Reviews for Raptor
BaddieDZ2 chapter 1 . 12/4
Ah, 263 stories. You're just too stupid to finish this one, I guess. No hard feelings. I get it. You're an idiot, probably need assistance even breathing and operating like a normal human being. Whatever.
EchoTheHybrid chapter 25 . 11/30
Pleeease contine !
EchoTheHybrid chapter 11 . 11/30
917brat chapter 8 . 11/29
This is wonderful and I hope that you update this again soon because it really does sound amazing so far.
erik chapter 25 . 11/24
A great fun read and it's not finished.
littleditto chapter 25 . 11/17
This is all sorts of amazing. Kudos on this fic. It keeps going back and forth between hilarious and inspired.

I hope you decide to one day continue this
zackie1987 chapter 25 . 11/13
More please it's really good
eeveemaster chapter 25 . 11/9
i really enjoyed reading this. not everyday harry gets a raptor egg to raise and coincidentally helps run jurassic park,so i was greatly entertained (probably as entertained as the group is now ). so thank you for writing this, and i know there is close to none chance you will update again, so i will miss harry's feats with his raptor team. know what? lets stop with this formal stuff. lets PAR-TAY!
yaoiaiss chapter 25 . 10/24
absolutely great story , wish I could read more , very nice blending , I would have loved though if you included the magical parc that harry discussed making earlier in the story , with dragons and stuff and who knows there might be some magical creatures extinct to revive , some ancient form of dragons for instance ( or though it would be highly reckless possibly very very dangerous a blending between raptors and dragons :p )
jrenn185 chapter 25 . 10/10
dude, please continue or finish the story! you literally have a story with 600k words and 2... ish hundred chapters. i can't believe nor will i believe that someone with an imagination equal to les miserable (i garentee i misspelled that) can't figure out how to finish or continue this amazing story!
jrenn185 chapter 25 . 10/10
dude please continue or finish this story! you literally have a story with 600k words and 2... ish hundred chapters. i can't imagine someone with the imagination equivelent of les miserabe (i garentee
Valinda Blade chapter 25 . 10/8
This story is awesome, but it seems there should be at least one more chapter to finish off the story. It would be really nice to see it finished off. I'm going to check your other stories now as I really really enjoyed this one.
smiles2go chapter 25 . 10/2
Excellent premise
SixFtWookie chapter 19 . 9/13
If there were a drinking game based on Harry explaining the Alpha pack, I would be dead from alcohol poisoning. Funny story though, enjoying almost all of it.
Marcus Rowland chapter 25 . 9/12
I didn't think this crossover would work but I'm enjoying it a lot, looking forward to more.
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