Reviews for Queen of Blood
Mecharic chapter 107 . 11/19
This was a very fun story to read, well worth binging it over the past week xD
Russian Man chapter 88 . 11/18
Sarah's parents died in 2006; yet, later, Sarah thought about "how they would've been happy having their daughter back", as if they still alive...
Kraizy chapter 2 . 11/10
Just started reading but, since this is supposed to be a Castlevania Xover, I’m expecting blood and guts and lots of “Putting the fear of Dracula” in this fic.
Shonisto chapter 107 . 11/9
Absolutely loved the story, and liked how you brought in Soma who's always been one of my favorite protags, with ironically enough the two Sorrows games being favored.
CMVreud chapter 46 . 11/7
*insert histerical laughter here*
Gooooood~, there are just too cute, like little kittens playing.
CMVreud chapter 45 . 11/7
CMVreud chapter 20 . 11/2
I think this is called 'fake it till you make it'.
As so often happening in life.
CMVreud chapter 10 . 11/1
Really Madison? That is your trigger? Really!? Madison!?
tsukomie chapter 107 . 10/23
one of the 3 best worm fics i have ever read
pointy chapter 68 . 10/21
Hmm, weird. I am under impression all parasitic powers can't bypassed moon outer radius, well... if you said plotline law, i give
Guest chapter 78 . 10/15
Cherie would be locked up regardless because a) she is a human master and b) she is so fucked up mentally that she'll throw up too many red flags for the government to trust her regardless.

No, fleeing and staying under the radar were Cherie's only choice.
Guest chapter 76 . 10/15
With Militia reacting like that...

I would have asked her, in a very pointed tone: 'You always have a weapon within arms reach don't you? I don't think I can trust someone so violent close to my father.

Because pulling an assault rifle on someone during a conversation like that... It would most certainly break my trust in that person.
d8rkforcen1ght7 chapter 105 . 10/3
Korg! Yay!
d8rkforcen1ght7 chapter 95 . 10/3
Piggot replaced Ifrit!? Boi! That is perfection!
d8rkforcen1ght7 chapter 64 . 9/30
Apostle: Eidolon but decent.
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