Reviews for Queen of Blood
god eater chapter 103 . 12/1
i am LOVING your epilogues
god eater chapter 102 . 12/1
god, this is the first time i see someone give piggot the opportunity to personally kill Nilbog and it's glorious. do not like her canon part, here, she grew, initially out of fear of new powers that be, but she used that hate to create a better future for herself adn not hide longer in nilbog's grin
god eater chapter 100 . 12/1
DAMN DAMN DAMN that was so cruel and brutal to use the same tactic against scion—eden his only weakness caught up in his feelings to fight back and i loved it! so satisfying
god eater chapter 97 . 12/1
scion is this pathetic excuse of existence that because he is powerful, he can do anything. the entities convinved themselves eternal but forget that creativity creates better species than any that they can reproduce . he's not even a god, wildbow truly created the essence of an Abomination
god eater chapter 94 . 12/1
man, this fic not only took on one endbringer but it took all of them huhu its so awesome
god eater chapter 89 . 12/1
holy hell you really are bringing proper punishments to her tormentors huh because in that world, her view of prey and predator drastically changes . shes lucky taylor had the deceny of giving her the barest of supplies. even the concept of being alone from another time gives me the quiet horror behind my mind
god eater chapter 85 . 12/1
ooh that was satisfying that just outright eviscerating her and sophia lol
god eater chapter 68 . 11/29
man crawler still alive for a century being in jupiter. rather have my soul empty than live for another 100 just to feel immense pressure and burned again and again lol
god eater chapter 46 . 11/29
baby amy wanting to go to her dad just about made me cry
Simianpower chapter 88 . 10/30
Aaaaaaand I've lost interest. This started out great, and then the S9 arc drained all excitement out of it, and then the sudden pace change and lack of focus on the MC for 10 out of the last 20 chapters... yeah, I'm done.

I remember this as better than it actually is. I really wanted to see how it ended, but it's lost focus for so long I just can't justify continuing for yet another 20 chapters after the last 20 have been this unfocused.
Simianpower chapter 68 . 10/29
Is this finally done? This entire arc was interminable. You wanted everyone to have a role, but it just dragged this idiocy out. Taylor in particular was a goddamned moron. She has portals that can teleport her ANYWHERE, including "right behind Jack/Burnscar/etc" and she can move at mach speeds. Just appear, vaporize one. Teleport home, repeat. This was fucking stupid! You think you had trouble writing it? That more than likely means your readers will have trouble reading it! I read this story once before but I apparently blocked this garbage out. Even this time I mostly skimmed/skipped the badly conceived trash of this arc. I hope the quality returns to what it was before this descent to absurdity...
Simianpower chapter 63 . 10/29
This whole S9 arc sucks! The ridiculous trouble with the bus that Vicky alone could fucking THROW wherever she wanted it, the terrible tactics, the ludicrous posturing. S9 arcs ruin stories, and even this one is dropping significantly in quality. In order to make it anything longer than a curb-stomp you had to give everyone the idiot ball, nerf their powers, and add additional obstacles. After all the buildup this SHOULD have been a curb-stomp, but instead it's a boring slog.
Simianpower chapter 18 . 10/28
She cut off his arms. He'll bleed out in seconds.
cassnova5424 chapter 8 . 10/22
I cringed a bit "Scarlet Knight" is just...sorry
Diametrik chapter 8 . 10/21
Not really a fan of the name. It seems more like a title than a name, like it should be "[insert hero name], The Scarlet Knight."
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