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vandarling chapter 71 . 1/30
Oh. My. God.

This was such a roller coaster. First, I've gotta say that I found this story about a week ago and binged read it every chance I got - laying in bed (when I should have been going to sleep), on the couch, in the bathroom, at work... got lucky with that one, working in the cash office certainly has it's perks: like being in a small room all by yourself, with no customers to watch you continuously pick your phone up (heh, oops). My mom shook her head at me multiple times because I was constantly staring at my phone, and I "should go read one of the hundred books in my bookshelf, it would strain my eyes less." (Again, oops.)

If I'm being honest, the first few chapters really had me unsettled, and I even almost stopped reading it. The story was unfolding nicely, but the POV kept switching between First and Third Person, and that's a serious pet peeve of mine (;-;). Now, though, I'm thanking my gut that told me to just keep reading it, because it didn't last that long, and I got to read this wonderful story that had me many-a-time near-tears. A part of me wishes that there was a sequel, but your ending was perfect.

You are a spectacular writer; the characters that we know and love were fleshed out and felt like real people, not just a couple of pull-string dolls that say and do the same thing in every fic. Well, maybe except for the anti-gay sports teams trope that seems to follow my poor boys into so many of their worlds; even, still, it was done wonderfully. It didn't feel like the unnecessary, over-played drama that it usually is. What did sort of feel unnecessary, though, was the bit with Nat and Rave. For as much as I love them, they didn't really play any significant sort of role in this story, and it felt like they were thrown into the mix for a hot second, just to say that they made an appearance. It wasn't necessarily bad, but seemed like their names were needlessly stuck onto some hospital-folk for a "just-because." They didn't get to be fleshed out like everybody else; which on one hand, is fine because it wasn't their story, but also, they just didn't seem to serve a purpose.

I fell in love with your versions of our boys, and Marie, and I fell in love with Christine, and even with the few chapters that she was in, I loved Ramona to bits. A little bit of what seemed like R!Edd came out in the early middle there, what with the leather jacket, and the tattoos, and the "Pumpkin." At least, I always associate the nickname with the reverse couple; maybe I'm just not reading the right things, and it's actually just an Edd thing. Either way, I was captivated at how you so flawlessly threaded these things into him, because he was definitely still our same Edd, and yet the completely opposite form of him poked out like it belonged there. I need fan art of this flowered-up boy, if I had the talent I would draw it myself. (Although, now that I've finished the story, I can go looking for that tumblr that so many of your author's notes spoke of; I'm sure there's some satisfying things there.)

Why. Is. Kevin. Always. SO. Tall? I mean, I get it, he's tall. It just seems like he's always getting this unfair growth spurt. Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm over here stuck at 5'6" and at 6'1", my ex used to be the bane of my existence (current boyfriend lucky only having two inches on me) and I just can't imagine Kevin's height. Kevin was good boi . He made his mistakes, for *sure*, but all in all, he always tried his best and he meant well. Ho boy, I sure wanted to strangle him for a minute, but he persisted and in the end, it was okay. Sometimes, I feel like he could do everything wrong, and he would still be a good boi.

Christine. Talk about meaning well. I was in Kevin's boat at first, I wanted to punch her in the face. How dare she show her face after what her and Charles pulled. But she was misguided. She was only trying to do what she thought a mother should and try to help her son live; in the process, she unfortunately forgot to actually be a mother. She redeemed herself well. Her ex-husband, though... I could have sworn that in one of your ANs, that you mentioned we hadn't seen the last of Charles, something about him making a boom or a crash, or... Or maybe I misread the note? Did you plan on introducing him, and then scrapped the idea? Was he forgotten about? Was it him in the car that kept driving by the house? He left me with so many questions.

I have even more questions about Angie, though. What were those dream-esque sequences? Is David Sy's big brother? Angie said she wasn't stuck in the In-Between, like Sy was... and then she left to be... reincarnated as baby Angie? So... Sy's girlfriend is her brother's step-granddaughter? Am I reading too much into it? Was it really all coincidence? I need to know!

On a more personal note (but it does tie with this), in the time that I was reading this, one day, randomly, a memory came to me of my friend showing me a song. For some reason, I immediately needed it. I googled the lyrics to figure our what it was, then listened to it on repeat, and made a Pandora station with it. My boyfriend didn't understand why I kept listening to this song. Two days later, there I am reading, I swipe to the next chapter, and in the author's note is Lost Boy. Two days before, I wouldn't have known what song you were referring to. But I did. And I was at work. And I had to fight the tears that started to prick at my eyes, from merely reading a song inspiration. I just kept thinking, "he's going to the hospital just to die, then he'll never be lonely anymore because he'll be dead, he'll have a family in the clouds." I mean, obviously I was wrong, but holy cannoli.

I don't know if you'll ever see this, as not only is this story long over, but it looks like you haven't posted anything here in over a year. I hope you're still writing; you've got such a talent for it. You're able to stir so many emotions in your readers. If you aren't still writing, I hope you're happy with whatever else it is that you spend your time with. I really felt like I got to know you through your typed up words, and I just hope you are doing good for yourself. Thank you for Automatic, thank you for your words, put together so beautifully. Thank you. Until - hopefully - next time, farewell.
PandaPandy chapter 22 . 11/20/2017
Okay, I’m super late to the party since this story has been completed for a while, but I’ve been obsessed with this couple for a while. I started watching the episodes on a 24/hr livestream and I’m currently reliving my love for this couple.

Let me make something clear. I don’t mind people inserting their OCs into good docs. I don’t mind people inserting someone else’s OCs into a good fic. I just don’t care for it for this pairing so it was hard for me to find a fic that wasn’t Reverse Edd and Kevin or whoever that sounded interesting and wasn’t purely romance, but extreme drama. So far, aside from the barely named bullies, this doc has captured my heart. Since yesterday, I have been binge reading (aside from my daily girlfriendly duties like dinner and cleaning). I went to sleep reading your fic, woke up thinking about it, and this far, this is where I’ve finished before going to work out at 6am.

I simply CANNOT get enough of how wonderful this fic has become. Thank you for the splendid story that I simply cannot give up on. And FYI, I ALSO LOVE MOSCATO.

If you EVER happen to make a sequel to this, I most certainly would not complain and if you ever have time to colloborate for another KevEdd story, I have ideas brewing! Shoot Me an e-mail, I’d definitely like to talk ideas! 3 (this is my RP e-mail).
Inu Tashiro p chapter 55 . 10/28/2017
His fucking leg! Ohh shit this just keep getting better! U are fucking Mr heart up with this story! I both love and hate it. I was not expecting all the turns u put in I swear I've done nothing but cry so far!
Guest chapter 71 . 10/13/2017
This was so real, I how real it is because I fell in absolute love with this, everything was perfect and almost every chapter made me ball. This could be a movie, I want so dearly for this to me made into a show or movie, I wish it didn't end but the way it ended was absolutely heavenly. Please do us all a favor and go pro with your writing.
Roselleoffthewallflower chapter 1 . 9/22/2017
I read this story for hours.
Lady Of Order And Chaos 1995 chapter 71 . 4/26/2017
I Will admits to reading this all night to early hours in the morning it was wonderful.
Guest chapter 71 . 1/1/2017
Congratulations... You have officially made me hate one of my favorite couples.
banshee123 chapter 71 . 11/16/2016
This was amazing! Thank you for writing it!
banshee123 chapter 47 . 11/16/2016
your breaking my heart here. i love this!
KingPeach chapter 71 . 10/16/2016
This was a lovely story with a lot of heart ache, I love a story with a lot of heart ache they are my favourite kindwell worth the read, thenk so much for writing and finishing such a beautiful tale! Looking forward to read more of your wonderful narratives :D
Guest chapter 39 . 9/2/2016
Where the heck is ed like he is mia
Liepsna12 chapter 71 . 8/24/2016
I went on a hiatious to give you time to write. Oh my heavens, the emotional roller coaster. I've; cried, laughed and even got angry. This story was just truly amazing, I couldn't thank you enough for writing it. It was truly amazing, I love your writing style completely. I just wish mine was as good, lol. I hope to fall in love with more of your writing in the future, though this will be very very hard to top.
Anime91 chapter 71 . 8/8/2016
I am in love with this story at points i almost punched my computer screen and i cried my eyes out almost every chapter but i could never stop reading nor did i want to and that happy ending was just the icing on the amazing thank you for such a heartrendingly beautiful story.
yuugi arry chapter 71 . 7/24/2016
This was amazing! You did a great job, I see where you thought about just ending it in your notes but I'm glad you stuck it out until the end.
Guest chapter 71 . 7/21/2016
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