Reviews for Andraste's Witch
Guest chapter 82 . 6/4
Please please please update this story. It’s so enjoyable. I love the character relationships, and how everyone is interesting. You’ve taken this world and made it so much more. Probably one of the best fics I’ve read as of late. I need more Cullen/Finley! They’re great!
xXvioletscriptXx chapter 67 . 6/4
I’m screaming. Oh my god I’m screaming. This is so good. I’ve been reading this ravenously.
Person of no interest chapter 82 . 4/6
I am absolutely fascinated by this Desire Demon.
She seems to genuinely care about Finnley, more than a Desire demon normally would at any rate.
And while Solas opinion on demons and spirits is worth about as much as a hill of beans to me he did say something about changing nature so maybe the Desire Semon has changed from what she originally was.
Nami Swannn chapter 82 . 4/5
Sounds like a nightmare. I like the whole concept of the Fade though. It's like nightmare land but it's super interesting. Glad Solas and Blackwall found Finley when they did I hope everything works out between her and Cullen. I just beat the game recently and I hope that she is able to have the happy ending with Cullen that I did. Lol
Judy chapter 82 . 4/1
Nami Swannn chapter 80 . 3/7
Ugh I would have to talk thinges out, not igmore somebody. Hopefully they get things straightened out soon.
Nami Swannn chapter 79 . 2/22
Aww her and the golem arguing is just cute for some reason. Lol I like how Finley is compassionate towards all creatures. It's nice to see empathy like that.
Judy chapter 79 . 2/20
Nami Swannn chapter 77 . 2/2
Hooked onto this story! Love it!
Judy chapter 78 . 1/30
Jarjaxle chapter 78 . 1/30
...Stares...Stares More...Blinks and Stares again...Rubs his Eyes and Stares even more...

Sigh...Cullen...You absolutely F*ing Moron...

So very nice that rest of the Circle expectation being Vivi and Cullen are better.
Guest chapter 77 . 1/30
Oh, you broke my heart with this chapter! Looking forward to the next chapter (as always!).
Jarjaxle chapter 77 . 1/25
Oh ho...Shale...I am quite liking her and Alistair's meeting after all this time...and...looks like you shouldn't mention Wynne around her... wonder how dear Inquisitor reacts when she meets Shale
Judy chapter 77 . 1/23
Warden of Lore chapter 77 . 1/22
The fact that you kept your Hawkes name as Garrett really there for a name is Garrett too. It was really weird.
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