Reviews for And so the Soviets Conquered
Jarhead9000 chapter 18 . 9/30/2022
Huzzah! It lives!
emilio3000 chapter 1 . 9/10/2022
Omg your not dead. Thank you for the chapter
Rory chapter 18 . 9/9/2022
Itami has good intentions but his plan is dumb.

Dark magic?
CTVS chapter 18 . 9/9/2022
Who is Lupa again?
szlekane chapter 18 . 9/6/2022
And thus my withdrawal for this story continues...
Seawolf321 chapter 18 . 9/4/2022
This story is not dead, I like that this story is not dead.
SpudyPotato chapter 18 . 9/4/2022
Yay not dead! This story would come to mind from time to time and I'd lament it's possible death. Glad to see it's not over yet!
AyeJimmy123 chapter 18 . 9/3/2022
Vulviingah chapter 6 . 9/2/2022
Fun Fact; The rank of Lieutenant is a wee bit higher than Sergeant. Most people, like me until i decided to see if it was correct, naturally believe Sergeant is higher.
Guest chapter 18 . 9/2/2022

InoSaku chapter 17 . 9/1/2022
"So she's blind then? Albino maybe? Or just deformed?"

Maybe she has the byakugan.
FORD B chapter 18 . 8/31/2022
Great update!
last admiral chapter 18 . 8/31/2022
Man, i want itami to get fragged.
TheJoker96Italia chapter 18 . 8/31/2022
YOU'RE BACK! ️ ️ ️ ️

I believed this story was abandoned, but you're back! ️

I can't wait to see the battle with the Dragon and the inevitable war with the JSDF

I was tjinking: since the Soviets are more magic users by their side maaaaybe thay can discover new tech stuff and have a really big tech advancement.

Just an idea XD

P. S. Sorry for my English.

P. P. S. I hope one day you make a story like that but with the Nod of Command & Conquer or the Soviets of Red Alert
Krannesca chapter 18 . 8/30/2022
thanks for the Update man.
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