Reviews for Dark Heir
Driftingxinxbetween chapter 59 . 10/13
Seriously? Inviting Black to his home really enjoyed up to that point. Just increadably disappointed this will end up another buddy Black Light story. Over all a fun story just not liking new direction.
Guest chapter 138 . 7/12
Huh! How dare you end such an amazing story there at such a, such a , a cliffhanger of sorts! It's really annoying you know! You should become an author but with your own characters, obviously!
Siennapithers01 chapter 8 . 6/10
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Guest chapter 3 . 5/2
the snakes name is the same as the aztec god
Stephanie MRV chapter 18 . 3/22
Not daphne
I had such high Hope's for a dark hermione
fireworks700 chapter 138 . 3/21
This was good.
Doc Junior chapter 138 . 3/6
thanks for the story
Doc Junior chapter 96 . 3/6
i agree the real story now begins !
Doc Junior chapter 94 . 3/6
Now this is becoming to be interesting, lets see how it evolves !
Doc Junior chapter 92 . 3/6
poor blind Dumbledore unable to see that he is facing Voldemort which surprises me
Doc Junior chapter 80 . 3/6
Harry is not very dark, he was struggling to find his strengh as in the cannon world but he is supposed to have been raised by a dark lord ! he should know better ! and know he is shy to ask for the ball,i'm sorry but this is not really realistic neither creative to follow so much the cannon world when we wait for changes and a AU story, i already regreted that you followed so much the books but i at least hoped for more changes than this, that is sad, of course you change some thing, you add a fight with ron but this is Nothing big, letsd hope and wait as it is not Voldemort who organised harry's name to be put in the cup, maybe there at the end of this year we finally get to have some changes
Doc Junior chapter 52 . 3/5
yeah nice
Doc Junior chapter 50 . 3/5
A little sad this follows so fainthfully the cannon books, i mean the best when you read a fanfiction like this were all the past is changed in an AU is that things goes completely different, yet i enjioy it but less than the dark prince trilogy
Doc Junior chapter 45 . 3/4
I don't get it, how could not Dumbledore not find out who is Harry and Sirius could only by a look on a picture even if Harry is too old to be Harry, it doesn't make sense, or at least you should explain it a little more to make it less unbelivable (yes i'm not saying belivable cause it's not according to me), make Sirius doubt, ask himself how that could possibly be etc... as for lily's eyes, then snape should have realised it sooner, i'm how cqn't Dumbledore not find out or snape as they got to see harrish five years !
It makes me feel like you just use this to get events as in cannon universe
(still i like reading your story but i had to say this)
Doc Junior chapter 30 . 3/4
how did Harry get the stone from the Mirror ? Dumbledore protection should have stopped him normally ?
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