight chapter 123 . 4/12
Calindy chapter 122 . 4/11
I continuously enjoy how constantly surprised Draco is when Harry shows some smarts.
delia cerrano chapter 119 . 4/11
Like these developments a lot...keep going please. Even your Pansy is being cool at least with Draco.
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