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SaintOfReach chapter 107 . 12/2
Flen99 chapter 107 . 11/14
Ripica chapter 107 . 10/26
Amazing story. The characters are written well, the pacing is good, and the ideas are awesome. The two universes work surprisingly well with the use of some creative liberties. Loved it from start to finish. One of the best fanfics I've read. Thanks for writing this!
Demonik-Foxx chapter 107 . 10/20
I am going to miss this story and it's characters, and while I so wish there was some sort of sequel I'm content with the ending. This has honestly been one of my favourite Stories in a long time, so while there were things that I could complain about, I won't bring them up here. So than you so much for this beautiful piece, I wish I was here during those two years.
13thDiscipleOfIna chapter 10 . 10/8
... oh crap basket and here come vampire slayera
gabeclone chapter 56 . 9/17
Honestly, thinking about it, I think I consider Fate to be more evil than the "Abominations". The shard entities just want to kill everyone on every version of earth. That's bad, but it's not even comparable to enslaving everyone on every version of earth... Which is what Fate IS! What's the point of life if nobody has any choice in anything? I know that this ends with the death of Scion, because I've read this before; thinking about it now, that strike me as a tragic ending... If the only choices are between slavery and death, death is clearly the better option. The most fucked up thing is that Ariel doesn't appear to think that, making her the most morally bankrupt character in the entire story.
Guest chapter 85 . 9/7
MacGregor frowned. "She's wanted for the murder of a classmate at her old school."

...was what he didn't say, as that would be influencing any statements the people who heard it might give later, and as someone in law enforcement he's very well aware of just how badly that can screw up any sort of investigation.
Guest chapter 64 . 9/7
But she was impulsive, which wasn't the same thing as stupid.

People always try to say things like this about Vicky. That's like saying being drunk isn't the same as not knowing how to drive. Oh, she's smart, fine, but being smart doesn't help if you're willing to toss common sense out the window at the drop of a hat. Similarly, "Sorry for driving into that crowd, officer, I was drunk." isn't a valid excuse.

"Taking on the Siberian's a bit beyond you. I applaud your bravery, but you really were taking on something above your abilities."

"Yes, without any help you all worked out the weakness. Yes, without any help you tracked him down. Yes, given more than a handful of seconds you probably could have figured out how to do something about him or called in assistance. Yes, I probably should have dealt with this cannibalistic mass murderer years ago. But taking on the Siberian's a bit beyond you."
Guest chapter 43 . 9/6
Behemoth took a shot of plasma hotter than the surface of the sun and he just used it to do more damage."

Lets be fair: shooting massive amounts of energy at the thing you have known for years can control massive amounts of energy any way it wants really is just asking for things to go badly.

That was a monumentally stupid thing to do.
H. Automata chapter 107 . 8/27
I liked both the endbringers-as-gods thing and the idea of many of them manifesting through avatars, it felt like a neat little way of connecting the two IPs, shaking up the original story setup and giving us some cool new scenarios like fucking Goddess of Fire Piggot, god that was awesome. There are a lot of cool combos here, too. Madison becoming s Belmont trainee, dragon inheriting the Light lord powers, things combined really well.

One thing I'm noticing about Worm fics though is that they seem to like ramping up absurdly fast in their later halves, like they go from handling small fry capes in BB to multiple endbringer fights and Scion way too fast, to the point where we're basically going from one ultimste crisis arc to the next without ever stopping to breathe. I get that it's a natural follow up to the story structure but it can feel a little overwhelming for me. I wish we'd spent more time on the small things, maybe getting to know more about the castle residents? Succubi aside, I don't think we met a single named werewolf - in fact, we never even got a detailed description for what they looked like. The battles were a lot of fun, the team-ups were inventive and fancy, and the final conclusion was undeniably satisfying, I just wish we'd got a little bit more interpersonal with the relationships, but all in all this was a great story and I'm grateful for the opportunity to read it !
Eipok chapter 68 . 8/27
How come Jack got the only happy ending out of all the Slaughterhouse Nine? Everyone else got tortured for countless years, whereas he was simply killed. That seems pretty messed up.
adam110902 chapter 107 . 8/21
MrBogus chapter 107 . 7/18
Very good story. Don't know if you are still around, but thanks anyway
taro nightash chapter 107 . 7/7
This story was beautiful. It had a perfect Crescendo and each arc had me begging for more. It’s very rare to find a complete fic on this website and you have made me a very happy woman.
lanitri27 chapter 2 . 6/28
This Taylor is kinda cute.. . And probably needed a hug... And a therapist... Either or.
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