Reviews for Contractual Invalidation
D00rFr4m3 chapter 7 . 7/13
That was a delightful read. I really enjoyed your characters- Harry was slightly ooc, but holy shit did I love your characterization of him anyways. Dsphne was good, too. Enjoyable, but I wasn't as impressed with her.

Overall, this was really well written. Thank you very much for writing it.
spiritofyuva chapter 7 . 7/6
Excellent. Excellent. Just excellent. I only you wish you retained a bit more of the canon Harry in this. Turned out a bit more manipulative, and cunning than expected; without a character changing event/growth or AU twist to justify it.
slytherinsal chapter 2 . 7/5
he drinks red wine with chicken? barbarian! pleb! no woman should be made to marry a man who can't make appropriate wine choices.
slytherinsal chapter 1 . 7/5
Marrying a woman who slaps those she sees as underlings is a mistake
Cwhit930 chapter 7 . 7/3
well Done. Thank you for the share
prettysophist chapter 7 . 6/28
I really enjoyed his story. It was lovely to see Harry's gift for manipulation developing into something useful, and your Daphne is a perfect foil for him.
Blackbird0 chapter 7 . 6/28
That was beautiful! Sooooo cunning, oh harry I do love you. I wish I could read more of his political exploits with the lovely daphne beside him.
Omenglotzer chapter 7 . 6/21
Still the best Daphne Greengrass I know. Finally a real pureblood/traditionalist.

There's just one thing that kind of irks me: If Daphne's mother was a good friend of Lily, why has she never made a move to get to know Harry? And why hasn't Harry expressed any disappointment in her just 'forgetting' about him/his mother.

Well, debate aside this is really my #1 favourite story on the platform!

Cheers to that
PieterjanVDHD chapter 7 . 6/5
Haha how cruel how could you end it here. I want to bet the sorting hat agrees.
Zicou chapter 7 . 6/1
Excellent story, loved it!
TheLightfromWith chapter 4 . 5/31
My 'handle' here is: The Light From Within. After reading this story, which I see is extremely well written, that Daphne is prejudiced - to an extreme degree. She would ONLY marry for the purpose of 'advancing' her Family's 'welfare' and Name/Business recognition! Since she's the 'heir' of her father, doesn't she realize that if she can't 'produce' the next male son, for him to INHERIT the Greengrass Lordship, that that Duty and possibie Legal responsibility would fall to her Younger Sister, Astoria? AND, she's marrying a MALFOY?! All Draco Malfoy has to do is present a calm kind loving face to his betrothed and get her Pregnant as soon as possible, and thusly 'presenting' to the current Lord Greengrass his newest Heir, who may carry the last name of MALFOY?! And, in due time, when Draco takes over the Greengrass Lordship could fold the Greengrass Name, Gold, Real Estate, EVERYTHING!, into the Malfoy Family Name?! Then, where would THAT leave Daphne? What would happen to Daphne and her Mother? They'd have to 'submit' to the 'New' Face of Draco, the Side that Harry knows best and has hidden from the Greengrass Family! Draco would then, by Legal means have ALL the Legal Control of ALL of the Greengrass Wealth, and leave Daphne, literally, out on the streets, unless, he wants to turn BOTH her and her Mother into his concubines or whatever the term it'd be called! Doesn't Daphne KNOW that with her youngest Sister's impending Marriage, she's got ONLY a YEAR left, before Draco 'Present's' her Father with his Legal Grandson?! If this is how their System of Inheritance works, then, what is Daphne's Future? Draco has always wanted and desired Daphne, but, hasn't been able to 'get' her, so, he's 'working' on her sister, who is apparently 'easier'! Draco hasn't forgotten him being snubbed by her all those years, so this is, possibly, a method of Revenge, and, it's ALL LEGAL! It's like everyone is watching an accidence in slow motion: Everyone who'll be affected and hurt in the accident is watching it, but doesn't comprehend the true impact it'll have on their lives! Best part: Draco won't have to Duel with Harry! Draco can teach his children to hate the Potter Family name and possibly the Greengrass name, too! Possibly! All this, to advance the Malfoy Family Name, which is Draco's possible ultimate Goal! There's NOTHING Daphne can do! Draco can then, eventually take every last Knute from Daphne, even her clothes and force her to work for him - or go live on the streets! and her mother, too! Maybe, I'm just 'whistling in the Dark' on this, but, is it a possibility?! This IS a Great Story! Harry, here, is an Honorable Man, and Daphne is so blind that she just doesn't see Harry's true Worth to her, and to her Family! You're a Great Writer!
Guest chapter 7 . 5/30
Utterly befuddling, perhaps the most impressive Slytherin!Harry that I've read.
Thanks for such a very entertaining - and completely unpredictable - tale.
Guest chapter 6 . 5/30
whoa... well, I'm not going to say that the transition was smooth - I think you'd have to double your word count / # of dates and or put them on the run together or the like.
She seems to have come to genuinely care for him, despite all the reasons to the contrary.
That said, I'm going to have to hope that he's got a reason for his actions that she can approve of or none of this really matters long term. Unless she has been lying about who she is the whole time (which is... possible, but a little lame).
Guest chapter 5 . 5/30
Well... that happened.
Harry's mug-through-the-veil idea is simply hilarious, at least in context.
Now what!? lol
Guest chapter 4 . 5/29
Interesting views. I am very impressed with the depth of your explanation via Daphne.
Her deep seated disgust of what she clearly views as 'lesser beings', combined with her quite sinister and unsettling response to the issue of taking a human life has painted her as a person I'd just as soon never speak of again, let alone try to get along with her and certainly not form any kind of relationship whatsoever.
How will you turn this half-sunk ship around?
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