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Rios chapter 90 . 11h
Still a legend, and still an amazing story
And is Ilia falling for Penny?
adolebitque chapter 90 . 9/29
Great story, looking forward to the next chapters !
Kosyan chapter 90 . 9/26
I was answered in person, but the author seems to read the reviews... How do you feel about the translation of your work (in part, given the size) into Russian?
dark dhampir chapter 90 . 9/25
I kind of expect Kali will insist on giving her grandchildren The Talk herself when the time comes.

So, we finally learn what the dreams are about . . . Except we don’t. More questions are raised than answers. And the possibilities are intriguing and terrifying.

I suspect that Sienna might just prove more troublesome than Adam. At least, right now she represents a different threat. Like Jacques, she seems more subtle rather than the type to just run up with a sword (or an army) and try to fight. Which means luring either of them into a trap is tat much harder.
Guest chapter 90 . 9/23
So now Sienna has joined the fray. I'm guessing she's not happy that Blake mated 3 humans, especially a Schnee. Good thing Kali and Ghira will be there to help back them up.

And now I'm really curious about the dress Blake wants to wear to the dance!
WhitepawtheWolf chapter 65 . 9/23
Ah that's right, it was in this chapter that team PINC really wormed its way into my mind, in particular that part where the four of them were described in the same sentence hanging around listening to RWBY's conversation. I'm pretty sure I had a passing thought of Penny, Ilia, and Neo together back during one of the boat chapters, but then with Ciel here, my mind absolutely screamed "Team PINC!"
Mugen-Muse chapter 90 . 9/23
Given the circumstances, I imagine Sienna Khan would be glad to help Yang and Kali if presented with an opportunity to express their displeasure at Adam Taurus. What's the point in fighting for Faunus when one doesn't even know what that means?
FreezingDragon chapter 90 . 9/22
I’m a little confused and concerned about what the belladonnas said about a mate being on deaths door. We know weiss’ injury was severe but is she dying!?
WhitepawtheWolf chapter 68 . 9/22
I noticed a lot of reviews on this one theorizing Semblance combos, so I might as well pitch some of my ideas as well.

There's the obvious Speed Velocity Glyph, potentially followed up by a superspeed superstrength punch/kick. I also really liked the idea of Barrier glyphs being able to absorb damage for fueling Yang's semblance.

Now on to my actual ideas I haven't seen anyone else say yet: I thought it would be neat if using Blake's semblance like in canon (leave clone behind to take a hit), combo it with Ruby's speed to confuse the hell out of the opponent (assuming they don't know about both semblances and the affinity).

Which leads me into a powerful question: Can clones use the others' semblances? Bonus distraction petals/balls of speed when using Ruby's semblance, or when/if Blake's clones start to become physical, them using Yang's semblance would be terrifying as hell. It would also be absolutely incredible to program a clone to use glyphs so you can focus on something else (even if setting up such clones would probably be migraine-inducing the first few times).
ArashiNokitsune chapter 90 . 9/22
well as it goes some questions have been answered and more have surfaced the fact that the team is not completely safe from Adam even in dreams seems to be a crazy can of worms all in its own, hopefully Blake's parents can find the answers they need let alone the fact that they are still having that Dreamscape even though the danger has passed as they said...
Lunaludus Scribex chapter 90 . 9/21
Always good to see more of this story.

Adam having a link to the dreams has been a dangling plot thread for a while now, and it's good to see it getting some attention. Presumably, whatever connection he has is through his old mark having been repurposed by RWBY.

Which raises a tangential question: What does that mean for Blake with regards to Coco and Velvet? She did the same thing for their Mating that Adam unknowingly did for hers. Will there be a similar sort of connection with that couple?

Looking forward to the next chapter!
W8W chapter 90 . 9/20
Another nice chapter. It don't feel like lore dump for me, more like answer for question that was lingering for quite some time(dream). Interesting idea, for frequency 2 possible explanations come to my mind. Adam connection and his desire to kill them girls, tricked bond into life threatening assumption. Other is fact that silver eyes power is activated by desire to protect and they somehow strengthen bond.

Yang and Blake interaction with Beladonas are also lots of fun. Definitely parents in law that anybody would want.

Sienna will be definitely interesting to see. She may be willing to be violent but she is reasonable or at least pragmatic. I am only guessing but she come because situation at beacon is so confusing and complicated that she want first hand information before making any decision.

Very interesting idea that White Fang only teach hate and more or less is destroying fanus culture more effective than any anty fanus racists. It is definitely something that has to be taken care of.

Why I have feeling that this dress is used in stage three?

I wonder if we will see summoning experiments.

I am happy to hear that you have plans for future arc even if it will not accelerate publishing it decrease chances of this great story being dropped.
MarauderPrime12 chapter 90 . 9/20
Excellent chapter
Hellwyrm chapter 90 . 9/20
I had a smile through the whole chapter, I love the little scenes like this with family interacting. Probably a side effect of me having practically no family to speak of, but I definitely enjoy it no matter what possible connotations it has for me lol.

Looking forward to Winter time, and Raven, Roman and Tai when we get back around to it. Wonder how many more times RWBY is going to break the brain of everyone involved before this show is over.
coffeencurry chapter 90 . 9/19
one of the most wholesome things i have ever read. which i never expected to say about this type of story, given the premise. i kept seeing it pop up when looking for new things to read & one day just decided to give it a go. i was then glued to my phone/computer for four days in a row, binging chapter after chapter every waking moment i possibly could in those four days. including moments when i definitely was supposed to be doing other things. time would just melt away and all i could think of was reading more. looking at some of the other reviews i am glad that others experienced a similar type of reality distortion. the adorable friendships, relationships, & family bonds. the awesome affinity thing that i have never seen anywhere else. the love & respect RWBY consistently show each other. the distinct lack of idiot balls to create useless drama that could have been avoided. the epic conflicts & battles. the way everyone has someone to rely on so that no one is left out. the way the villains from the show have been handled far better than in the show. this is so refreshing to read compared to some of the other popular stories in the RWBY archive. one of the few times for me that a romance is thoroughly enjoyable to read. looking forward to seeing everything that comes next & hopefully how it all will end!
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