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Guest chapter 98 . 12/3

I remember a while back Yang and Ruby saying they had a theory as to why they thought Taiyang got together with Summer soon after Raven, but I had no idea that was it. It's understandable seeing why they thought that even though it was not true, but knowing what they thought and seeing all the pain it caused...just ouch.

Keep up the good work!
Destructorbolt chapter 98 . 12/3
that chapter was an emotional rollercoaster. but it was so well done. amazing work with these characters, inspirational stuff
emap7070 chapter 98 . 12/1
Im crying. Im actually, honestly, crying. my phone is getting wet, fuck you you goddamned wordsmith. Stupendous job with this chapter.. But fuck you.
Shieldstorm chapter 98 . 12/1
Wow. What a great chapter! I've never cried so hard in my life at that ending.
Jack Inqu chapter 98 . 11/30
...yeah. That was a rough one, no doubt about it, and was painful, but sometimes, you have to clean a wound, get all the grime, dirt, and other nastiness out of it before you can start to heal. The process hurts like hell, but it's necessary.

Ah, so that explains why Raven hasn't just portaled to Summer, and why she's convinced Summer is still alive. Though that raises some very disturbing questions about what actually is going on with Summer...

It makes sense that Yang would think that about her family, and that she, in a moment of frustrated rage, would say something so hurtful to Ruby. It breaks my heart to imagine it, but...yeah. It's realistic.

You can't change the past. Raven can't fix what she's broke. But that doesn't mean that something new can't be built. They can't get back what they once had, but maybe, over a long, slow process, they can make something new and, it's own way, better than what they had before. I hope so, at least.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
Guest chapter 98 . 11/29
Can the mothers of rwby be together like meet willow and kali
meerkatman22 chapter 98 . 11/28
I laughed when I first saw the chapter title, but it was apparently very indicative of the heaping mess of emotion that awaited me.
Hmm. I'm no expert on emotions, due to not really feeling a whole lot of them day to day, but I can still tell what's sad and tragic and awful and jesus christ what the hell was that. There's a line, fine or otherwise, between writing 'tragedy' and writing something that actually makes someone sad. Which this most certainly does, because when I reread it, I noticed that my sympathy response was activated, and I felt the urge to reach into the story and comfort her.
Usually when I write reviews, I try to be witty, clever, or otherwise interesting, but it doesn't feel right to do that here. This was actually sad, and for some strange reason I feel bad for this fictional character and the struggles they wentn't through.
And if that's not a testament to your writing skill, I don't know what is.
(at least the girls gained a new power? mecha limbs, and stuff?)
DragonANGL chapter 98 . 11/28
Oof, a feels chapter. All the feels. With a good ending!

..also, we get to see what Yang's special Glyph setting is - Ruby gets Speedymore, Blake's not seen/experimented enough yet? But Yang taps into the power of birds, and gets another Crow ability! Or in this case, a Velvet Crowe's Therionized claw (Tales of Berseria)?

Thanks for the chapter!
Zoro50 chapter 98 . 11/28
Thank you for this. I really enjoyed every overwrought emotional moment. Well done!
Nagaichi chapter 98 . 11/27
Such a great work of writing. Loved it
W8W chapter 98 . 11/27
This chapter was very heavy emotionally but I really like subjects they talked about.

Yang starts with safe question and Raven answer is probably the best. Girls can take over family business after mom if they wants to but there is no pressure to do it (and Raven mention that they have alternatives)

Idea of Roman rising sisters in his criminal empire is definitely funny/morbid.

Topic of last name have become much more gloom than I thought.

Question about Raven not taking family with her was reasonable as well as her answer.

Question about portal and Raven demonstration were very interesting but it really took turn to the worst. At first I was in agreement with Raven that it is proof but Yang brought good argument for it not being a case. Yang furry about false hope is understandable.

Yang also is right that Raven was wrong in her assessment of girls life.

Girls making their own narrative because they don't get answers is interesting idea. Most of their conclusions are logical but one thing don't quite fit. Why Yang think that Summer went away because she grow sick of rising somebody else kid? She didn't knew about Raven immediately and Summer was proclaimed dead. Still idea of homewrecker and Ruby being fruit of affair that chased Raven away is really clever way for something that Yang may yell about at her sister. I really like result with blond immediately regretting it, Ruby forgiving and it still being really shameful moment for older sister.

It all obviously got Yang very upset and Raven mental state was most likely not the best after this revelation. So it is understandable why blonde attack and with 3 semblances combine (violet would suggest Blake involvement as well but I didn't see anything from her semblance) with fast and powerful assault Raven grated experience and skills were meaningless as her own despair stopped her from running until it was too late. Like I suspected Yang have Mecha Gigas as a summon (Winter will be so angry about being one upped once again).

Like with yelling on Ruby Yang immediately regrets her actions. Raven taking care of her wounds was impressive display, clever use of the portal.

It all went bad but this talk was really necessary if they are to have chance to improve they relationship. It will not be easy but I don't think that it will be hopeless and both of them are driven.

Anyway very good chapter. Unfortunately no new information about airship from last chapter.
Sergeant Sargent II chapter 1 . 11/27
semblance-based field medicine to fix a collapsing lung! badass as fuck!

i sympathize with the the self doubt that comes with writing extreme emotion into a scene. it read perfectly to me though. everything was perfectly on tone and believable, good pacing, good writing. nothing broke my immersion at all. other readers mileage may vary, but i liked it.

the layered old and new lightning scars on ravens arm was an awesome touch.

i feel like becon would have a huge focus on medical training. it's not an angle many authors go for.

years ago i opened this story expecting smut and was not prepaded for the ride you've taken us for instead. this is one of my favorite stories, fanfic or published. thankyou for writing it.
heartfanglives chapter 98 . 11/27
So obviously this chapter was focused on the feels, but my main take aways were yangs awesome summon arm and the strong desire for someone to write an au to this story with Roman raising the girls and causing havoc
Hellwyrm chapter 98 . 11/26
'Mistakes Were Made'

Understatement much? Though one neat thing has come of it, Yang has discoveref yet more semblance fuckery that will make their team OP beyond anything seen in their world. Rubes is gonna go bananas over it once Yang manages to collect herself and tell her.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume it's some sort of aura corruption that is interfering with Raven's connection to Summer. What ever Salem(or who ever has captured her FOR Salem) has done has corrupted her soul and left her in a very bad way. I do love that little attention to detail about how many layers of scars are on Raven's arm from her numerous attempts to reach Summer.

I'm glad to see how things turned out, this will be the start of Yang being able to mend her relationship with Raven and possibly forgive herself for what happened with Ruby when they were younger.

I can only imagine how Roman and Tai will react to how badly Raven was injured. Knowing Roman he'll be smug as fuck about it while teasing her about how this is what she gets for being afraid of a couple of teenagers. Tai will probably be fretting over her like a mother hen.

Hope your Thanksgiving went well, ours wasn't so hot. I hope the rest of your holidays go well. Looking forward to the next one when it comes, til then, safe travels and good health friend.
ExploerTM chapter 98 . 11/26
I am a bad person and going straight to hell for this.


I can't help but think that if Yang actually killed Raven it would've been hilarious on some level. Especially with Raven being so confident saying that Yang woulnt have killed her anyway (ignoring that if not for the portals she most likely would've chocked on her own blood)
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