Reviews for PPGD: The Chronometal Panic
Tziput13 chapter 16 . 2/13/2016
Heh, I've been reading this one and The First War, but I only got the time and patience to write a proper review only now. Figures.
Frankly, I have to say that I liked the Chronometal Wars more than the Chronometal Panic. Maybe it was the lack of the time travel feature that I really liked in the first one, but I believe it was mainly because of the Tangent idea, which isn't something I'm a fan of. Don't get me wrong, I still liked this story as a whole, it's just me that I prefer to have just one plot to follow rather than more variations.

If I had to pick a tangent as a favourite, I'd go with the one I believe would have been more likely to happen: B. I think that Blossom wouldn't have been able to betray from one side humanity as a superhero, and from the other side Dexter and his logic to save the world. Also that final fight was a blast, and the Epilogue was the one I was most satisfied with. While not an happy ending, it was the one where all the (alive) characters somewhat try to move forward from what happened, and there is hope for the future (at least the near one).
I wonder what happened to (spoiler!) the lunar Model M in Tangent C. Does it exist in this variation? I ask this because in Tangent A we learn that it abandoned the world as it lost any interest in it, but if it did so even in C, for what reason did it retreat?

Oh, about the Barasian War, that was something I did not expect at all. I liked it more that I thought as well, and I really hope that later we'll see how it is linked with the stories that chronologically come before it. Comparing it to the Panic, it seems that Tangent A is the only compatible variation, though I don't know how I'd explain when and why the androids were created.
I'll probably have to re-read the Wars and the Panic once you put the First and the Second Wars on this site, just to clear my ideas about the chronology before proceeding to read the rest of your works.