Reviews for The Heir
jada951 chapter 46 . 7/13
what an excellent, compelling tale!

Thank you!
Yad chapter 46 . 6/21
I loved your story! It's so well written! One of my favourites fics of this couple, and I've read sooo many! Thank you for sharing it whit us!
Jonia chapter 46 . 5/28
Great story! So very well done, thank you!
brookie88 chapter 46 . 5/24
I loved this story! Really great characterization of snape and a wonderful portrayal of their relationship. Thank you for writing such a great read
Spannerspoon chapter 46 . 5/20

Beautifully written and throughly enjoyed! And yes... you made me cry!
pandasarecute chapter 22 . 5/15
Ya know, I have read this story twice and it is still by far my favorite ss/hg fanfiction. you're an amazing writer.
FoxesRun chapter 1 . 5/12
Loved this story! Thank you so much for taking the time to write and post!
Guest chapter 30 . 5/7
Awww yes-love that revelation at the end
AngelDragon1976 chapter 45 . 4/20
Wow. Just freaking Wow! I absolutely loved this glorious amazingly awesome story.. thank you for writing this. I have to say this is the Snape I could see that would be a real man. So happy!
EpilogueLover chapter 6 . 4/17
I like all the tactile elements you'd included here.
tainted-tash chapter 46 . 4/3
An absolutely perfect end. But I'm still sad it ended. The greatest stories are always so hard to finish because I never want it to end
tainted-tash chapter 45 . 4/3
*sobs* Why did it have to end?
tainted-tash chapter 44 . 4/3
Wake up dammit!
tainted-tash chapter 43 . 4/3
Oh lordy
tainted-tash chapter 42 . 4/3
Well blow me away I didn't actually think that would happen
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