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FadilShameer chapter 32 . 10/19
Its been a year since u updated this story please tell me u haven’t abandoned it
Sleepy Zainu chapter 33 . 10/13
Sleepy Zainu chapter 2 . 10/11
Nepuko chapter 32 . 10/10
Well now here's an ACTUAL review. I actually sent it to author's by PM but I'm not sure if he read it. Oh Well, at least if future potential readers read it, maybe they'll start reading this gem... :

"I love this fic. It used the potential of DxD, most importantly of its characters : I've never seen someone give such personality, a life to secondary characters. I can't beleive I ACTUALLY liked Freed. This is an impossibility, an anomaly, but you made it happen. Now I don't think I can view him the same way.

Second is the gaming side. One of the reasons I like your story ( it's not a mere fic for me anymore, but a bonafide work). Loved how you described it, this is the only DxD fic I read where it's really explained, and loved its contempt for Issei, and every moment when he had to choose a response, to the "Alignement parameter", saving one...EVERYTHING.

3rd...again, the PLOT. You are one of those rare(actually the only one yet) authors that managed to give such a DEEP plot to a "Gamer" type fic. Others were : 'Grats you're the gamer,broken now- get stronger - bang girls - get stronger - bang girls - get stronger - Grats you're even more broken now', with the only change in plot generally being Riser getting real rekt and girls falling for him unreasonably quickly, and while I do enjoy these wish fulfillment fics, I do not get attached to them like GOTYE. You, you took what I thought was a happy go lucky gaming fic to heights I never knew a DxD X Gamer fic could attain. I was mind-blown, I enjoyed every twist every battle, and especially every interaction. Never liked Mittelt, ehem, Ero-Tenshi more than this time. And the PLOT. In the beginning I thought that it was unnecessary for it to have Narutoverse in it, but you rpoved me wrong with how you handled it. LOVE how you broke Naruto while managing to keep him true to his real character. How you introduced the loops ( had a scare there but I knew it meant that this fic exceeded my expectations. In short I can't predict what would happen. That's another point I like here), and the Anomalies. Dude plot is SO GOOD you could make 6~7 seasons if this was an anime, with roughly introducing 2 anomalies every season, and that is IF there wasn't any fillers, or bonding time with possible romantic interests. If there was...9 seasons easily. And talking about romantic interests...again I did not expect what happened. In a good way. I really like how NOTHING is taken for granted here, it shows that you're really have everything in order, and give every cause an effect. An Issei with 5 times the intelligince and cognitive speed of a person, can definitely NOT stay the same old Issei. While it does not change his core personality, there would be still changes. Loved it. I did not expect he'll be with Sona ( well maybe, it's not official between them, yet), did not expect TWICE what happend to Murayama of Freed, did not expect that Sirzechs of all people would die, and definitely did not expect he'll join Orochimaru, nor what you did with his Senjutsu. I did not expect that Naruto came to DxD due to Issei metting him in a realm between reality and not, while he was dead. I did not expect what you did with Jashin, and I have my suspicions that he's the one who created Exodus Switch, or at least participated, given that he's, you know, god of desires and is suspiciously avoiding Naruto. The fact that he was the god revered by a psychopath does not justify. TL;DR Again another strong point of this story.

Frankly, I could go on and ong about how GOTYE is great, about how and why I and others loved it, etc., but I think you got the message that I love this fic so much that if Worship Points existed for this fic half of it would come from me. Now why did I actually wrote this? Aside from the fact of showing how great you are you and your fic, it is to at least show you that I have reasons for my begging and I'm not just caught in "the heat of the read" (like it happened with other fics) and say : PLS update pls psl I luv dis. Begging that I will begin to do in a few moments. I beseech you, Silent Songbird-sensei, to update this fic. I saw that you're still active as your latest update of a novel was on June 9.I thought you said there would be 62 chapters, not 33. PLEASE, I'm pleading you to update. Wait not even this, I'm beseeching you to, at least, notify us poor readers of the status of GOTYE. Is it dropped? Is it Writer's block? you have 2700 faithful readers, so I'm sure if that was the case, you only have to ask us our opinions, and with your brilliant mind will definitely find a way to continue. I am not, and do not want to seem that I am ordering you for an update. This is not your obligation as this is but a hobby, wich is why, even if I'm still thirsting for new chapters, I only demand a measly notice of your state, and/or the state of GOTYE. If it's really dropped, I would be frustrated and sad, but these are but ephemeral emotions, and I would at least not hold any false hopes. If this is not the case, and that you're only giving more attention to other fics such as Etcetera(wich intrigues me btw, but not on the lvl of GOTYE. This one is GOLD), then I will shut up, and faithfully waith for an update whil occasionnally begging for a release in the review section. I think at this point, you know how much I love this fic, and if the cause of you stopping updating is those hateful flamers, then please know that there are people supporting you here, even if it's only for selfish reasons. We are humans after all. And I think you currently have 2700 faithful readers :).

This fic is my fav DxD x Gamer fic. And currently my second favorite after GA,IWP. (frankly, I thing both of them hold 1st place.)
Stay well and best regards :)
...Mittelt X Issei X Sona for the WIN!
From a beggin faithful random reader,
It is irrelevant, but I would like to say that this is the first time I ever sent a PM to an author here( actually was about to send one to Third Fang for his fic GAIWP but he updated before I could and the time between the updates was relatively normal. While in this case, in but a week it would be a year since the last update that left me feeling like stanindg on the edge of a cliff from the sheer suspense. That's why despite knowing that you're free updating when you want and I usually don't, actually never disturbed a fic author for reasons such as updates, your story is just THAT good.) ...and wow man, writing formally like that was taxing XD. But I guess it's still better than a random PM like : "Duude UPDATE PLS THIS FIC IS AWESOME!" ...right...?
*crossing fingers while pounding my head on the flood*"

Some people may complain about how this turned dark and all, but THAT'S what makes it good. Everything has a reason. Anyway 10/10!
Nepuko chapter 33 . 10/10
Hands down best High School DxD Gamer fic, if not THE BEST DxD's been over a year since it was last updated, and author still did not clarify if he dropped it or not...
FelixtheSax chapter 7 . 10/9
This is... I mean, it's good. It's well written, it's got a solid plot. There's just way too many characters. You've got, what, like 12 different characters, all with their own story lines, already? And it's only chapter 7? It just feels like this story is going to be a story with the sole purpose of building up a God level main character and then beating him down over and over again. You gave him a victory with the kendo duel, then immediately gave him a breakdown over his humanity. Then the milk quest, where he nearly died but barely scraped out a win- then you tripled everyone's levels. It just feels like reading dark Worm stories. Where "being MC is suffering", and no matter what good happens, something worse will immediately follow. I may be completely wrong, but this is the vibe I'm getting. I'll probably be back when I want to read something like that again, but for now, I'm not into it. Still, good job on the quality. It's just not my thing tonight.
Um the Muse chapter 17 . 9/26
I think that taking Jaishan up on his offer may have been a big mistake. I don't understand the connection between a god of primitive desires and the ability to gain a power-up from defeating an anomaly, and the only connection I can see would cause major issues.
Jaishan sounds like he would fit in perfectly within Devil Society, so he could easily have as many followers as he wants, anyway.
Um the Muse chapter 12 . 9/25
I love the thought behind the idea of Harem King. Seeking the soul of another, undiluted by expectations and masks, is a noble goal.
That said, Sona accepts his sincerity far too readily. Of course, you portray the glimmering of doubt, when she responds to Issei's question on whether she trusts him. Overall, one of the best chapters in this story.
Servant Ruler chapter 29 . 9/14
Damn... this is good just that it got too dark. I enjoy grim stories but not this. Another plot twist just when I thought it was about to get better...

Huh, well might as well read Berserk. Issei just bent over for the dark side for the greater good. It was fun but this kind of story where its just tragedy after tragedy with no sign of things getting better. Nope.
bmalumbira001 chapter 1 . 9/8
This is hands down the best gamer fanfic I've ever read
bmalumbira001 chapter 33 . 9/3
rather dark at the end but amazing plot. awesome story
322n chapter 21 . 8/21
"What is Love?Baby don't hurt me." Best thing that I ever read, 11/10
Samuez chapter 33 . 8/20
Good stuff. Lots of plot twist and the like.
hukuna maFUCKINGtata chapter 5 . 8/17
Hey, fuck you!

Great story tho
Chazzadagazza chapter 1 . 8/16
I understand you may be busy but please update I’m hooked on this story now
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