Reviews for Prana
HellsMaji chapter 23 . 7/14/2018
Don't really like this last chapter. I mean seriously, castle was just going to stand there and watch her fall to her death. Seems pretty pathetic to me.
AdonisAquarian chapter 23 . 11/30/2017
Great story... Really captured there emotions brilliantly especially Castle... Haven't read a better FanFic this year
jpwood chapter 23 . 10/20/2017
man this story was intense... talk about a great season this woulda made...this made me laugh, got me upset, made me sad, made me happy... great job
Guest chapter 23 . 9/14/2017
Ohhh such a good story
tanyapotter chapter 1 . 4/15/2017
What a wonderful reimagining of season four. And it all fit together so well. Truly a great read. Thank you for writing it.
elaesela chapter 23 . 11/12/2016
I read this story overnight until Chapter 15 just to wake up and meet the remaining chapters was not what I expected, or what made me feel the first chapters. Don't misunderstand me, I appreciate that you have finished the story with a happy ending but I think much of what was built with the characters lost, I hate Kate that hurts Rick for not to hurt herself and yet he still there waiting for her, as if she had even a minimum degree of dignity, it's nice to be unsure and that she is his inspiration, but to come out with another and to tell him making him see that he is the culprit because another she feels no suffer is how a million steps back on what they had built, I was a little upset scene swings. I do not like to criticize, most of the time an author writes from his point of view and I just like to read, but such a beautiful story breaks my heart, it's a little sad. But thanks for writing.
Guest chapter 23 . 10/20/2016
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I enjoyed this story so much
Guest chapter 23 . 10/16/2016
Last 4 chapters were so spoiled the story. I hope one day you can go back and write a proper ending to this AU, it all went downhill after the date unfortunately
Guest chapter 19 . 10/16/2016
This chapter ruined the story. You try and make Beckett going out on a date as insignificant... and it isn't. Castle's reaction is ridiculous also. You needed to make him pull back and yet you had him begging for scraps after she basically spat on everything they were. How does any of it make sense?
Guest chapter 22 . 9/5/2016
Maybe I missed something, but wouldn't Castle know who Ryan and Esposito are if he attended Ryan's wedding with Beckett? Other than that, it's a good story.
SeannysMom chapter 23 . 7/29/2016
Very original and good story ! Thank you
ProudlyUnique chapter 23 . 6/25/2016
Absolute perfection, I just loved the whole story. The best part: definitely Kate's character development. I hope you write more stories, you're so damn talented.
Guest chapter 23 . 6/19/2016
I enjoye every single chapter. You are a great writer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing the characters to life for me.
Guest chapter 23 . 6/7/2016
I liked this story, especially the beginning when it wasn't similar to the show. Because after you tried to stick to what we see even if it didn't fit with your story. Beckett going out with Hunt made sense in the show because Castle was a total jerk to her and was sleeping around but here ? Not at all. Same for the swings scene and the rooftop scene that kind of came out of nowhere. It was still a likeable story but I think next time you should just stick with the AU you created , which was good enough :)
Guest chapter 20 . 6/7/2016
Oh my god Castle is so whiny it's now annoying
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