Reviews for Words Will Never Hurt Me
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 3/7/2016
I am very impressed by this story, as you manage to get across just how fixated Jeff and Peter are in ensuring that Harvey knows his place, even if (they think) he is not around to hear that. From just a few simple but shocking sentences, we learn that Jeff and Peter see Harvey so far beneath them, they actually think that he should have died when he was born! They see his existence as a waste of space, contaminating their place in the world. Jeff is obviously the leader of such a discussion, although since Harvey came across the conversation in the middle, it isn't known for sure who began the discussion. However, since Peter naturally follows his lead, it is almost certain that Jeff would have started things off.

Apart from following directives from the Headmaster and working with the other Prefects, it's show repeatedly that Jeff's overwhelming pleasure in life is to torment Harvey as much as possible, grinding him down relentlessly every day, even though by now, he has made clear to Harvey what his 'place' is. Now, Jeff is just tormenting Harvey because he can and because he enjoys doing so, knowing that there will be no repercussions. The way he describes what happened earlier to Peter indicates that he torments Harvey if he happens to be in range, regardless if Harvey has broken the rules or not, and in this case, he hasn't done anything at all.

While Peter is not exactly as obsessed as Jeff in hurting and tormenting Harvey as much as possible, like Jeff, he has a nasty streak. He is positively gleeful as Jeff describes what happened that morning, praising Jeff for putting Harvey in his place. As Jeff begins describing how 'useless' Harvey is, Peter adds his own contributions, declaring, like Jeff, that Harvey is so useless, that it is better that he had been born dead or died after being born.

This is another of your stories that simultaneously give me the urge to hug Harvey and bash Jeff and Peter! Poor Harvey goes through so much in such a short space of time. While being sent on an errand by Rose means he escapes being watched by her, it doesn't mean that Harvey is glad about what he's been told to do. Not only does he have to go out into the open to get to the Prefect's room (where he does indeed encounter something he wishes he hadn't), some of the other Prefects might well be in the Prefects room when he goes to retrieve the folder. While this isn't the case, he is completely broken down when he overhears what Jeff and Peter say about him, since it's even worse than usual, and they also taunt him as he flees to the toilet. He is so ashamed that he doesn't tell anyone else, not even his own brother, who he might tell normally. Instead, he hides what he heard away, showing how sensitive the subject is by snapping at Dinah when she tries to get him to say what upset him so much on that day. Harvey is so traumatised by what Jeff and Peter said, he only reveals what happened years afterwards.