erinsgirl chapter 59 . 8/11/2018
I admit that enjoyed the glee the others got at getting their revenge on Athos with the thought of sailing back. And Aramis has an extensive vocabulary, which is only what I would expect.
erinsgirl chapter 58 . 8/11/2018
I was pretty much laughing the entire way through. Just all of it.
erinsgirl chapter 57 . 8/11/2018
You seem to suffer a lot of bad luck if your author's note for this chapter is anything to go by. No wonder you like Athos so much:) Although I have to speak up on behalf of poor Aramis. I'm assuming he doesn't drown because he's perfectly fine in your later stories or better still the 'present day' of this one. But how come he's the one that struggles with putting his opponents down. Twice! I know muskets are his forte but he's proven to be proficient in swordplay and hand-to-hand too (and windows!). (I'm sure you had a good reason, it just seems so unfair that it repeatedly happens to him in this chapter alone).

By the way, you're stories telling abilities are phenomenal. I could see the whole attack playing out perfectly in front of me. It almost felt like I was actually there.
erinsgirl chapter 40 . 8/3/2018
You really know how to throw up surprises. I figured Delacroix had 'convinced' the pair to leave but to actually ensure their deaths. I think he's even worse in this story. And I can't figure out Savatier at all. I get he hates our heroes but I can't decide if it's just personality clashes and thinking they're unprofessional to be musketeers or something else. I don't quite buy that he's working for the English (which probably means he is), but he's obviously up to something. I'm wondering about being the cardinal's spy, which might be why he knows about Buckingham's attempts to contact the queen (I really want your version of that, I presume it's a twist on the novel's story since there's 0 implication of the queen's fidelity before her crush on a certain marksman), but that would be too similar to Renegade. He seems to hate everybody too much to work for anyone? Oooo is he working for the Spanish? I have no idea why he would but it's the only possibility that hasn't been considered I think.

Also I have to compliment you on Toiras. I don't normally care for non-canon characters (show-wise, not history wise) but I find myself liking him, especially in this chapter. His suspicion and mistrust is perfectly logical, reasonable and natural. As is his realization of the potential manipulation of the situation and talking to the boys and witnessing their bond. The whole story line and their scenes were excellently written. Well done.
erinsgirl chapter 10 . 7/23/2018
Amazing how an attempt on one of the boys could be considered a 'light-hearted' chapter. Loved Porthos instantly acting and saving Athos and Athos thanking him. Perfectly in character. I can also see Athos threatening to injure Porthos if he didn't get off him. (The boys do have a lovely habit and promising severe harm to each other when they're irked - Athos is the main offender if I recall). Love that Porthos completely ignored him until it was safe.

I also enjoyed that interaction between Aramis and Athos. All the boys are terrible patients (well Aramis is a bit more willing to get treated if there's a pretty woman fussing over him;)) so I can see this conversation with any of them. But you're perfectly right that they deal with these things with humour and downplaying the significance. You captured their respective worry and relief perfectly.
erinsgirl chapter 7 . 7/23/2018
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I have to focus and all the lovely family moments that we rarely get to see (and the bit with D'Artagnan refusing to remove his pauldron because he's proud of being a musketeer and Treville and Athos insisting on his safety first) because I'm going to start crying. It's bad enough random musketeers are dying but now innocent kids as well. And you successfully twist emotions as well using the main characters to help strengthen the tragedy and it's impact.
Guest chapter 77 . 4/15/2018
Well done! I very much enjoyed this story. I liked how it was two stories in one, I think you managed the two narratives well. I would very much enjoy reading a story on the first meeting and developing friendship between Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. You alluded to it in 'Retribution' but wondering if this is something you have considered writing? Looking forward to reading more of your work!
Anny B chapter 76 . 4/15/2018
Practical question. I have you as a favourite author. Does this mean when you write new stories I will automatically receive an e-mail alert? New at this fan fiction site!
sorrellkaren chapter 77 . 6/28/2017
It is over. The only way it could have been for Savatier would not have accepted anything but his own death to stop his rampage. I am so glad you were able to give us such a rewarding ending to this story, for many have looked forward to it. I was most taken by Athos vow at the end. It seems in a way to tell us what is to come, that all will not only be well again but reborn. The Musketeers will be even more formidable because of what the traitor amongst them had done. Treville would regain his Captaincy and the whole of the Kings Elite would be improved somehow. Taking down one of their own should have had the opposite effect. Athos was wise to see the future of his men in such a positive way. May France always be so blessed as to have leaders like Athos and Treville. Thanks you for such a rewarding end to such an interesting story.
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Great,story. Sad it is over. What an amazing tale.
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You are, and will remain, one of the best writers in this fandom, and I can always count on you to portray the boys accurately. Thank you for your hard work - you should be very proud!
Beeblegirl chapter 77 . 6/22/2017
Brilliant. Thank you for bringing this story to a thrilling ending. I love your writing and you have not disappointed with this story. You are brilliant, take a bow. Thank you again.
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A wonderful ending! Very very well done on such a great story.

I can only dream of writing such a lengthy tale and I thoroughly appreciate the hours and hours you have toiled on this, for no reward save our pleasure and respect. You have both from this reader!

So looking forward to Redemption.
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