Reviews for Polishing the Golden Boy
CastorLycan chapter 18 . 4/14
I love your Severus/Harry dynamic in this story!
Sly the Fox chapter 18 . 3/14
kk chapter 18 . 1/14
love your story! pls update soon!
megacharizard chapter 9 . 11/28/2017
I think the git is being too unfare
Guest chapter 1 . 11/26/2017
Don’t leave again for a long time
Guest chapter 8 . 10/24/2017
Please make this a series like it takes a village !
Guest chapter 6 . 10/24/2017
Reading the story again . I hope when I get the end there's a new chapter or chapters ?
fmab2424 chapter 18 . 10/2/2017
Ahhh love this story soo much! So glad you've been updating! Chills when Severus finally calls him his son, can wait for Harry to call him dad.
jsnape chapter 1 . 10/1/2017
so excited to see new chapters. love your story and your take on the characters. go hinny!
Fanfictionranger chapter 11 . 10/1/2017
I may be hated for this...but I don't ship Hinny so no thank you :3
Still it's odd...I though Harry be more angry and depressed(not that its good just saying)
Honestly I'm surprised he hasn't ran away or really tried anything to get the guardianship off...
I wonder of his career though...will he be an auoror? Or could he possibly go for teaching or a healer?
Idk I keep seeing this headcanon of Harry having to be a DADA teacher, literally like many people on Tumblr said it was the perfect job for him.
Idk its just me I guess :p
Dixie.f.9 chapter 18 . 9/28/2017
Ouch. You deserved it Harry. But ouch.
Guest chapter 18 . 9/28/2017
Please don't de-age Harry, it would totally ruin this story for me
Guest chapter 18 . 9/28/2017
Absolutely love this story! Please keep it just about Harry and Snape as guardianship and don't got off on a tangent about something else! It would be great if you kept including spankings, love these kind of stories. Maybe make Harry, Ron and Hermione make up and let Harry sleep in the tower after the suspension. I like the idea of McGonagall having more of a say with Harry maybe in a detention or something! Keep it up and please update soon, dying to keep reading this story!
lilyflower101 chapter 18 . 9/27/2017
I've never got the belt. I've never got more than my parents hands.
Guest chapter 18 . 9/27/2017
That could be great for a redo to get deaged for a bit to feel what it's like to be a kid and get into mischief :)
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