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stormsgaming7 chapter 2 . 4/14
Man i cant wait for the second book especially to see this new power system. My only guess is that it has something to do with the mark on his hand.
Guest chapter 31 . 2/14
Please don't stop writing
General Alaster Azumth chapter 30 . 2/7
Great story so far, but I wanted to ask if there is a chance for ash to be paired with someone. Also, I am worried about cottonee reapeatedly referring to ash as her mate, so I wanted to ask is this like bayleef's adoration for ash or is it something deeper. No insult to fellow writers, but pokemon/human relathionship has always creeped me out. Thank you for reading this.
StandingMan chapter 4 . 1/26
Let’s start with Iris shall we? Her character is actually likable here. The anime should have handled her like you have. She feels closer to her game incarnation here and is legitimately amusing because like Ash she is a complete and total enigma.

On one hand she’s really mature, and on the other she’s unsophisticated and carefree.

"Alright, you can now stop scrutinizing me like a test dummy for an experiment, Iris," Ash called out.

Greatest line ever...especially if that’s a reference to the gym battle in BW against Cilan.

Also, Ash and birds don’t get along do they? Spearow and now Pidove...

Nice job on the capture and battle with Rufflet. Ash planning each and every move like a chess match was cool. You really get a glimpse into the working of his mind here and see the same guy we saw in the Battle Frontier.

I also liked Rufflet’s implied handicap. It will prove to be a good way to flesh out his character going forward. It reminds me of how I have made Orion.

The battle with Team Rocket was pretty cool as well. It was nice to see Iris’ athletic ability in action and Ash’s strategies come into play to create a dynamic duo of sorts.

Keep up the good work!
AustinAlpha chapter 31 . 1/23
I think that this is a great story that has so much potential. However, if you writing this and another story at the same time takes up all of your free time, I think that you should just focus on the one story that you will injoy writing. Everyone deserves to have some free time for themselves to have for themselves and to just relax and rest. I think that is you give yourself no free time, eventually you will get writers block or something like that and have to take even longer off to rest your brain for a while before you start getting more ideas again. Though ultimatly, it is your choice.
SilverBlader chapter 3 . 1/22
Bravo, sir!

You managed to turn one of the most annoying BW characters into an interesting character. She reminds me of Sapphire in the manga now.

I also love the introduction of N and Ghetsis. N seems a bit unstable to say the least and impulsive. Ghetsis seems calm on the surface but if he’s even remotely like his game character-woo boy!

The man is the Madara Uchiha/Ganondorf of his series. He has a dream of reshaping the world and he will destroy anyone who opposes him.

Looking forward to how you develop those two further!
StandingMan chapter 3 . 1/21
Wow, another interesting chapter!

That being said, I saw a quirk in presentation that was a bit odd and threw off the flow of the story just a little.

Using quotation marks in the middle of a paragraph to state a character’s thoughts was strange to read. It just felt awkward.

It’s probably just a stupid personal preference, but I find that describing the thoughts of a character is a smoother way to write thoughts.

Enough nitpicking though, I have to say your characterization of Iris was creative. You gave her some much needed depth to her character (can we name any notable characteristics from anime canon Iris other than tsundere?). She now has reason to be a bit improper as she appears to have been raised in the wild.

I also like your lampshades on Iris’ catchphrase. Gosh that was refreshing to see someone call that aspect of BW out!

I was also intrigued by N and Ghetsis’ appearances. N seems like a misguided and unstable individual that means well, but has likely been indoctrinated into his philosophy. Ghetsis seems like the dictator type that sells the public an ideology through words and proceeds to implement their ideology through force.

I loved their game backstories so so look forward to see how you handle them. Keep up the good work!
Fox4Deviler chapter 31 . 1/15
we don't want you to stop writing
Just binged this story in a week
You made me change my mind of Unova being a stupid region. Keep up the good work
SilverBlader chapter 2 . 1/12
Alright, started reading this as on the suggestion of another writer on the site.

I’m a bit wary because this appears to be rated M, is there anything I should be worried about down the road?

I’d be really disappointed if this turns out ultra gory or that you’ve decided to put smut into Inspirer because that would ruin this masterpiece.

This is exactly what I wish Unova had been. Ash and his friends’ characterization were perfect, probably the most accurate out of any story I have read and Ash’s team was good as well.

To see him finally put things together and learn from his experiences was amazing. The goals of Ash and company were fleshed out well.

The Zekrom lightning bolt plot was carried out to perfection. We saw a gut wrenching reality crash around him that he lost everything he learned. It was like a part of him died.

I also liked the incorporation of Cheren and Bianca. I hated Trip, so seeing those two over Trip was appreciated.

I can’t wait to read more.
BrightNova169 chapter 29 . 1/12
And so it returns. The beginning of Ash Ketchum's atonement and Team Rocket's preparations.

For the longest time, I've been wondering how Team Rocket has always been able to survive all their encounters with Ash. Each region results in them suffering more outrageously devastating defeats, blasting off from all kinds of explosions and high-powered moves. Getting launched thousands of feet into the sky at near supersonic speeds while landing on extremely hard surfaces should have killed them hundreds of times over by now. I guess I won't be getting an explanation as to their survivability, but that oddity is probably the only reason they survived Ash's Berserker Mode.

And now you decided that the TRio was deserving of their own 'black marks', further entangling them with Ash's destiny. Sounds like the build up for some significant Character Development for such an infamous trio.

With such a dangerous Psychic-type at his disposal, it seems like Ash and Co. will need at least one Psychic-type of their own to defeat Pierce. That Beheeyem keeps reminding me of its brain squeezing and mind control tendencies from its Pokédex entries, no good vibes there.

One small gripe I have is hearing people like Giovanni using purple prose. He always struck me as a fairly (pardon the pun) down-to-earth individual who would rather cut to the chase, dreams of world conquest excluded. But then again, he did prove to be an intelligent character so maybe he uses such vocabulary to fit in with high-society meetings. Still, it just sounds really weird to me.

But him setting up a deadly trap to prevent Lenora from interfering - and potentially dooming the entire populace of Nacrene City - sounds very much like him. Especially since he's one of the few recurring characters that is truly malicious.

And I was wondering about the Challenger's Rock. A massive stone filled with potent energy seemed too valuable to overlook for any villain's plans. For Team Rocket's sake, they had better hope that doesn't blow up in their faces.

That sand sculpture...oh my god. Using the promotional art of Ash and Pikachu from Sun & Moon to tick off the TRio was priceless. I won't deny that the recent anime has made Ash seem even less dignified due to the art style and his traditional absence of maturity.

So the TRio teamed up with an Elgyem. Now I'm really worried. Both for Ash's group and the TRio themselves if Elgyem would lose all its altruism upon evolution.

However, I like how you're differentiating Elgyem from most Psychic-types by making Meowth's translation of its speech impossible via painful mental static. That also adds to a bit more world-building for your story, implying that Elgyem is not of this world.

Then there's Drayden.

It seems like you took my interpretation of Drayden as Optimus Prime seriously. The gravitas, the heavy-hearted wisdom, the antiquated speech patterns; I already approve of this interpretation.

Especially with how he single-handedly crippled a Machamp barehanded. Considering the base form Machop is known to use Graveler as part of a weight-lifting regime, one can only image the strength it would have in its final form. And somehow, Drayden can reduce one to a bleeding heap of flesh with a couple moves. That's equally terrifying and amazing. Along with his Haxorus scaring off an entire group of charging Mamoswine.

Even better was how you portrayed Drayden as a wise old man who wants to atone for his sins, having done horrible deeds when he was younger along with Alder and Clay. This just helps to further flesh out amazing characters and make them more realistic. People that would normally be idolized and worshiped for their astounding successes and talents are brought down to earth and made more relatable with flaws befitting their characterizations and from materials presented in canon (mostly the games).

Still, I can't help but feel Drayden might be the sole member of his trio of sinners that has fully acknowledged the weight of his actions and has been working to make things right. Alder and Clay seem to be a bit...slower to make progress towards reconstruction. Then again, you seem to be keeping them out of the spotlight for a reason.

But I'm bothered by the fact that a Kanto Pokémon has shown up in Unova. Is it because the Machamp came from Challenger's Cave? If not, how did it show up there? Did it come from near Lacunosa Town, the same location where the Mamoswine herd came from? Was this all set up by Pierce? He seems to be present whenever something seems to be going wrong.

And I just noticed how you seem to have made Opelucid City a combination of Black City and White Forest...or did I just misread things? If you did, it seems like a great way to tie the past and present together, symbolizing that people and Pokémon can live together in harmony (even if that'll take a while).

But why exactly was Iris restricted to the Village of Dragons? Was it to protect her from whatever trauma was suffered in relation to Lacunosa Town?

Yes, I did notice the spiky-eared Pichu reference from Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. I only ever saw the one OVA for it yet never played the game.

Thinking about something, Geoff reminds me of Ratchet from Transformers Prime; a grizzly veteran of a horrible civil war, witness to countless atrocities and trauma, and a man knowledgeable in the ways of the world and healing others; even being voiced by Jeffrey Combs. Then again, Geoff is a bit more personable and suited for engineering along with being more pacifistic.

Despite Geoff's failure to protect his family, it's like there's nothing he can't do. The textbook definition of the Almighty Janitor; a highly capable individual of low official status.

Though I REALLY didn't expect him to be the father of Anthea and Concordia. That was a twist.

But that leaves one question: who's the son? My guess is a real shot in the dark: Pierce.

The guy is very familiar with Unova and keeps his personal history a mystery to everyone. Plus, he seems to know Benga and Alder, two significant characters in this story. And maybe the recesses of his soul hide a great deal of pain and horror suffered in his past despite the fact that he works for criminals.

Returning from my tangent, that talk between Geoff and Ash was definitely significant. All it can take for 'heroes' to fall from grace is one bad case of tunnel vision or self-righteousness. Becoming too absorbed in the thought that you are in the right can easily corrupt people. Which makes Ash a very lucky person since his friends have been working hard to keep him on the right path.

Maybe things aren't all black and white in this story, but one can't deny that Ash's killing streak can't be pardoned so easily. And that Ghetsis is confirmed to be beyond redemption.

Now, I'll need to see how Ash faces the music with Elesa. That is definitely going to be a meeting to remember.

Thanks again for the chapter. This was definitely worth the wait.

Redemption awaits.
StandingMan chapter 2 . 1/12
I’m sorry, this just isn’t good. No, calling it good is a complete insult–this is amazing and has found a spot in my top five favorite Pokémon stories I’ve ever read.

The level of emotion here actually surpasses all other stories I have read and that includes Traveler. Seeing Ash finally have things somewhat figured out and put together all his life lessons only for them to be ripped away from him was an emotional roller coaster.

Ash losing every experience, every bond, and every connection was heartbreaking. You really get the same feeling of helplessness he has and Pikachu has knowing everything is gone. They both feel handicapped, but not like the pathetic way the anime handicapped them.

No, this actually makes sense and makes you long for the protagonist to accomplish his goal.

I’ve seen amnesia played with–the Third Movie adaptation in Traveler has Delia kidnapped by Entei like in canon but has her forget Ash as her memories were wiped away.

However, even that lacks the sheer gravity of Ash’s plight here.

Now onto the rest of the chapter–I loved the slight jab at the indoor Pokémon battles of the games.

Using Water Gun, Razor Leaf, and Ember indoors always struck me as a bad idea. To see that thought actually voiced in story was satisfying.

I also love how you characterized Cheren. I see some of Trip’s aspects in him, but he isn’t a complete idiot like Trip with no reason to act the way he did. Cheren is just serious, if not excessively so. His desire to be strong reflects his game counterpart well, I like this take on him a lot.

His personality receives a foil in the form of Bianca who is just as clumsy and adorkable as her anime and game counterparts. I love the background given with her father as I felt so much more could have been done with that in the anime when they introduced that story.

And then there was Oshawott. In canon, Oshawott was your typical butt monkey shoehorned in to market the Oshawott species. Here he’s an actual character that is drawn to Ash and has an actual reason for traveling with him. He still has elements of his zany character, but it isn’t just for the sake of him being the running gag. It’s part of his personality, but he can get serious when the situation calls for it and the eccentricity is toned down.

I’m really liking what I see here. I’m definitely continuing this one.
StandingMan chapter 1 . 1/9
As I mentioned via PM, I found this to be amazing. Your writing style is crisp, clear, and you seem to be putting a very refreshing spin on the Unova series which was in and of itself a dumpster fire. Seeing a revamped Ash take on Unova is very interesting and isn't seen terribly often. I'm curious to see how this one develops.

My only question would be why this is rated M.
b6076b6076 chapter 31 . 1/3
No not stop for anything. I have yet to find a good unova story that is complete.
Jsautun chapter 31 . 1/3

I just wanted to say that you have been doing a fantastic job at this story. Don’t give up, this story is something special.

All the best,
Nathan Brown chapter 31 . 1/3
I do want to see you finish this story to the end; It's an extremely well made fic and the battle scenes are amazing. It feels like you made the battle in the previous chapter signify all of Ash's different emotions; his eagerness and desire with Damage, his care and compassion with Faeriefeuillette (not gonna lie, I did have to duplicate the tab and look at the spelling), his ...camaraderie with Salamenfer and his ...op-ness with Pika ().

I feel like that for the previous chapters Pika has never known Ash for who he is now (instead, he has known him for his recent cruelty or previous journeys), evident from when you had him look into the eyes of the "Ash Tree" (the first time you have ever referenced him like that from the perspective of Pika), who has the "back"ing (I saw what you did there, don't lie) of his active battlers (Damage, Faerie and Salamenfer) as well as (to a lesser extent) Mantle, Geurreagle and Tempesteaux.

Now, if you didn't mean any of those things,̶ t̶h̶e̶n̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶b̶a̶, it just means you're twice the writer you thought you were.

Now if you did, well... good job...yeah, no snappy remark for this paragraph...
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