Reviews for The Swan Princess
Nightmare Prince chapter 31 . 9/15
Hullo xD

*Frowns at Siegfried* Oh, so he can’t take a day an afternoon off to visit his daughter but he can put his work aside to walk around the rose gardens with his wife? God, I loathe the bastard. He’s honestly worse than Odile at this point. At least she’s open and honest about her villainy. Siegfried is just in denial about his cuntitude. In fact, his entire argument with Odette here is typical nonsense that does nothing to endear him to me, and I’m utterly done with him. Oh, how dare the Fairy Godfather take an interest in Rose’s life? (Someone has to, since Siegfried has pointed out time and time again that he doesn’t give a flying fuck) Let’s move on to Odette, because she at least seems to have some redeeming qualities.

Odette actually displays some agency here and establishes herself as much more capable than her idiot husband – actual confusion here, but the laws of inheritance would have the crown of Oloria pass to her in the event of an annexation, since it’s her kingdom. Siegfried should be the royal consort, unless his kingdom was named Oloria for some reason (like, why would his place be named after swans when Odette was the Swan Princess?) so, really, this strikes me as highly fishy.

She also establishes herself as someone who actually respects her daughter’s choices, in which case she’s instantly best mum so far (we haven’t met the other mums yet, for some reason, so you’ll have to rectify that) but at least she cares. Siegfried can say he cares, but when push comes to shove, he doesn’t. Shame, really. Odette deserved better.

Aha! Enter the MacGuffin ruby from the puffin named Callum who is secretly Rose’s actual father because Odette probably has her a side man/fairy? It’s also really cute that Rose and Curly have an unspoken rule between them that just sort of happens to let them spend time together as two teens in love should, and I eagerly await the dramatic confession of their feelings and their brief tryst in a bush.

Right, so Rose has been teleported into the final task of the Triwizard Tournament because Callum is also HP, as has been established by his appearance, and she is likely getting ready to fight a minotaur, as these things are quite common in mazes as it is their natural habitat. The fact that she called Curly immediately is adorably couple-related, and I’m rather surprised that this magical labyrinth actually has service. (Also, very nice touch on the bones scattered about the place – clearly, this minotaur actually did get to eat Sally Jackson) and I must say, Rose has done a 180 here. It’s like… not really in her nature so far to be this take charge, and I expected a lot of monologuing and panicking before she actually got her head on straight. Well, at least she’s seizing the situation by the reins and working to escape, so kudos, Rose, you’re doing something.

Hmmm, I’m just accepting Moe’s delivery system as a wizard did it and moving on. Well, at least she’s armed now. The mirrors are there for the fight with Medusa, silly Rose. You’ve been transported to Crete, but this Labyrinth was enchanted to house all the stuff that PJ has killed over the years.

So, the much expected scene of Rose versus the wolf – honestly, this is a very fairy tale maze. Regina’s mirrors, Red Riding Hood’s wolf, and now what I’m assuming to be Hansel and Gretel’s witch? What are they all doing in this maze? Did Callum bring them here as well. Speaking off, nice going, Callum. You could have at least left her a note before dumping her in the middle of that place – it’s rather ridiculous, honestly. This is why nobody likes fairies. Whelp, now that all that’s over and Rose has choked out a wolf before shanking a witch (yes, Rose did that, somehow, which is surprising as fuck because it’s Rose) and now she’s in a car with her fairy godfather.

Expectations for next chapter: Callum and Rose chat a lot. Odette kills Siegfried and ushers in a golden era for Oloria. Odile gets bored and kills herself to be with her man. Larry the Stud fertilizes more than plants. Curse ensues in bushes.

Overall, a very nice chapter, and you shall update soon!

-Ciao Mate

Nightmare Prince chapter 30 . 8/21
Hullo xD

So, we’re back with Larry the Stud, mostly because he is my favourite character and knowing what he looks like through his fancast has only made me love him more. Anyway, I’ll stop blathering and we’ll just jump right in, because this seems plot related, especially since Larry has a strong affinity for books through his mother, who was literally the first Disney Princess to go full beauty with brains.

[sinking in the other] – [sinking into the other]

Right, first impressions show Rose actually being passionate and excited about something, and I am shook. Like, who is she, and where did the old Rose go? Honestly, the change in her character over the course of the story has been a bit of a rollercoaster, but we’ve reached that stage where she’s growing in leaps and bounds and I am here for it. In terms of her friends, it does make sense that she’ll go to Larry first with this news, especially since he’s as into reading as she is.

His enthusiasm really just shines through, and I do like how he just gets up upon being told, all ready to go. Like, dude, you just got the flier, and it could be next month for all you know, but no, Larry is on his feet and ready to take on the book fair, and if it isn’t here yet, then he’ll go to it. Honestly, this so far is a nice bonding bit between LaRose, especially after the whole Catacombs shenanigans and the run in with Sweeney Todd… let’s be honest, these two attract trouble when together, and I’m not sure it’s safe for them to leave the castle.

Wait wait wait hold up. Larry offered the crook of his elbow to Rose in the same way he offered it to the other Stooges… I’m confused, do they hold hands and skip around the castle arm in arm? That strikes me as fairly odd behaviour for teenage dudes if we’re being honest with ourselves.

Their excitement at the books strikes a chord in me, because I too am overwhelmed at book fairs. It’s just a lovely feeling. That aside, what I’m liking is their different approaches here. Larry just wants to take a swan-dive into the nearest pile of books, proprietary be damned, and Rose is all about behaving queenly and actually tackling this in an orderly manner. Frankly, I see the pros and cons of both approaches, though I’m rather partial to Larry’s idea. He’s a very small-built dude, so he’ll be lost under the pile of books in an instant.

Right, now I’m going to need to take a step back because this needs to be said. Rosett, overrated. Curse, outdated. Long have we waited. LaRose activated. Like, seriously, how are we supposed to ship anything other than LaRose after seeing the two of them interact? They have amazing chemistry, and they bounce of each other so well, and it’s just very fantastic. Their whole conversation about books and quotes and such strikes as the sort shared by love interests, not friends, especially with the manner in which Larry waxed poetic about it all. Oh, just give in to the LaRose. It is the one true ship and I am sorry that I strayed from it, for now, to quote Dido, I will go down with this ship. Forget that love nonsense with Curly. You say you love him, Rose, but you show that you love Larry.

Well, I don’t know about safety, my dear Larry, because Amoré fell in less than a day, so it’s not as though France would fair any better xD Jokes aside, I quite like this chatter, and really, we must get Rose to France to meet her in-laws… I mean, other royals, immediately. It would do her good to be in a new place, and I think it would also be a nice change of setting compared to Andover.

OH LOOK IT’S CALLUM, WHAT A NICE CHANGE OF PACE. My, he seems rather interesting, and he doesn’t seem to hold a grudge to be honest… On the other hand, he also seems to be hiding something, and he’s got beef with Odile (and now the whole bit with the Puffin is coming because it’s obviously a reference to Puffin Books, because he’s a book trader). Also, why does he look like Harry Potter? Is he HP?

THE MYSTERY DEEPENS. I am shooketh. Harry Potter is obviously a member of the FG mafia, because he is all about choosing and he mentioned Larry’s friends and such… which harkens back to his backstory. Also, see, I told you. Even Harry thinks Rose chose well when she fell for Larry, and now this all starts getting very deep. What is going on? How is he involved in all this, and what’s his vendetta with Odile? Where does the FG come in? What’s with the book?

Well, that’s another chapter done and dusted, and it moved the plot along nicely whilst also reigniting the sparks of LaRose. Theirs is the song of Beauty and the Bird, and it is one that must be told. Overall, I was very taken with this chapter, and I’m intrigued to see what comes next. Do me a solid and update soonish xD

-Ciao Mate
Nightmare Prince chapter 29 . 8/10
Hullo xD

Ok, so King William is my new favourite – though he only just wins out over Larry, and that’s just because Larry still has his stud years, whilst William’s are probably long behind him. Right of the bat, he endears himself to me by disliking classical music, and I quite agree. It’s ghastly stuff, and I can hardly imagine having to listen to it with every meal.

The fact that Sig shot a dog with an arrow makes me hate him that much more, as does the fact that he doesn’t even seem that upset about it. Honestly, it also makes me question how good he is with a bow, considering his reputation. I guess it’s just that, a reputation, and he’s gotten rusty over the years or something. Honestly, if he sinks any lower in my esteem, I’d rather read about Moe than this old wanker.

And, we get to the crux of the matter: the dance at Andover. I’ve never quite heard of school’s hosting this sort of thing, so I suppose it must be an American thing given they hold dances for everything and anything. It must be Father’s Day around the corner, I think, in this story. Now, William continues to endear himself to me by cutting right through Sig’s bullshit, and honestly, the way he paints things makes me think he’d be a much better king than his useless son-in-law… Honestly, Oloria wouldn’t even be in this mess if he wasn’t shooting blanks.

It’s good that at least someone in Oloria has Rose’s best interests at heart, because her entire court and home is honestly rather toxic, and Grandpa Will brings a refreshing dose of reality to this otherwise depressing place. I also like how he just shrugs off Rose fighting Shelob, because it really suits him. He knows she’ll be fine, and he trusts her to go on her own adventures and scrape her knees. Now, why couldn’t Sig have died young and let Grandpa Will raise Rose?

As usual, Sig is useless. [Whole empires have fallen in mere hours] – Good Lord, you do a marvellous job of painting him in the role of villain without having to resort to moustache twirling, because my god, this man is a control freak. I’m honestly not surprised that the risk of him being assassinated is there, as is the risk of Rose being assassinated as well. The entire nobility must be aching to get rid of him. This is my first time officially meeting him, so to speak, and I dare say, even had I come in blind, I’d instantly consider him the most idiotic king I’ve ever read about. Nothing he says or does seems to solve the problem. He thinks he knows best… He’s like the king from the Emperor’s New Clothes, actually.

(Odile can do better *points at Larry*)

[Things are different now] – And whose fault is that, you ruddy plonker?

Grandpa Will to the rescue! Rose must go the dance, of course she must, because not going would be missing out, and we cannot have that. I quite like the banter between the two of them, because it shows how comfortable she is with him versus how stiff she is with her parents, and I honestly quite enjoyed Rose in this chapter. I think she’s finally hit that point where she starts coming across as a real person with actual emotions rather than Robo-Rose, and it’s really paying dividends now. Her admittance of love is also very nice, and now she just needs to confess to Curly, because honestly, it’s about time Curse got together and flipped ol’ Sig the bird.

Speaking off… I noticed a woman eating dinner with them, but she might as well have been part of the furniture, all things considered. Odette strikes me as a sweet woman, and a passive one… almost like a knockoff Faberge egg. Lovely to look at, but usually containing no real substance on the inside. I can see that despite being the actual Swan of the Oloria, she’s let her husband run roughshod over the kingdom, and my only gripe is that we didn’t get a real feel for her this chapter compared to the rest. Really, Odile was right about her.

Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter, even if it was because I got to love Grandpa Will and Thrash Slugfried, but now we must bit adieu, for I am all caught up. Fare thee well!
Nightmare Prince chapter 28 . 8/9
Hullo xD

Aaah, and so we meet Odile, who seems to have set herself up as a jewel merchant of some sort…. As to how she’s getting the jewels, I reckon she’s magicking them into existence, because she doesn’t seem the sort to operate on the up-and-up. It also shows how brazen she is, setting up shop right under the FG’s nose… but the FG is likely gone darkside now, so I doubt it matters much. If anything, the FG might come calling soon to recruit her into her nefarious ploy to rule all of Ever After.

[she signed once] – [she sighed once]

And, she still carries a torch for Ol’ Siggy. It’s interesting how she now extends this rationalization to blondes always getting what they want in terms of men, and how she doesn’t for a moment take into account that her own actions led to her downfall. It also cements her vendetta against Odette and Rose, and I reckon her next move will probably be to go after the Queen of Oloria since she’s already failed to take down Rose twice and failed. Then again, she might be a smart villain who thinks the third time is the charm.

And she sees through the eyes of Ravens now – most intriguing. Her power seems to only grow, and it appears she’s spying on Andover, so she’s really going to go after Rose again. And, she watched Curly’s dark side of the force power show on Sula, and I reckon she’s got a new appreciation for what he can do now. I’m not sure where Callum comes into all of this, but if he’s using birds to fight Odile, then he’s obviously not on the same side as his father, Sweeney Todd.

And, this is true. Larry has a habit of foiling Odile’s plans – once, by taking care of Lars, and the second time by shagging Odile in the tunnels. He’s on her hitlist now, though, so Larry needs to watch his back, or more likely have his plants watch it for him.

[thread carefully] – [tread carefully]

I’m not sure why Odile wants to not alert the FG, but maybe it’s because she isn’t aware that the FG has joined the dark side, and there’s more of this mysterious Callum, who she somehow doesn’t want on her trail, which implies she fears him to some extent. With the odds stacked against her, can she really take down Rose, or will she be doomed to die in the attempt. At least let her live long enough to have another go of things with Larry. They didn’t even get to do anything fun before Moe and Curly rudely interrupted them.

Overall, this was a short chapter, but a welcome one. Now, we needs to see what Odile is planning, and we’ll also need to see how it blows up in her face.

-Ciao Mate

Nightmare Prince chapter 27 . 8/9
Hullo xD

I have returned in triumph, and I see that Max has returned! It’s so nice to see Rose’s MMA teacher and Cathy’s brother again, and I anticipate that this will mean Rose is going to learn to kick more ass, which will likely soon come to fruition and she will do battle with Odile upon the dais. Also, he likes coffee, and therefore I am inclined to like him even more. Coffee is fantastic and everyone should begin the day with like two or three cups.

Rose’s diligence with attending these classes as well as her brief touch of actually taking some agency back from her parents really gives her a nice touch of, I don’t know how to word it, but it’s a sort of self-growth. When she first arrived in Andover, she wouldn’t have dreamed of doing what she’s doing now, but it shows that she’s now taking her fate into her own hands, if only by taking small steps.

[Madical Defence] – [Magical Defence]

This must be the tie in bit to Gally’s one-shot about Curly’s one bad day? Hmmm, I’m quite intrigued by the dark side of his powers, because Curly can heal, but he can also heal in reverse, as per established canon. It’s quite intriguing, and there’s nobody better to teach him how to hurt people than Sula, though to be honest, Rhett may be good at that as well… though Rhett might not be the best type of person to help others. I also like the symmetry here – both Curly and Rose are taking secretive classes on how to fight, and it’s something like Checkhov’s gun, I’d wager. You don’t have them both learning to fight if there’s not going to be, well, a fight in the near future.

Denial, Rose, Denial. I’m afraid she’s terribly smitten, and the point of the matter is that she needs to confront all of this. Perhaps the Brother Bear characters can come and help her sometime with an epiphany or what not, since that was one of the core things of that movie. I mean, America exists in this universe, so you could likely pop them in sooner or later. In addition, I quite like the nod to Cathy – she seems to be Rose’s only girl friend at this point, so it’s quite nice to hear about her, even if we’re hearing about her from Max – the sibling relationship hinted between the two of them does make me laugh a bit.

Ahh, so this next bit takes part right after Curly nearly killed Sula, which means he is now one with the dark side of the force. Very good, young padawan, now you must use your powers for the light.

Right, so I got grabbed in by the whole Curse scene, and let’s take it from the top.

1: Rose realizes she’s in love: Very nice, and I’m quite taken by the way it worked out. It’s a very sweet and long building affair that we all knew was coming from day one, but the way she realized it in her head was a really nice touch. Mornick kind of just accidently blurt it out, lol, so this is a nice change of pace after writing them for a while. One can only hope that, eventually, things will work out for them, but oh well.

2. Rose’s Backstory: *Raises eyebrow* Right, so my thoughts are all made clear on what I think about this whole thing, so I won’t get into it here. The fact that she got tossed down a well later and transformed back by the time they got there made things rather more palatable, but I do wonder how nobody knows she transforms at night save for, apparently, the FG and now Curly. You’d think her parents, Rogers, etc would have noticed the baby turning into a cygnet (I’m not sure whilst you keep saying she turned into a duckling, since baby swans are called cygnets) whilst they bathed her, or did they just never bathe her at night. It’s definitely got gaps, but I’ll be pushing it aside, because the past is unimportant here. What matters is the future.

3. Curly/Sula: Yeah, Sula would likely break the poor guy in half by the time she’s done with him.

4. The Nefarious FG!: She’s clearly the big bad of the entire story, and in the end, she will need to be defeated. Not only is her school a death trap, but she seems to be pulling all the strings, and even trying to turn poor Curly to the dark side, which is rather un-FG-like.

Overall, a very nice chapter. I wonder what happens next. (Please don’t be Moe))

-Ciao Mate
Nightmare Prince chapter 26 . 8/6
Hullo xD

Eurgh. We begin with Moe. My feelings about Moe have always been clear – he strikes me as odd in a bad way, and his entire existence offends me on a personal level. I have not forgiven him for the catacombs nonsense and his evil spirit woo-woo, so I hope there’s some redemption or something in this chapter for him. It’s good to see he’s got confidence because this is his element, but if has another robotic shutdown, he’s dead to me.

Right, so I’m finding the beginning to be a nice introduction to the latest adventure she’s sure to have, and I’m also quite glad it takes place in the library rather than the woods, because I’m seriously beginning to have concerns for how safe the school is. The FG may be sold as a bamf, but this is twice that Rose wandered off and nearly died, not to mention that she thought it was a good idea to lock Odile away under her school full of irresponsible teenagers. Honestly, I’m starting to think the FG is just a genderbent Dumbledore, because that all fits his behaviour to the t.

I feel like this is very get to know each other, which is nice as we do need to learn more about Moe – most of his other appearances sort of left a sour taste in my mouth, and it was always more about his gizmos and such than it was him as a character, whilst this is more him as a person. I do enjoy the note about pink, because that’s true. Not many guys can pull off a pink shirt – I can, but that’s only because it’s a very violent pink that has claw marks on it. Moe, from all descriptions, strikes me as tall, fat, and ungainly, which is definitely not the type to pull off pink.

That’s it. The FG needs to be retired. Her school is a ruddy death trap xD How in the world does one allow a wall that can casually allow children to fall through? Just when I thought we’d have a nice trip to the library, we’re treated to a less nice trip to some musty room. Oh well, I’m very intrigued by this turn of events, and maybe we’ll get to see more of Moe’s wish magic. As a side note, what I’d like from Rose the most right now is a sense of reaction the all the adventures she’s had so far – after each of them, it’s like they never even happened, so to speak, because she’s right into the next adventure with the next member of her posse, and I feel it would give her some much needed depth to like, talk to Curly about the Haunted House or the drunk incident, or chat to Cathy about the drunk incident, or to Larry about them dealing with Lars, or even Moe about the Catacombs.

Ok, so the whole geek out scene – I liked it for what it was, and it was a nice adventure. I just didn’t warm to it in the same way I warmed to her adventures with all the other characters. Perhaps it’s because of my dislike for Moe, but in a way, the entire exchange felt very strained as I read it, like just going through the motions of the adventure without an underlying sense of gravitas. Overall, I find that it was nice for them to work out the cipher and stuff, and I got some nice Heil Hydra vibes from the guy in the computer, and I fully expected the entire lab to just be bombed (Winter Soldier vibes) and it was nice to see Moe step up. Rose managed to do some things as well, though of course, her touching the stuff if probably what started it all in the first place. Overall, FG really needs to clean up the place – this is getting to Hogwarts levels of dangerous nonsense in a school.

In conclusion, I liked this chapter, and I believe we circle back to Curly next? Looking forward to that one.

-Ciao Mate
Nightmare Prince chapter 25 . 8/2
Hullo xD

So, where were we when last I read this? Hmmm, yes, we were in Sweeney Todd’s (ahem, Lars’) cottage, Odile had hired him to bake LaRose into a pie, Larry was rightfully suspicious, and Rose was getting on my nerves with her naivety – which, seems to be heightened by the spell you mentioned, but I still reserve the right to consider her somewhat ditzy due to so quickly falling into the entire thing.

We open with Larry making the long awaited apology, and while I question whether this is the right time to be discussing matters as opposed to running away really quickly, I see his logic. A house divided cannot stand on its own, and they need to bury the metaphorical hatchet. What’s interesting is that Larry still, and he admits to, having dirty thoughts based on the incident, and the truth of the matter is that it was Rose’s body, so to speak. So, he has subconscious sexual feelings for Rose which may manifest as romance, but then again, there’s Curse to contend with, and Curly might be better for her in the long run.

[she didn’t want to knowledge] – [acknowledge]

I like that they haven’t just kissed and made up, so to speak. The betrayal is still there and its fresh, and there’s quite a real reason for the gap between them. Larry, inadvertently, left Rose to die so that he could have sex with Rose… which sounds rather odd when I phrase it that way, but I suppose that’s exactly why I’ve phrased it that way in the first place. It’s good that they’re on solid ground, though, because it implies room to rebuild their relationship stronger than it was before.

Now, onto the drugs! They’re knocked out, and I blame Rose for all of this. I like the way you portray it – even though Larry is suspicious, his guard is completely down in that moment, which is a key reason you don’t have heart to hearts in Sweeney Todd’s pie shop. He thinks it’s just a fallen asleep leg, but oops, he’s down for the count now, and Rose follows soon after. The lemonade was very bitter after all – I’m wondering how Larry didn’t pick that up. Given his affinity for plants, I’d have reckoned he could have picked up that the lemons weren’t fully natural.

Rose immediately wakes up and realizes the situation she’s in, and lol, just lol. I can’t help it, but seeing her in this situation makes me chuckle with vindication. Yes, you silly girl, and take that, you idiotic parents who raised her to be this daft. This is why you lie, and this is why you’re suspicious of strangers. It’s why she really needs street smarts, and I see what you’re doing with this – Larry left her once before, and this is how he makes things up to her, by not abandoning her again. It’s a nice, if slightly obvious twist, but we’ll see if I’m right as I keep reading.

That aside, Lars is simply fabulous here. His threats and casual attitude is wonderful, and I do think she’s going to lay an egg in fright soon.

Very nice action scene here. Larry continues to impress me by showing that he’s not just a pretty face, and he’s rather combat savvy as well. I did wonder how Lars thought that stupid excuse would work in the first place, but then again, he doesn’t have Mrs Lovett to take care of him this time. One thing I’d like to point out, however, is that a butcher’s cleaver is a rather square blade so it doesn’t have a pointy end, per say. It’s more for hacking and stuff, and so I think you’re thinking off a chef’s knife, a sliver, or a kitchen axe based on your description. Potentially a Santoku Knife.

Right, so once again, Rose annoys me – oh, he was still a human being! No, silly girl, he was someone who intended to bake you into a pie and serve a slice to Odile. You don’t mourn that. You get the guilt flashes later, but the entire speech paints what I find inherently irritating about her character. Rather than reacting in relief or immediately checking on Larry, she rushes off to try poking out the flames on the man who drugged her and planned on killing her and her friend, because she’s one of the naïve sheltered brats. I just find that sort of person very aggravating, both in real life and in fiction. However, what I do take from this is this is a good moment for a turning point. It should be a sobering moment in her life – all her insinuations from last night just shattered like glass, so it’s time for her to take a step back and revaluate some things, so I really hope we get to see some personal growth from her soon.

See, Larry is reacting to killing in what I consider a realistic manner. He’s processing and he’s reacting, but he’s still acting logically for the most part, and he’s rationalizing it in his head. He’s not going on and on about how oh noes, it was just another person. He acknowledges it was kill or be killed, and it’s left its mark on him all the same, but he’s growing from it in a way.

So, I feel that after the heavy stuff, it’s nice to have a bit of unwinding, and we get a decent amount of that by learning about Larry’s pass. I’m not quite sold on how the three Stooges came to be such good friends, but I quite like that Larry was very introverted in his youth as it matches his personality now. He’s out of his shell now, but still quite reserved. As for the story of the Enchantress and such, I’m fond of it, but the summer camp story strikes me as off – I can’t place my finger on just what about it I find off, but you know the feeling when you read something and raise an eyebrow? Yup, that’s what I’m getting at.

That aside, it’s nice to see them back on track as friends, and this was a nice chapter to bring the two of them back together. Hopefully, this is Rose’s turning point for future chapters, and it’s also what Larry needs to reenter her life without keeping his distance. I want to know what Odile has in store for her next plot, and I really want Curly’s reaction to this whole mess. In addition, I’ve just realized that Curly and Larry have now both had adventures out of school with Rose, so Moe is likely next, and honest to god, I’m really dreading that because well… we all know my feelings about Moe. I’d rather she go on an adventure with Rhett! Arrange it at once.

Overall, this was a satisfactory chapter and it answered a lot of questions while raising plenty more.

-Ciao Mate

Nightmare Prince chapter 24 . 7/31
Hullo xD It’s me xD

Oh, the opening scene sets the tone wonderfully. It’s been far too long since last I’ve heard from the delightful Odile, and it seems that she’s recruited a friend to aid her in the endeavour, which I’m quite smitten by. Lars doesn’t immediately spring out to me so I can’t quite place where he’s from, but a quick google search tells me he’s works with Cruella? That would be quite interesting, in my opinion.

Right, and you said that roast swan made you feel sick to your stomach xD I like how Odile is behaving in this scene – she’s careful, because she knows she needs to be incognito, but she’s also still determined to get her revenge. For that reason, she’s conscripted Lars, and it looks like we’re setting up a nice confrontation between Rose and Lars, which I imagine will work out in her favour since she’s a fighter now.

The mention of Siegfried being dangerous makes me snort, but he did manage to take down Rothbart, so I suppose I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Overall, though, Odile is playing the game very well. With this plan, she gets to enjoy the benefits while pushing all the risks onto Lars, and even if it fails, she strikes me as a person to have as many plans as there are letters of the alphabet.

I also really like the contrast between the Odile scene and the Rose scene. We go from mysterious meeting and threats of cooking a girl alive to yay, shoe shopping. It’s whiplash, but in a good way as it highlights that Rose is currently completely unaware of the danger and is aloof to all the nonsense Odile is planning.

Awww, poor Larry is having wet dreams about Odile… which enforces my theory that he is secretly a stud. He got one piece of action, and now he’s ready to nail the entire school. Go, Larry! On a serious note, however, I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time, because I do enjoy the LaRose relationship, and them getting back onto good terms so that Larry isn’t a side character anymore (which he’s sort of been since banging Odile) and that the adventures of LaRose continue.

And, right in the midst of it all, the raven swoops in and goes after Odile. Oh dear, this is horrible… for Lars… he could have dealt with the healer or the awkward idiot, but he just had to lure in Rose alongside the one prince who can actually use his power at will in an offensive manner.

And, speaking of Larry, thank the lord that he has a good head on his shoulders because Rose is doing that thing again where she becomes my least favourite character in this story completely based on the fact that she is a complete and utter moron. I mean, has she forgotten Odile and that unfortunate adventure so quickly that she isn’t even slightly suspicious about this whole thing? She needs her reality check soon, and I do believe what comes next is going to be just that.

We also get some nice hints about France, and it’s also a red flag as to how Lars instantly knew Larry was the Prince of France from that vague answer. However, I quite like what we learn about France in general, and the Son of the Beast King is a fantastic title that he should use more often.

Overall, this was a very solid chapter that really carried the build-up to what is clearly going to be a showdown in the next chapter, and I am here for it. Eagerly waiting to read more.

-Ciao Mate
Nightmare Prince chapter 23 . 7/23
Hullo xD

Rhett, you glorious bastard, how I’ve missed you and your sociopathic tendencies… He really is a delightful bundle of sadism and lunacy, and really, in real life I’d probably have to give him a lobotomy… but in this story, I just enjoy having him around as a breath of fresh air – there are far too many good guys around, so having a peak at the darker side is always a good time. The first thing he does is to try crashing the Charming party, but then he sees another of his new toys, the delightful Rose.

I expected Curly to have signed himself up for the auction, though I don’t imagine that Moe would have liked to be involved in such a thing given he’s Moe and he’s the group’s Pettigrew. Larry joining up is no surprise since Larry the Stud must give the ladies what they want, and that aside, he must consider the charity aspect of it all. Rose, on the other hand, is a big surprise, but I quite like that she’s getting out and meeting new people. Rhett should totally bet on her… I still carry a small torch for that ship.

[Someone dangerous, Rhett smirked…] – And he’s a bit of a slut himself, to be honest. I wonder if he’s the catcher or the pitcher? I wonder if Amar would mind the bloodplay and such? Let’s be real. Rhett isn’t betting on a date. He wants a crazy, twisted one-night stand and that’s it.

No Rose… Rhett would be a horrible idea for you to bid on. He’s twisted as all hell, and even if I want him to come after you, I’d prefer you stay away from him. This actually does shine more light on Rose. Rhett is clearly bad news, but she doesn’t infer that because of how easy it is for her to be manipulated by him into thinking he’s good. The truth is, she’s really out of her depth here, and it would be best for her to stick with Curly and company for now.

Though, Rhett might ruffle her feathers enough that she realizes life is short and she should become a badass queen.

The next part of it is a bit confusing, if I’m being honest. Too many people being introduced in too short a time, all things considered, and even if we know a few of them in passing, people like Husniya and Magenta just popped up now, so it’s a little confusing keeping everyone straight. That aside, we get a bit of insight into the rogues, and I think that it’s nice that we get something off a subplot with them trying to get information from the FG… And also getting some more information about her. Something tells me she isn’t as Mafia as Alice is, but no less dangerous on the field of battle.
The dates are interesting – Larry and Tamsin? Huh, who is she? Curly and Cathy might work out nice if Cathy talks about Rose’s crush on Curly to him. We might get to meet Isaiah soon, now that I think about it, and get to know Prince Charming. Iolanthe and Rhett, on the other hand, promises to be fantastic.
Overall, a great chapter. Looking forward to the dates themselves now.

-Ciao Mate

Nightmare Prince chapter 22 . 7/19
Hullo xD

So, the rescue party is Curly and… Sula? I did not expect this turn of events, and it’s a rather fun pairing to see together. That aside, Sula’s scenes still make me twitch because of the lack of grammar, but she’s growing on me, just a little. Her personality is fantastically bitchy and ballsy, and she’s a racer as well. Adrenaline junkies unite!

Curly, for his part, is adorable in this scene. I say this because my friends also complain about my driving, so I can picture his situation perfectly – him hanging on for dear life while the driver assures him that the speed limit is just a recommendation anyway. I also like the idea of Rapunzel as a speedster behind the wheel, and his reaction to eventually getting out of the car was quite funny.

So, Sula saved them all with her magic and so they weren’t all arrested again. Thankfully, Sula is a badass biatch, and we all need someone like her in our lives. That aside, I quite like the brief flicker of something going on between her and Cathy. There might just be more there than meets the eye.

But, onto the main event! Curly and Rose. Drunk Rose worked very nicely with Curly, and her being all drunk allowed her to be much more open and the like, so that’s always a plus. Calling him an oven is a little odd, but I’ll let it slide because she’s very drunk, and I wasn’t expecting any romance here, but a touch of it would be nice. The allusion to romance was nice though, what with her having a love affair with his hair, and him being awkward as she draped herself over him. I eagerly look forward to the fallout from this, actually, because it promises to build character. Rose will have changed from this, whether for better or worse, and I quite hope it’s for the better so she can stop being such a wet blanket when she’s sober. As for Curly, he’s filling into the role of best friend/boyfriend very nicely, and it’s only a matter of time before he breaks Rose out of her shell.

Overall, a shorter chapter than usual, but a very good one.

-Ciao Mate

Nightmare Prince chapter 21 . 7/19
Hullo xD

I don’t think I’ve met Cathalina before, and I shall be referring to her as Cathy from now on, as Cathy seems rather annoying. She reminds me of the teacher’s pet type with rampant OCD, but at least she’s not so uptight as to realize that libraries blow. Seriously, you can’t eat or drink in there? How is one to enjoy a good book without a nice glass of scotch and cigarette or two?

Also, I quite like the name of the pub/café/restaurant they’re meeting at. The Snuggly Duckling seems to be a rather nice place, all things considered, and the irony of Rose being there is not lost on me – Ugly Duckling who’s actually a swan? It’s a nice metaphor for the shell she has around herself, and the somewhat robotic nature she carries herself with. I imagine that once she comes into her own, she’ll be a real swan, and not some flappy thing that goes great with honey and garlic.

I’m not really clear as to Cathy’s parents as of yet, but if were to hazard a guess based on her name and her love of food, I’d think she’s Tiana’s daughter – the name isn’t very French in terms of New Orleans, but Prince Naveen could well have been Portuguese or Spanish, all things considered, especially given he wasn’t exactly from New Orleans.

A telepath, huh? Hmmm, I think you’ll enjoy meeting Christopher Charming. He has a similar dream ability called Dreamtouch, but it’s less putting ideas in peoples’ heads and more knocking them out with a touch. Now, I don’t think she’s related to Tiana at all. Hmmmmm. *scratches head* Who in the Disneyverse is related to telepathy and dreams? Aurora? Somehow, I doubt that she’d have a daughter named… Is it Pocahontas? Is Cathalina here to paint with all the colours of the wind?

[Her first glass she had] – [the first glass she had]

Also, Cathy’s sections tend to be a bit rambly, in my opinion, and the sentences tend to run on a bit. Perhaps it would be wise to break a few of them up and replace a few of the commas with periods here and there.

J’accuse! I see that Philip is a man-whore in this verse as well. Hmmm, I dismissed it earlier, but this seems very complicated now. So, Aurora and Prince Hans? Oh dear… so she’s the slapper? Or who he is? I am very concerned, but I fully believe that answers will present themselves soon, so no more confusing myself trying to plot out this family tree. Also, remind me to tell you who the name Elise reminds me off xD
SHE’S CATHALINA DE VIL! That line about skinning puppies was a dead giveaway. Goodness, I’m surprised that she’s turned out this well considering that her mother is one of the most heinous bitches to grace the Disneyverse, but my goodness, it’s perfect. Cruella/Hans… I’m dying at the thought.

So, drunk Rose is a fun Rose. I’m so glad to see her robotic personality melt away so that the real her can shine through, and she really should cut loose more often. Maybe not in such a wild manner, but dancing on tabletops and getting into a barfight is exactly what a young princess needs if she’s to become a true queen. I quite like the conversation between Cathy and Rose as well. It shared a lot about them, but it really gave Rose some depth that she, up to this point, desperately needed .

And then we have the barfight, which is very nicely done. Rose mentioning she can’t be thrown out or told what to do because they’re royalty was perfection, and it really cements the type of Rose I look forward to seeing in future chapters. Curly can still do better, but I’m not as frosty to the pairing anymore.

And, now they’ve been arrested – I wonder who’s coming to save them? Larry, probably, since… no, Rose still hasn’t mended bridges with him. It’s going to be Curly and Elise to the rescue next chapter, and really, all I still see is Elise of Nohr with her huge pigtails, “I am not delicate” line, and best offensive statline for a cleric in the game.

-Ciao Mate
Nightmare Prince chapter 20 . 7/17
Hullo xD

An interesting chapter with interesting developments. Let’s take this from the top.

Rose: She’s a drama queen and need professional help given how fucked up emotionally she is thanks to her parents’ horrible sense of judgement and the way they’ve brought her up. Her entire outlook on life is rather depressing, and it’s very hollow and mechanical, in truth. I actually no longer ship Curse after reading those scenes. Or LaRose. I read it, and I just feel that anyone who ends up with Rose would have to do so as a project, because she’s just that empty. I mean, there’s progress, but the fact that she doesn’t even have any internal thoughts like – “This actually isn’t the best for me, but it is what it is,” just makes me roll my eyes. Let Lord Butterbumps have her.

Curly, on the other hand. My, am I warming to Curly after this. He’s got a bit of badass in him, given how swiftly he took care of those thugs (villain kids or just thugs, by the way?) but his whole internal monologue just feels very carefree. He raises excellent counters to Rose’s points, and he, in my opinion, also brings something new to the table. He’s never had his heart broken, not just by love, but by life in general, it seems, and I imagine the day he realizes the real world will be a very solid moment. All it takes it one bad day, and that’s enough to drive the sanest person mad. I look forward to Curly’s bad day, only because all this positivity on his end just makes me really want to see him pushed to his limits.

Rodgers: I like you, crotchety old man. We’ll be keeping you. I quite like the bits we get of his sardonic nature, though I frown at him being on board with Siggy’s plots, he still seems to be on the side of Rose’s happiness.

Ok, character’s aside:

How is Siegfried king? Did Odette’s father abdicate early, because if her father is still alive, as has been made clear, the old swan king should still be ruling, since it’s a very until death type of job for the most part. I imagine things would be easier for Rose if the old swan was still on the throne – I mean, have you seen Queen Elizabeth? Woman has great-granchildren and she’s still rocking her crown.

Now, Rose is also very polite to the people who just tried to rob her, which shows her naivety to the world. Especially that one kid who likely wanted to do bad things to her, which I shall refrain from mentioning in this review, but are likely very TLB. I appreciated her kicking him, though, showing that her combat training is doing her some good.

Overall, this was a solid chapter that interests me as to how things will turn out. Clearly, we’re reaching some sort of climax given that Odile is still out there, but Rose can kick ass a bit now, and Curly is no slouch/glass cannon medic either. Therefore, we’re going to gets ready for a confrontation.

Ciao Mate

(Also, why was there only a mention of best stud, Larry, this chapter? We need more Larry)
Kauthar chapter 1 . 7/9
Nightmare Prince chapter 19 . 6/28
Hello xD

It’s kind of sad that Rose hasn’t been to actual birthdays and experienced them for herself, honestly. Rogers remains a tool, and her parents are tools as well for denying her a happy childhood, and now I want Rose to go to a rave to just cut loose and dance on a table. It would do her good. Also, give the girl some nachos and enchiladas. She needs proper party food. Also, it’s sweet that she’s going something nice for Curly despite their recent falling out.

Doctor Pak is into Professor Cosmo (Honestly, does Wanda know what her husband’s been up to?) and I am here for it. Let’s have the teachers have a solid social life in this school because it really adds to the whole realism feel. Teachers do not get locked in a staff room at the end of the school day and let out in the morning. They have lives, and I like that you’ve fleshed them out a bit more, even if all we’ve established is that Pak wants Cosmo’s wood.

And, look at Rose, all corrupted and ready to steal something from the teachers for her friends. Good on her. Let her live. Yes, Curly is likely going to be badly hurt flying around like a lunatic, but it’s also something he would really like, and I’m glad that Rose’s feathers aren’t all white and pure anymore. She’s on her way to being a bad girl.

[a subtle hint to clean the dorms] – well, three teenage boys do live there… but Larry does like keeping his love-shack neat, so it’s no surprise that it’s clean and tidy. Yes, I am now fully on board with Larry being the playboy of Andover.

Naturally, the first time they go flying, they crash into a mysterious house and nearly die. If it was anyone else other than Rose or Curly, I would be surprised, but trouble seems to follow these two around, if we’re being honest. The fact he’s still conscious after those injuries, however, is remarkable enough… and Rose has been staked. People, she is a swan thing, not a vampire. Please put the shards of wood away.

Ok, so it’s nice to see Rose taking charge here. She knows more about ghosts, clearly, and she’s all about getting the two of them out of this dump. Her skills have come a long way given she just kicked down a door, and Curly’s reaction is very appropriate given that, well, it’s Rose… And her cuddling her shoes afterwards is quite the image, especially given what she’s just done to the door. She will be a warrior queen in time, soon. Who knows… they may even ask her to be on the council.

Charlotte is very mysterious and I am here for it, and I get the feeling she is one of the more powerful types of ghost. That, and she’s going to likely keep them there as her new puppets. Jokes aside, I like that we’re introduced to the ghost immediately, and that she’s immediately intimidating because we’ve already seen all the things she can do. Is she a throwaway villain, though? I’d like to see more of her eventually.

Oh, she’s dead. Never mind, then. Bye, spooky ghost lady. I like that Rose was clever enough to deduce what the real talisman binding Charlotte to the house was, and I’m more impressed with her than ever as she literally begins to stab the painting with her shoe. Heels, I take it, lol. The fact that she wore heels to this place, to come flying, says a lot about her, actually.

[even is most] – should be – [even if most]

All in all, a good chapter, and it’s another nice breather after the Odile introduction and such. Now, I wonder what comes next – THE HAUNTED HOUSE II? Does this mean Charlotte is coming back. Yes, I am here for it. Let’s go.

-Ciao Mate

Nightmare Prince chapter 18 . 6/28
Hullo xD

[bang our brains] - should be - [bang, our brains]

Now, as you may or may not know, I quite adore Rhett. He's positively delightful in a sinister, twisted, warped around the edges kind of way that makes me think he's one day going to snap and kill all of Andover, but he'll do it all with a grin on his face. His father is totally the Cheshire Cat, right, and I really don't want to go into how that's even possible or legal, but it's Wonderland, and well, Wonderland is where all the insane shit happens. More Rhett please.

His interactions with Rose are nicely done. You can really feel her trying to cope with what happened down in the catacombs, the poor dear, and I really think she needs like... therapy at this point. Does the school offer a guidance counsellor? The poor girl might need it after what she went through down there. I can also understand why she wants to be away from the Three Stooges. Larry got his bang on with her arch nemesis. She doesn't want to see Curly because he's Larry's friend. Oh, and Moe is Moe, and I doubt anyone would want to see him.

Interesting touch with the letter taking ages to reach Odette and Siegfried. Man, it's nice to read a story were they're alive, after all. That aside, I'm wondering what their reaction to the whole thing will be? Will they send their knights to drag Rose back to her castle, kicking and screaming, and toss her in a dragon-guarded tower (She's Fiona, isn't she? And Shrek will save her!)

I like that you have this rapid-fire of thoughts in Rhett's mind. It really clicks and lets us know that he's not all there, even if he likes playing games. His relationship with Isaiah Charming is also rather interesting, and I like that they have some sort of friendship despite them being on opposite sides of the coming war. Also, maybe this is because I've chatted to you about these characters, but does Isaiah/Rhett perhaps happen at some point? Hmmm, seems intriguing at any rate.

The way in which you end this is rather chilling. He obviously has a plan for her, and now I need to know if this story has plans to progress to after they're all done with school. If she is a hero princess as we're being led to believe, I really feel they may one day meet again in another situation that will either break her or lead her to take him down. I don't know, but Rhett just seems really good at mindgames and the way he decides how best to play Rose is rather chilling.

As I often say about the character Henry from Fire Emblem, it's almost as though Rhett is there to appeal to the school shooter demographic.

Overall, a fun chapter with an intriguing new character, and it really was nice to have something a little milder after the rollercoaster of the catacombs. Now, I wonder what happens to them next?

-Ciao Mate
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